Signals and Systems I

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Note: This course is not available for the current semester.

Course No: EECE.3620; Last Offered: Summer 2023;

Course Description

This course covers various continuous voltage/current time functions and their applications to linear time-invariant (LTI) electrical systems. It reviews pertinent topics from previous courses on circuit theory, such as system functions, S-plane concepts and complete responses. It introduces step and impulse functions and their responses in LTI circuits. It covers the solving of convolution integrals and differential equations, the transformation of signals to Fourier series, the Fourier and Laplace transforms, with their application, in continuous and discrete time, and Parseval's theorem. It also describes analog filter responses and design. A computing project is proposed in this course.

Prerequisites & Notes

  • Prerequisites: MATH 2360, EECE 2020 pre-req
  • Special Notes:
  • Credits: 3; Contact Hours: 3

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