Core FTP Lite Tutorial

Core FTP Lite is a File Transfer Protocol program available free. It is used to transfer files from your computer to the directory on the UML FTP server.

If you know how to download and install programs, skip to the section: Uploading files using Core FTP Lite.

Installing Core FTP Lite

1. Follow this link to download Core FTP Lite.
2. Select "save this file to disk" option when download window opens.
3. Save this file to your desktop.
4. The download will begin. You may need to click "Close" when the download is complete.
5. To install the program, double-click its icon on the desktop of your computer.
6. Go through the installation process.

Configuring Core FTP Lite

1. Start the program by going to the Start > Programs > Core FTP Lite on the bottom left-hand corner of your computer screen.
2. A dialog box will open asking to set Core FTP Lite as the default client, please click No.
3. A dialog box will open asking to set Notepad as the default ASCII client, please click No.
4. A dialog box will open asking to setup server profile.
5. Type the following information into the fields provided:

Site Name: student_ftp
Host / IP / URL:
Username: your online course username
Password: your online course password

FTP window

6. Click "Connect". This should connect to your directory on the FTP server*

*Please note: Some instructors may require you to download files from a course directory on the server. If your instructor requires this, double click the <..> icon in the right side of the window. Click the folder with the number that corresponds to your course (ex: 90.230.031).

site manger window

Follow the steps below to upload or download files to the web.

Uploading files using Core FTP Lite:

1. Start the Core FTP Lite. Click to connect to the server you just configured.
2. To upload files to the server, select all files you wish to upload from the window on the left and click the right-arrow button:

arrow to upload files to the server

Downloading files to your computer:

3. To download* files from the server to your computer, select all files you wish to download from the window on the right.
4. In the left window, select the location on your computer where you wish to save the files.
5. Click the left-arrow button and the files will be downloaded to that location:
arrow to download files from the server

*If your instructor requires you to download files from the course directory on the server, make sure to click the folder with the corresponding course number first to enter this directory before trying to download files.

How do I view the web pages I've uploaded?

Note: Your homepage must be named "index.htm" or "index.html"

1. Start your web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc.).
2. In the URL box enter a web address using this format:*/index.html
*this is your online course username

If John Doe were taking a class, he would type in:

Can I get help with this if I'm having trouble?

If you have trouble uploading your files, you may want to speak to your instructor, call (978) 934-2467 or email Tech Support. Note: You can only have access to student FTP if your class requires it.