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Computer Forensics

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Course Description

The course (Computer Forensics) reviews forensic evidence and crime investigation, computer forensics and digital detective work, preparing for e-evidence collection and preservation, policies and procedures, data forensics, PDA forensics, cell phone forensics, forensic examination of computers (operating systems, common file system types, OSI and TCP/IP models) and digital (Windows, Linux, and Graphics files) and electronic media (e-mail and web-mail forensics), network forensics and intrusion detection, large-scale investigations, terrorism and virtual warfare and other types of Internet-based hositlities, botnets and criminal commerce, tracking criminals' trails, fraud and forensic accounting investigation, federal rules and criminal codes, and ethical and professional responsibility in testimony. In particular, the course introduces concepts essential to information security applications, legal foundation for understanding traditional and electronic evidence and evidence-handling procedures, technical knowledge and forensic examination of computers and electronic media, computer forensic procedures for successful investigations involving electronic evidence, a framework for understanding and investigating large-scale attacks, and federal rules of evidence and procedures that govern the admissibility of e-evidence and the testimony of expert witnesses. The course also introduces major legal, privacy, and ethical issues related to computing.

Prerequisites & Notes

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  • Credits: 3;

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