Agile Software Development with Java

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Note: This course is not available for the current semester.

Course No: 90.308; Last Offered: Spring 2015;

Course Description

In this advanced programming course students will use Java to take a deep dive into the trickier and more subtle aspects of computer programming. This course builds upon the principles and concepts learned in previous computer programming courses allowing students to hone their programming skills while being introduced to professional software development best practices and current trends in software development methodologies, such as Agile. Using a test driven approach some topics to be explored include unit testing, object oriented software design patterns, testing design patterns, iterative development and how to write robust error handling code. The class focus will be on learning the lessons in what is considered to be the most important Java book written - Effective Java Programming by Joshua Bloch. Aspects of Agile including XP programming, as described in Extreme programming explained by Kent Beck, will be explored and the class will draw on lessons form Kent Beck's book: Test Driven Development as well as additional reading material Students will reinforce the skills learned through a series of short programming assignments with the goal of each being the illumination of a particular concept or best practice, combined with selected readings. A robust online discussion and debate about these topics will be encouraged. After successful completion of this course the student will know how to better design and structure code so that it works better, is easier to maintain, and can be more easily understood by others.

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  • Credits: 3;

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