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Course No: 58.300; Last Offered: Summer 2014;

Course Description

This course studies the aesthetic, artistic and intellectual similarities between art history and music history. Discussion of the arts focuses on the development in examining the human creativity and expression through the arts: from ancient times as 'art and morality' followed in the Renaissance as 'art and sciences' continued in the Enlightenment as 'art and society' contrasted in the nineteenth century as 'art and entertainment.' Furthermore, this course surveys some of the fundamental aspects of music and art, such as the nature of aesthetic judgment, the task of art and music criticism, including formalist, representational, and contemporary theories on viewing, analyzing, and interpreting the arts. In addition, with a comparative analysis between the modes of visual and aura representation, visual and aura perception, this course analyzes the principal forms and genres of the visual and aural elements of art history and music history, providing an understanding for human creativity and expression.

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