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Online Course Formats
classrooms on digital devices

100% Online Courses

Complete coursework each week as your schedule allows; there are no dates or times when you must be online (sometimes referred to as asynchronous learning). Lectures, assignments and discussions are posted at the beginning of each week in Blackboard, UMass Lowell's online learning management tool.

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teaching online

Live Online Courses

All students attend class remotely with classes held on specific days and times (synchronous learning). Instruction is designed to be interactive and engaging while also making use of Blackboard, UMass Lowell's online learning management tool.

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univeristy building OR computer

HyFlex Online Courses

HyFlex courses meet on specific days and times (synchronous learning) and can be attended in person by students who are on campus or via Zoom for students who are at a distance from campus.

On-Campus Course Formats
A Building On Campus

On-Campus Courses

Classes meet regularly on predetermined days and times in classrooms or other learning facilities on the UMass Lowell campus.

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Hybrid Courses

In addition to completing some coursework remotely via Blackboard, UMass Lowell's online learning management tool, you'll also attend some on-campus classes, typically in a lab, studio or other hands-on learning facility. Class time may alternate between remote learning and campus-based instruction on a daily or weekly basis.

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Virtual Classroom Courses

Virtual Classroom Courses

This format replicates classroom-based instruction, with faculty providing lessons on pre-determined dates and times (synchronous learning). Students attend class remotely, typically via Zoom, and may use Blackboard to submit tests and assignments.

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