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CRS#Course NameCredits
AEST.2410Art Serving Political, Religious, & Social Needs
AEST.3520Contemporary Art and Culture3
ARHI.3140American Architecture 3
ARHI.3151Islamic Art and Contemporary Society 3
ARHI.3350The Golden Age of Spanish Art3
ARHI.3360Arts of Sub-Saharan Africa3
ARHI.3450Pre-Raphaelite Art3
ARHI.3470French Impressionism and Post-Impressionism3
ARTS.1010Art Concepts I 3
ARTS.1150Drawing for Non-Art Majors3
ARTS.1160Graphic Design for Non-Majors3
ARTS.1550Drawing I 3
ARTS.1610Light & Lens 3
ARTS.2210Practicum/Internship 3
ARTS.2300Typography I3
ARTS.2320Ceramics I 3
ARTS.2610Photography I 3
ARTS.2650Computer Art I3
ARTS.2690Color 3
ARTS.2710Painting I 3
ARTS.2950Studio Workshop Abroad 3
ARTS.2970Studio Workshop3
ARTS.3300Typography II3
ARTS.3610Photography II3
ARTS.4100Graphic Design III 3
ARTS.4310Publication Design3
ARTS.4600The Entrepreneurial Hustle for Creatives3
ARTS.4910Advanced Studio 3
ARTS.4940Directed Study 3
GRFX.200Introduction to Graphic Design3
GRFX.2000Introduction to Graphic Design 3
GRFX.202Fundamentals of Typography3
GRFX.2020Fundamentals of Typography 3
GRFX.203Photographic Imaging3
GRFX.2030Photographic Imaging 3
GRFX.204Computer Graphics & Illustration3
GRFX.2040Computer Graphics & Illustration 3
GRFX.211Desktop Publishing: Print Production3
GRFX.2110Desktop Publishing: Print Production 3
GRFX.212Website Design3
GRFX.2120Website Design 3
GRFX.300Advanced Graphic Design3
GRFX.3000Advanced Graphic Design 3
GRFX.3020Advanced Typography3
GRFX.303Advanced Photographic Imaging3
GRFX.3030Advanced Photographic Imaging 3
GRFX.312Advanced Website Design3
GRFX.3120Advanced Website Design 3
GRFX.315Design for Advertising3
GRFX.3150Design for Advertising 3
GRFX.320Introduction to 3D Computer Animation3
GRFX.3200Introduction to 3D Computer Animation3
GRFX.330Special Effects for Digital Video3
GRFX.3300Special Effects for Digital Video: Adobe® After Effects3
GRFX.3500User Interface Prototyping for Apps and Web3
GRFX.400Portfolio Production Seminar3
GRFX.4000Portfolio Production Seminar 3
MUAP.5010Graduate  Applied Keyboard I2
MUAP.5020Graduate Applied Keyboard 22
MUAP.5110Graduate Applied Voice I2
MUAP.5120Graduate Applied Voice 22
MUAP.5210Graduate Applied Woodwinds 12
MUAP.5220Graduate Applied Woodwinds 22
MUAP.5310Graduate Applied Brass And  Percussion  12
MUAP.5320Graduate Applied  Brass And Percussion 22
MUAP.5410Graduate  Applied Strings 12
MUAP.5420Graduate Applied Strings 22
MUBU.4990Music Business Internship6
MUBU.4991Music Business Internship 6
MUBU.5250Community Outreach Practicum 1 1
MUBU.5260Community Outreach Practicum 2 1
MUED.5000Global Music for Classroom3
MUED.5100Foundations Of Music Education3
MUED.5630Choral Repertoire and Rehearsal Techniques3
MUED.5770Instrumental Music Workshop 3
MUED.5780Music/Way of Knowing2
MUED.5830Intro to Technology Applications for the Music Classroom3
MUED.5950Practicum & Analysis9
MUED.5960Graduate Directed Study: Music Education3
MUED.6010Seminar In Music Education3
MUED.6500Research in Music Education3
MUED.6950Direct Study and Research3
MUED.6960Project Report3
MUED.7430Master's Thesis, Music Education3
MUEN.5010University Orchestra2
MUEN.5020Wind Ensemble2
MUEN.5030Chamber Singers2
MUEN.5040University Choir2
MUEN.5050Concert Band2
MUEN.5080Studio Orchestra2
MUEN.5510Choral Union1
MUEN.5530Percussion Ensemble1
MUEN.5540Classical Guitar Ensemble1
MUEN.5550Brass Ensemble1
MUEN.5560Electric Guitar Ensemble1
MUEN.5580Piano Ensemble1
MUEN.5590Mixed Chamber Ensemble1
MUEN.5600String Ensemble1
MUEN.5610Small Jazz Ensemble1
MUEN.5620Jazz Laboratory Ensemble1
MUEN.5630Recording Studio Ensemble1
MUEN.5650Jazz/Rock Big Band1
MUEN.5700Contemp Electronic Ensemble1
MUEN.6010World Music Ensemble1
MUEN.6020Graduate  Instrumental Ensemble2
MUHI.1610Music of Western Civilization3
MUHI.2610Music History 13
MUHI.2620Music History 23
MUHI.3010American Music3
MUHI.3860History of Rock Music3
MUHI.5940Graduate Directed Study in Musicology3
MUHI.5950Graduate Directed Study In Musicology3
MUPF.5950Graduate Direct Study: Research in Performance3
MUSR.3010Music, Technology and Society3
MUSR.4930Internship in SRT 6
MUSR.4950Directed Study in Sound Recording Technology3
MUSR.5200Recording Analysis3
MUSR.5500Advanced Video Production3
MUSR.5900Advanced Acoustics for Audio3
MUSR.5950Graduate Directed Study in SRT3
MUSR.6300Technologies of Audio3
MUSR.6400Production Practicum3
MUSR.6500Research in Sound Recording Technology3
MUSR.6600Seminar in Audio3
MUSR.7400Masters Recording Project6
MUSR.7430SRT Masters Thesis6
MUTH.1000Fundamentals of Musicianship3
MUTH.1010Music Theory 13
MUTH.1020Music Theory 23
MUTH.1030Aural Skills 11
MUTH.1040Aural Skills 21
MUTH.1100Basic Music Theory3
MUTH.2010Music Theory 33
MUTH.2020Music Theory 43
MUTH.2030Aural Skills 31
MUTH.2040Aural Skills 41
MUTH.5950Graduate Directed Study in Music Theory3
MUTH.6100Structure, Context and Style3
THEA.201Introduction to Theatre3
THEA.2010Introduction to Theatre3
58.345Pre-Raphaelite Art3
59.341Italian Renaissance Art3
598341Italian Renaissance Art3
70.101Art Concepts I3
70.155Drawing I3
70.230Typography I3
70.231Typography II3
70.2512D Design3
70.255Drawing - Form and Space3
70.265Computer Art I3
70.271Painting I3
70.281Ceramics I3
70.297Studio Workshop3
70.361Photography II3
70.365Computer Art II3
70.3722D Animation3
70.374Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation3
71.100Fundamentals of Musicianship3
71.101Music Theory 13
71.102Music Theory 23
71.103Aural Skills 11
71.104Aural Skills 21
71.110Basic Music Theory3
71.161Music of Western Civilization3
71.201Music Theory 33
71.202Music Theory 43
71.203Aural Skills 31
71.204Aural Skills 41
71.490Theory Review I3
71.491Theory Review 23
71.500Graduate Theory Review3
71.501Analytical Techniques3
71.512Studies Perception Anl Music3
71.521Analytical Techniques3
71.526Topics in Music Theory3
71.595Graduate Directed Study in Music Theory3
71.596Graduate Directed Study in Music Theory3
71.610Structure, Context and Style3
71.696Graduate Directed Study in Music Theory3
71.795Directed Study in Composition3
71.796Thesis Directed Study in Music Theory3
71.797Thesis in Music Composition3
72.501Graduate  Applied Keyboard I2
72.502Graduate Applied Keyboard 22
72.511Graduate Applied Voice I2
72.512Graduate Applied Voice 22
72.521Graduate Applied Woodwinds 12
72.522Graduate Applied Woodwinds 22
72.531Graduate Applied Brass And  Percussion  12
72.532Graduate Applied  Brass And Percussion 22
72.541Graduate  Applied Strings 12
72.542Graduate Applied Strings 22
72.593Applied Music2
72.594Applied Music2
72.631Applied BrassAnd Percussion 112
72.632Applied Brass and Percussion 122
72.651Grad Perform Keyboard 3 - INACTIVE4
73.410Multicultural Music Education3
73.414K-12 Choral Techniques
73.463Computers in the Music Curriculum3
73.464Finale: The Art of Music Notation1
73.490Multicultural Music Education
73.510Foundations Of Music Education3
73.511Musikgarten Cycle Season3
73.512Musikgarten Home World3
73.513Musikgarten Around World3
73.514K-12 Choral Techniques3
73.520Silver Burdett/Ginn3
73.521Silver Burdett Ginn3
73.541Share The Music3
73.551Research In Music Education3
73.552Quantitative Music Education3
73.560Kindermusik Yng Chld/beg3
73.562Instrumental Music Model3
73.563-IComputers and Music Curriculum3
73.563Computers and Music Curriculum3
73.564Finale Art Of Music1
73.565Marching Band Techniques3
73.570Sem Admin and Super Music Education3
73.572A Splash Of Kodaly1
73.573Orff Level I3
73.574Orff Schulwerk Level II3
73.575Orff-Schulwerk Lev III3
73.576Finale Workshop2
73.577Instrumental Music Workshop1, 2, or 3 credits
73.578Music/Way of Knowing2
73.579World Percussion Ensemble3
73.580Kodaly Level I0.6
73.581The Opera Connection2
73.582Making Music Videos: An Engaging Assessment Tool2
73.583Intro to Tecnology Applications for the Music Classroom3
73.586Music and You3
73.590Using Music Synthesis3
73.591Multicultural Music Education3
73.592General Music Methods3
73.593Popular Choral Technique3
73.594String Development Workshop3
73.595Practicum & Analysis9
73.596-IGraduate Directed Study: Music Education3
73.596Graduate Directed Study: Music Education3
73.599Music-Classroom Teachers3
73.600Seminar Music Education3
73.601Seminar In Music Education3
73.610Research in Music Education4
73.620Dalcroze Seminar II4
73.650Research in Music Education3
73.695Direct Study and Research3
73.696Project Report3
73.710Dalcroze Research3
73.720Advanced Dalcroze3
73.743Master's Thesis, Music Education3
73.796Thesis: Music Education3
74.133Development of Jazz3
74.161Music of Western Civilization3
74.200American Music3
74.261Music History 13
74.262Music History 23
74.301American Music3
74.386History of Rock Music3
74.455Women in Music0
74.498Seminar in Music History3
74.543History Of Music Theory3
74.548J S Bach3
74.564History Of Music Theory3
74.567Seminar:  Music History3
74.568Musicology And Research  II3
74.594Graduate Directed Study in Musicology3
74.595Graduate Directed Study In Musicology3
74.596Introduction To Graduate Studies3
74.597Topics In Musicology3
74.667Seminar In Musicology3
74.796Thesis Directed Study Musicology3
75.540Meaning and Context3
75.595Graduate Direct Study: Research in Performance3
76.501University Orchestra2
76.502Wind Ensemble2
76.503Chamber Singers2
76.504University Choir2
76.505Concert Band2
76.508Studio Orchestra2
76.551Choral Union1
76.552Gentleman's Concord1
76.553Percussion Ensemble1
76.554Classical Guitar Ensemble1
76.555Brass Ensemble1
76.556Electric Guitar Ensemble1
76.557Siren Voices1
76.558Piano Ensemble1
76.559Mixed Chamber Ensemble1
76.560String Ensemble1
76.561Small Jazz Ensemble1
76.562Jazz Laboratory  Ensemble1
76.563Recording Studio Ensemble1
76.565Jazz/Rock Big Band1
76.570Contemp Electronic Ensemble1
76.601Graduate Ensemble I1
76.602Graduate  Instrumental Ensemble2
77.350Introduction to the Music Industry3
77.499Music Business Internship6
78.201Introduction to Audio for Multimedia and the World Wide Web3
78.301Music, Technology and Society3
78.493Internship in Sound Recording Technology6
78.495Directed Study in Sound Recording Technology3
78.520Recording Analysis3
78.530Audio Theory3
78.550Advanced Video Production3
78.590Advanced Acoustics for Audio3
78.595Graduate Directed Study in SRT3
78.630Technologies of Audio3
78.640Production Practicum3
78.650Research in Sound Recording Technology3
78.660Seminar in Audio3
78.740Masters Recording Project6
78.743SRT Masters Thesis6
79.352Aesthetics and Critical Studies of Contemporary Art and Culture3
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