How to Print on

"how do I print out my programs or files?"
Answer:  you use the print feature of a telnet program.
There is no printer connected to the ce unix system. So using lp or lpr will not work. There are 2 ways you can print:
  • Cut and paste, which is not the easiest method.
  • Use the print feature on a "deluxe" telnet program. The basic telnet program that comes with windows does not provide for printing.

There are a number of free telnet programs available on the internet. These usually contain more bells & whistles. One such program is CRT. It is available from Vandyke Technologies. CRT is available in the 3rd floor Southwick and 1st floor Olsen Labs.

1. Launch the SecureCRT program after the installation is complete
Click OK when prompted with following screen

2. Connect using the SSH2 option. Enter your username and primary authentication as

3. Click Connect and you will be connected to

Using CRT, log onto the system:
Then to print the man page for the finger command( an example)-

  • Go to File on the status bar, pull down to Print. Then choose AutoPrint. This is  a toggle, so each time you go to it, you are toggling it on or off. It is on when you see a check mark next to it.
  • Once it is on, at the command prompt, type man finger. Press enter until the whole page has been displayed.
  • Go back up to File, Print and toggle AutoPrint off. Your file will print on whatever printer is set as the default for your computer.  If you forget to toggle AutoPrint off, it will print whatever you have displayed on your computer. This can kill a lot of trees...remember to toggle it off when done.