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Course Description

Review of Estimation of Stochastic processes: Estimation of mean, variance, autocovariance, autocorrelation and normalized autocovariance of discrete stochastic processes; Generation of White Noise Sequences and tests for white noise; Difference operations. Linear Stationary models: Autoregressive (AR) processes, Yule-Walker equations, partial correlation. Moving Average (MA) processes, invertibility conditions and solution for MA parameters; Relation between AR and MA processes; Autoregressive Moving Average (ARMA) processes, formulation and solution for ARMA parameters. Levinson-Durbin & related algorithms: Deterministic and Probabilistic Methods; Forward-Backward Prediction; Lattice Methods. Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization method; Burg Algorithm. Linear nonstationary Models: Autoregressive Integrated moving Average processes, differencing to induce stationarity and determination of the order of differencing. Model Identification and Diagnostic Checking: Examples for model identification; Portmanteau test and other tests for residuals to check for white noise. Forecasting: Several methods for forecasting; Box-Jenkins forecasting functions, three types; Examples for the three types of forecasting; One-step linear predictors and confidence limits. Seasonal Time Series: Formulation of seasonal time series models and basic ideas of forecasting.

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