How to Change your "finger" details

"I want to change my details that show up when I use the finger command - how do I change it?"
Answer:  you use the chfn command..
The chfn command changes the details that appear in the finger command.

When altering your user details, chfn prompts you for the new details while displaying the current details.

EXAMPLE username=johndoe
johndoe on>/usr/bin/chfn

Default values are printed inside of '[ J Doe, 978-934-1234]'.
To accept the default, press enter.

To change it, type in what you want to be seen, Ex. [John Doe, 123-456-7890] then press enter.

If you want to see that the change occurred, do a finger on your username (finger johndoe) before the change and again after the changes are made.