Practicum II: High School Principal 9-12

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Course No: EDUC.5970; Last Offered: Fall 2013;

Course Description

The practicum is a two-semester (1+2=3credits) field-based experience in which the student engages in administrative responsibilities at the level of a school principal. These responsibilities are supervised by an on-site supervisor/mentor who holds certification in the appropriate area. A minimum of 300 hours must be completed during the course of the year. The responsibilities must be real and varied enough to allow the student to actively apply their knowledge and skills, thus demonstrating competence in the 'Standards for Advanced Programs in Educational Administration' of the ELCC (Educational Leadership Constituent Council).' In addition to the field-based activities, candidates participate regularly in an on-line seminar with the university supervisor/instructor and meet for 3-4 face-to-face seminar sessions at the university. Students develop a practicum action plan, document their activities in a journal, participate in regular on-line discussions, complete several reflection assignments, and compile a final Practicum Portfolio. The basis of all work in the online seminar relates directly to the issues, experiences, and questions form the candidate's field-based activities. The Practicum aims to help all students achieve a fuller realization of their professional and personal resources as leaders and learners and strengthen their effectiveness as educational administrators now and into the future.

Prerequisites & Notes

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  • Credits: 2;

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