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Course Description

The demands of our economy, culture and new educational goals have put a strong emphasis on thinking, problem solving, invention, discovery, and creativity. Self-directed and self-regulated learning, critical assessment, dynamic competence and life-long learning are now the every demands of a world of constantly changing knowledge-bases, constantly changing jobs, and lifestyles, and rapidly changing culture. Intellectual property is now a basic business commodity and what knowledge workers produce, and creating intellectual property is no longer the sole province of the gifted in our society, but a demand at some level of most professional jobs today. This course focuses helping students to understand the development of formal reasoning, critical thinking and interpretation skills, problem solving abilities, and the broad set of alternative or divergent thinking abilities called creativity, which range from curiosity to self-directedness to vision, inventiveness, synthesis, discovery, and paradigm shifts. This course will help students develop these abilities and skills personally and to examine how they may be nurtured and taught from the preschool level to the workplace. The Art, the Sciences, and the Social Sciences will be examined and included in this course and the variety of models explored.

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