Introduction to Green Chemistry

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Course Description

The goal for this course is to provide the student with the knowledge and skills required to design, synthesize and make materials in an environmentally benign way. Each week will be based on an environmental problem such as global warming, ozone depletion or water pollution. We will describe the fundamental science behind this problem and discuss some of the big picturepolitics surrounding it, look at real world manufacturing techniques such as coatings, technology, solvents, catalysis or non-covalent derivatization, examine industrial case-studies where green chemistry has been successfully implemented, explore the economic implications of these real-world cases, and delve into synthetic transformations at the molecular level. We will discuss elimination reactions, electrophilc aromatic substitutions, rearrangements and other topics in synthetic organic chemistry. We will understand the environmental and toxicological problems facing industry and society but more importantly realize that there are solutions to these problems and learn how to implement the principles of green chemistry into what we do.

Prerequisites & Notes

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