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Optical Networking - Sonet/SDH

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Course Description

This course provides an in-depth look at the Sonet and SDH Standards and applications applicable to the national and other international optical networks deployed by U.S. and international carriers. Introducing Sonet and SDH and their key attributes and benefits, the course provides a clear understanding of a Sonet/SDH End-to-End Optical Network component, the basic concept of a path, a line and a section and path, line and section terminating equipment (PTE, LTE and STE), including the optical interface specifications for a Sonet/SDH optical network. The course thus develops a background for the detailed understanding of the more advanced concepts included in this course - Sonet and SDH Signal Hierarchy (Rates, Formats and overheads); Sonet and SDH pointer applications (Mapping/Multiplexing); Sonet/SDH frame synchronization; Network Synchronization and Timing Recovery; Sonet/SDH Network Management - Performance Management, Fault Management, Configuration Management; Automatic Protection Switching (Linear and Ring).

Prerequisites & Notes

  • Prerequisites: 90.463 or instructor permission
  • Special Notes:
  • Credits: 3;

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