Surveying I

Summer 2020 > Engineering/Engineering Technology > CIVE.2250 > 021L

Course No: CIVE.2250-021L; SIS Class Nbr: 1640; SIS Term: 2940
Course Status: Registration Closed

Course Description

A presentation of the basic instruments used in survey processes including distance, angle and level measurements. Analysis and adjustment of random errors. Principles of closed and open traverses. Fieldwork practice in instrument use and office-type projects in contour mapping and the application of contoured topography to highway and water-control projects.

Prerequisites, Notes & Instructor

  • Prerequisites: MATH 1320 Calc II or Co-Req MATH 1320 Calc II or MATH 1420 Honors Cal II or Co-Req MATH 1420 Honors Calc II or Pre-Req Calc ABC, and Co-Req CIVE 2860 Prob and Stats for Engineers or Pre-Req CIVE 2860 or Pre or Co-req Math.2830.
  • Section Notes: Virtual Classroom Course
  • Core Codes: STEM, LAB, VRCL
  • Credits: 3; Contact Hours: 4
  • Instructor: Chronis Stamatiadis
  • UMass Lowell Bookstore

When Offered & Tuition

  • M,Th | 11:00 AM-1:50 PM EST
  • 2020 Summer: Jul 06 to Aug 16
  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Tuition: $1360
  • Note: There is a $30 per semester registration fee for credit courses.

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Course Registration Closed

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