Tuition & Fees

High-Quality Education That's Highly Affordable

Online and on-campus tuition at UMass Lowell is typically half the cost of private colleges, and our online tuition is among the lowest in the nation. Tuition for online and on-campus undergraduate programs and online graduate programs offered through the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies is the same whether you live in Massachusetts, out of state or outside of the U.S.

Summer 2024 Tuition

Cost Per Credit Cost Per 3-Credit Course*


Online and Virtual $385 $1,155
On Campus Lowell $3551 $1,065


Online and Virtual $600 $1,800
Online Business2 $655 $1,965
Online Education3 $470 $1,410
Online 7000-Level Education $655 $1,965
Select Online Nursing M.S. courses4 $750 $2,250
Select On Campus courses5 $600 $1,800
All other On Campus courses6 View Here
*Tuition is priced on the listed credit hour unless the contact hour is different. Tuition is then based upon the listed contact hour.
1A tuition increase is anticipated for Fall courses.
2Applies to ACCT, BUSI, ENTR, FINA, MGMT, MKTG, MIST and POMS courses.
3Applies to EDUC courses excluding 7000-level courses.
4Applies to NURS.6510, NURS.6511, NURS.6512 and NURS.6513 courses.
6Applies to graduate on campus courses excluding select courses

Additional Costs

Term Registration Fee $30
Returned Check Fee $30
Undergraduate Degree Application $60
Graduate Degree and Certificate Application $50
Graduate Engineering and Business Degrees and Certificate Applications $75

Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change.

If you're a veteran, senior citizen, Native American or if you belong to another qualified category, you may be eligible for a tuition credit. Please see the Tuition Credits and Waivers page for more information.

More Information

Courses offered through the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies are not covered by your student tuition and fees for undergraduate day school. In registering for courses, you will be charged separate Graduate, Online & Professional Studies tuition and fees in addition to your full-time day student tuition and fees.
Directed studies, departmental exams, practicums, internships, applied music lessons, etc., are considered special programs. As such, tuition remission, credits/waivers, and certificates of eligibility cannot be accepted.

Students that withdraw or drop all of their courses during the add/drop period will have a 100 percent adjustment to tuition and fees associated with that semester, except for the following:

  • Students are responsible for any book advancement monies advanced to them and used at the bookstore. The bookstore has its own refund policy on books and materials purchased directly. Please contact the UMass Lowell Bookstore at 978-934-2623 for help.
  • Students who are suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons forfeit all rights to a tuition and fee adjustment.
  • There is no adjustment to the tuition and fee charges if a student withdraws or drops a class after the add/drop period of the academic semester.
  • Residence hall charges and meal plan charges follow a different refund schedule. Please contact Residence Life at 978-934-5160 for assistance.

For more information, please see the refund withdrawal policy.

Direct Deposit for Refunds

You can have refunds from UMass Lowell deposited directly into your bank account.

The health insurance policy does not apply to students completing their program entirely online.

All matriculated undergraduate students, regardless of credit hours, and all matriculating graduate students enrolled in nine or more credit hours will be charged for health insurance. All matriculating international students must accept a Student Health Insurance Plan regardless of credit hours.

If the student has at least one on-campus course and has enough total credits to be full-time, they are eligible for health insurance. Students with comparable health insurance may apply on SIS to waive the charge. Please see Health Services for more information. Please note that all students who withdraw from or drop all their classes within the first 31 days (calendar days) of the academic semester are not allowed to be enrolled in the University student health insurance plan. Students taking only online courses will not be eligible for student insurance.

Financial aid is available for students who qualify. Financial aid consists of grants, scholarships, loans, student employment, credits/waivers, reimbursement programs, and other financial arrangements. Students must be matriculated in an eligible degree or certificate program and be enrolled in courses required for that program to receive financial aid. To apply for financial aid, students must complete the FASFA.

Financial aid is applied to students' charges following the end of the add/drop period.

After receiving financial aid, students who withdraw from the university will be reviewed to determine the amount of financial aid the student earned before withdrawing. Students who withdraw may be required to return some or all financial aid. Please see our Financial Aid page for more information.

Correct Social Security Number/Tax Identification Number

The University of Massachusetts Lowell must obtain your correct social security number (SSN) to file certain information returns with the IRS and furnish a statement. The university's returns contain information about qualified tuition and related expenses (Form 1098-T, Tuition Payments Statement). The information about your tuition will help determine whether you or the person who can claim you as a dependent may take an education tax deduction.