Pumps and Compressors

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Course Description

This course covers the operation and maintenance of various types of pumps such as centrifugal, positive displacement, rotary, airlift and chemical feed. Pumping hydraulics, control systems, mechanical seals, mechanical packing, bearings, motors and pump piping systems will be discussed in detail. Testing and troubleshooting the operation of a centrifugal pump system utilizing pump curves and system head curves will be covered in detail. The operation and maintenance of compressors and blowers, their application, and troubleshooting will be covered. Several types of compressors will be described to include: positive displacement, reciprocating, rotary screw, liquid ring and the centrifugal type.

Prerequisites & Notes

  • Prerequisites: Basic math and knowledge of hydraulics.
  • Special Notes:
  • Credits: 3; Contact Hours: 3

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