Signals and Systems I

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Note: This course is not available for the current semester.

Course No: ETEC.3220; Last Offered: Fall 2022;

Course Description

Introduction to signals and systems. Signal classification, Normalized energy and power. Signal families, time-domain representation by differential equations, linear time invariance, classical solution to various signal families, frequency domain representation, total solution of system with initial conditions. Impulse and pulse response of LTI systems.Convolution methods, Fourier series analysis, Fourier transforms, properties and use, inversion by partial fractions, resides with s-plane vectors, application to LTI systems with initial conditions and sources. Introductions to digital elements and equations.

Prerequisites & Notes

  • Prerequisites: MATH.2340 & Permission of Ins.
  • Special Notes:
  • Credits: 3; Contact Hours: 3

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