UMass Lowell Graduate, Online & Professional Studies FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Our Student Information System (SIS) enables students to access their academic courses and financial records, as well as register for courses, via the web. When you first apply into a program or register for a course, the University creates a student account for you in SIS. You will receive a User ID (UMS--------) and be able to create a password. For assistance with SIS, students can contact the HELP Desk:
    (978) 934-HELP (4357)
  • Grade reports are no longer mailed to students. Students must log onto the Student Information System (SIS) to view their transcripts. University policy does not allow grades to be given over the phone. Students may request official transcripts using SIS.
  • NEW STUDENTS: Complete and submit the NonDegree Registration Form.

    RETURNING STUDENTS: Register using the SIS online registration system:

    1. From any PC with an Internet connection, go to
    2. Click Student Self-Service Login.
    3. Enter your User ID and password into the appropriate fields and click Submit.
    4. Click Enroll.
    5. Select Term, then click Continue.
    6. Type the Class Number in the Class Nbr field. Please note, the class number is different from the course number.
    7. You can search for the class number by clicking the magnifying glass. Enter the first two digits of the course number (found in the bulletin or on our Graduate, Online & Professional Studies website) into the subject area. Then enter the following three numbers of the course number into the catalog number box and hit 'search.' You can also find the class number and the course number in our online course listings.
    8. Repeat Step 7 until all desired classes have been added.
    9. Click the Submit button.

  • If you already completed the Online Application, you are able to Check the Status of Your Application Online. If you completed the .pdf Application Form, please wait a week after submission, then contact our undergraduate admissions team at If you have applied into a Graduate Degree Program, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 800-656-GRAD or

  • Please visit Financial Aid for information. You can contact the Financial Aid Office at or 978-934-4220. Let them know you are interested in Financial Aid as an Graduate, Online & Professional Studies student.

  • Tuition refunds are provided when a course is dropped during the add/drop period. This must be done by the student through SIS. For additional information, please see our Tuition & Fees information or contact UMass Lowell's Solution Center at or 978-934-2000.

  • Students can view and print a copy of their transcripts using SIS. Students may also use SIS to request official transcripts, which will be mailed to the address(es) indicated. There is no charge for official transcripts.

  • Yes. Please read the note to International Students. For more information, please contact the International Student Office at or 978-934-2383. The International Student Office is located at 839 Merrimack St., 2nd floor. on UMass Lowell's North Campus.

  • Tuition for courses offered through Graduate, Online & Professional Studies is the same whether you live in-state, out-of-state or in another country. Please refer to our Tuition & Fees information for details.

  • You may have your prior college or university email your transcripts directly to, or send them directly by mail to the following address:

    University of Massachusetts Lowell
    Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies
    GPS Admissions
    839 Merrimack Street
    Lowell, MA 01854

    Your transcripts may be mailed directly from your previous college/university, or you may mail your official, unopened transcripts to the University in a sealed envelope. You should also make sure you have completed and submitted an application form for your program of choice. A program coordinator will then evaluate your transcripts and determine which credits will transfer. A letter of acceptance and a transfer evaluation worksheet will be sent to you.

    Students who have earned credits outside the U.S. must have their credits evaluated for potential transfer credit by World Education Services (WES).

    Note: Students who are interested in transferring graduate credits to a UMass Lowell graduate degree program should refer to UMass Lowell's policy on transferring graduate credits.

  • For students enrolled in a certificate or degree program, UMass Lowell's Office of Career Services is available for advice and assistance. Please visit or call 978-934-2355 for more information.

  • Chat Hours in our online courses provide an opportunity for the instructor and students to communicate in 'real time.' It is an informative and interactive session where course-related questions, answers, and discussions take place. While student attendance during Chat Hours is not required, it is highly recommended. Weekly chat sessions are archived for students who are not able to participate in the live chat sessions at the scheduled times.

  • The state of Massachusetts requires all post-secondary institutions to ensure that students are immune to specific vaccine-preventable communicable diseases. For UMass Lowell, the process begins when a student enrolls at the University. All full-time matriculated students and part time Health majors with clinical exposure must submit documentation via the Health Services Patient Portal. This documentation is due prior to the start of classes and for those who do not become compliant prior to add/drop an Immunization Hold (IMM) is placed on their SIS account preventing future enrollment. Students who are registered for ONLY online courses are NOT required to have an immunization record on file.

  • The University library system consists of an extensive electronic library, as well as facilities at three locations: the O'Leary Library, Lydon Library, and the Center for Lowell History at the Mogan Center. Please click here for more information.

  • Student ID Number

    Your student ID number is your SIS/UMass number. To obtain your number, visit the Student ID Lookup.

    Student ID Cards (UCards)

    All students may request a UCard but for most Graduate, Online & Professional Studies students, a UCard is not needed. The UCard primarily works as a student ID and an access card, but benefits also include a declining balance (debit) feature that works at all on-campus dining locations, bookstores, vending machines and printing and copy machines, as well as over 30 participating merchants in the Lowell area. Contact the UCAPS Office at 978-934-2800 or if you have any questions. For more details, visit

    You may also contact Graduate, Online & Professional Studies at 978-934-2474 to request a student ID card.

    Parking and Decals

    New parking permits are required for all Graduate, Online & Professional Studies students who are parking on campus prior to 3:30 pm, but no decal is required after 4:00 pm. Complete parking information and the permit registration form are available at

    Please Note: Student and faculty cars will be towed and/or ticketed for violations. In addition, the Lowell Police will tow student and faculty cars if parked in 'Residential Parking' areas. Please call the Advising Center at 978-934-2474 for the location of parking lots available for daytime use by Graduate, Online & Professional Studies students.

  • UMass Lowell's Campus Security Escort Service will escort students, faculty, and staff anywhere on campus. You may call 978-934-2222 to ask for escort service at the following locations: Fox Hall Main Lobby, Sheehy/Concordia Link, Eames Hall Main Lobby, University Bus Stops, All Parking Lots (flash your lights and they will pick you up). For hours of operation, visit their website.

  • No. You must drop or withdraw from your courses using the Student Information System (SIS).

  • For information on veterans and senior citizens waivers, or any other tuition credit or waiver, please refer to the Tuition Credits and Waivers page.

  • Course descriptions are easily accessible directly through our course listings. To request a copy of the syllabus for a particular course, you may email the professor who will be teaching the course directly. The standard format for all UMass Lowell faculty email addresses are If you do not hear back, please let us know at

  • Graduate, Online & Professional Studies certificate programs are short-term, credit programs of study that are designed to run at a student's own pace. Students must apply to the certificate program, but registration for the courses is on a semester-to-semester basis. There is no set cost for a particular certificate program; rather, costs are determined per credit, per course each semester. Once a student has completed the necessary courses in a certificate program, he/she must fill out a certificate award petition. In about 4 to 6 weeks, the certificate should be mailed to them. Students enrolled in a certificate program can receive financial aid; please call the Financial Aid Office at 978-934-4220. Also, students enrolled in an undergraduate certificate program can transfer one course from another university into the certificate, if approved by the coordinator. In order to do this, a student must submit a petition form to Graduate, Online & Professional Studies prior to taking the course. Substitution of courses may be possible if approved by the certificate coordinator. Certificates are awarded three times each calendar year to coincide with commencement dates. Certificates are mailed to the student from the Registrar's Office.

  • The University and its programs and activities are becoming increasingly more accessible to academically qualified students who are physically or learning disabled. Although some architectural barriers still remain, disabled persons can traverse the campus with a minimum of difficulty. University libraries, the student unions, several residence halls, and more recently constructed classroom buildings are accessible to students in wheelchairs. Early registration, preferential scheduling, readers, note takers, interpreters, alternative testing procedures and special parking arrangements are some of the accommodations available to disabled students. For more information, contact Graduate, Online & Professional Studies at 978-934-2474, or visit

  • Please refer to our Academic Policies for information on Complaints Arising from Grades and Grading Policy of the Faculty Member, as well as Complaints Concerning Classroom Matters Other Than Grades and Grading Policy.

  • Students may access their records securely through the Student Information System (SIS).

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) grants any student currently in attendance, or any former student, the right of access to inspect or review his or her educational files, records or data. Students who wish to inspect their records must file a Right of Access Form with the office or department in which the desired record is kept. Right of Access Forms are available in the Office of Student Services or the Registrar's Office. Within 10 days of receipt of the Right of Access Form, the office or department will notify the student as to the date, time and location that the desired record will be available for inspection.

  • Undergraduate courses are numbered 1000 to 4999. For example, 'MATH.2830' is an undergraduate course. Graduate-level courses are 5000 to 8999. For example, 'EDUC.5210' is a graduate-level course.

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