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Note: This course is not available for the current semester.

Course No: ECON.3020; Last Offered: Fall 2016;

Course Description

An introduction to the economic analysis of behaviors and institutions in the labor market: labor supply and participation, labor demand by firms, wage determination under different institutional settings, and gender, race or ethnicity as determinants of different labor market outcomes. The course presents microeconomic models, empirical findings and their public policy implications on topics such as minimum wage, affirmative action, social insurance programs, workplace safety, and subsidized day care. Prerequisites: 49.201 or instructor's approval. Meets Core Curriculum Essential Learning Outcome for Diversity and Cultural Awareness (DCA) and Quantitative Literacy (QL).

Prerequisites & Notes

  • Prerequisites: ECON.2010 pre-req
  • Special Notes: HSV
  • Credits: 3;

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