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Note: This course is not available for the current semester.

Course No: 36.371; Last Offered: Spring 2010;

Course Description

This class is advancement into the biochemical and physiologic process through which the nourishment of the human organism is accomplished and how the interactions among nutrients, other aspects of the environment, and the body result in perturbations affecting human health. The process of human nourishment proceeds within the context of an organism with an intricate structure, unique composition, and specific capacities for adaptive change. Basic information from many disciplines relating to body function and structure will be summarized. This will serve as setting the stage for detailed discussions, which describe the nutritional biochemistry and metabolism of the body for the normal state, and for states where nutrient availability is altered of disease is imposed. Prerequisites: 35.206

Prerequisites & Notes

  • Prerequisites: 35.206
  • Special Notes:
  • Credits: 3;

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