How to Telnet to using a Secure Shell Client

"how do I get onto the unix machine using SSH (Secure Shell)?"
Answer:  you use a Secure Shell (SSH) client program.
SSH is a secure version of the Telnet specification used for communications on the Internet, where two machines send information to each other over a secure connection. SSH is useful to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to password and user information that is sent over the Internet.

There are many different SSH client programs that can be freely downloaded on the Internet. However, we recommend using the following programs for their ease of use and the functionality that they provide.

For Windows use use putty or one of the programs listed below:


PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client, developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform. PuTTY is open source software that is available with source code and is developed and supported by a group of volunteers.

You can download PuTTY here.

Bitvise SSH Client

Bitvise SSH Client is an SSH and SFTP client for Windows. It is developed and supported professionally by Bitvise. The SSH Client is robust, easy to install, easy to use, and supports all features supported by PuTTY, as well as the following:

  • graphical SFTP file transfer;
  • single-click Remote Desktop tunneling;
  • auto-reconnecting capability;
  • dynamic port forwarding through an integrated proxy;
  • an FTP-to-SFTP protocol bridge.

Bitvise SSH Client is free to use. You can download it here.


Enhanced terminal for Windows with X11 server, tabbed SSH client, network tools and much more

  • Full X server and SSH support
  • Remote desktop (RDP, VNC, Xdmcp)
  • Remote terminal (SSH, telnet, rlogin, Mosh)
  • X11-Forwarding
  • Automatic SFTP browser
  • Plugins support
  • Portable and installer versions
  • Full documentation
  • Max. 12 sessions
  • Max. 2 SSH tunnels
  • Max. 4 macros
  • Max. 360 seconds for Tftp, Nfs and Cron



You can download the Home Edition for free. Download it here.

For Macintosh EITHER:

  • Mac OS10.x -  View Tutorial which is installed by default with every Mac OS 10.x release. It can be found in the Folder "Applications--> Utilities" To do the SSH connect:
  • select "Connect to Server..." from the "File" menu.
  • From there, select "Secure Shell (ssh) from the left hand menu
  • Clicking the small "plus" button on the left allows the user to type in the server name (name or IP), and the user account name
  • Click the "Connect" button at the bottom, and off you go!
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