River Hawk Review - Organic Chemistry IIA

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Course No: NONC.ORG2A-RR1; SIS Class Nbr: 1288; SIS Term: 3020
Course Status: Registration Closed

Course Description

The River Hawk Review Organic Chemistry IIA non-credit course is intended for students who received marginal or failing grades in a crucial course, but who have been identified by faculty instructors as showing promise. These students will be invited by faculty instructors for participation. In the program, students sign up for a 5-week self-study period that will be supervised by faculty. At the end of the period, students will re-take the course final exam (a new version) and based on their performance, will have their course grade revised. The program will consist of: 1. Weekly mini-lecture recordings, 2. Weekly homework, 3. On-line, small-group homework review video meetings and a Final exam. After the intervention period, students will sit a revised version of the course final held on the Lowell campus. The date of the final will be established at the outset of the program. Students must consent to be able to arrive on campus and sit the exam. The faculty instructor will proctor the exam and grade it afterward.

Prerequisites, Notes & Instructor

  • Prerequisites:
  • Special Notes:
  • Section Notes:
  • Credits: 0; Contact Hours: 0
  • Instructor: Khalilah Reddie
  • UMass Lowell Bookstore

When Offered & Tuition

  • Online Course
  • Winter 2021: Dec 28 to Jan 17
  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Tuition: --
  • Note: There is a $30 per semester registration fee for credit courses.

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Course Registration Closed

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