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Course Description

The year 2000 software problem concerns the widespread practice of storing calendar year dates in two-digit form. For example, the year 1998 is stored as 98. At the end of the twentieth century, many software applications will stop working or create erroneous results when the year switches from 1999 to 2000 at midnight on December 31. This is because applications use dates for time-sensitive calculations, and the sequence of 99 followed by 00 can cause software crashes or incorrect results for many important calculations, such as interest rates and mortgage payments. The year 2000 problem (Y2K) will be one of the most expensive problems in human history to resolve. Since a high percentage of current computer applications have been developed using the COBOL language, the course will address the skills needed to understand a basic COBOL application and to handle several prospective Y2K solutions from a System Analyst's point of view. The course does not require a strong Computer Science or Information Systems background. Coverage will include the Basis of Programming Concepts, Data Structures, and the VAX COBOL language.

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