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Note: This course is not available for the current semester.

Course No: NONC.CHEM1; Last Offered: No Data;

Course Description

The intersession chemistry 1 course has been created for students in 84.121 who received an F, D or D+ during the previous semester in this course. Students who withdrew from the course will also be considered if they withdrew near the withdrawal deadline. It is imperative that the student has previously been exposed to all of the material in the regular class to be able to succeed in this intersession class. The course will cover the same content as 84.121 and will include regular tests, detailed homework and a final exam. The student will receive a grade for this course based upon their test, homework and final exam scores per the standard guidelines for chemistry 1. The earned grade will replace the grade received for the regular course as a grade change if the student earns a better grade. If the student earns a lower grade then the regular course grade will remain.

Prerequisites & Notes

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Questions About This Course?

Contact the Advising Center at 978-934-2474 or Continuing_Education@uml.edu

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