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Note: This course is not available for the current semester.

Course No: ETEC.3410; Last Offered: Fall 2022;

Course Description

This course studies numbers, switching (Boolean) algebra, switching functions, and combinational circuits. Number systems and conversion. Binary codes. Switching algebra. Algebraic simplification of switching functions. Canonical forms of switching functions. Switching function minimization using Karnaugh maps. Two-level and multi-level combinational circuits. Gate conversion. Decoders, encoders, multiplexers, and demultiplexers. Programmable logic devices: read-only memories, programmable logic arrays and programmable array logic.

Prerequisites & Notes

  • Prerequisites:
  • Special Notes: 17.341 Logic Design I and Lab and 17.342 Logic Design II and Lab replace 17.346 Logic Design A, 17.347 Logic Design B and 17.348 Logic Design C.
  • Credits: 3; Contact Hours: 3

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