Introduction to Political Philosophy

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Course Description

Political philosohy is concerned with basic questions about community, public life, and social organization. This course will address issues such as the rights of the individual in relation to the power of the state and society; the nature and legitimacy of political authority and democracy; the significance of power, economics, justice and equality in social life; and the duties and responsibilities of citizens. We will also consider the philosophical meaning of communitarianism, liberalism, and republicanism, individualism, capitalism, and socialism, as well as the role of class, race, and gender in politics.

Prerequisites, Notes & Instructor

  • Prerequisites:
  • Special Notes:
  • Section Notes: In this course, we question basic assumptions we have about politics: What is the role and purpose of government? What does it mean to be "liberal," "conservative," "progressive," or "radical"? Is democracy really the best system of government? Is capitalism really the best economic system? Is "identity" politics a good thing or a bad thing? Should we be guided by principles or facts? In addressing these questions, you will develop important skills: understanding other perspectives; analyzing complex arguments; articulating clear, coherent messages; and becoming informed about a topic that will matter to you throughout your life.;
  • Core Codes: AH
  • Credits: 3; Contact Hours: 3
  • Instructor:
  • UMass Lowell Bookstore

When Offered & Tuition

  • Online Course
  • Fall 2018: Sep 05 to Nov 10
  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Tuition: $1140
  • Note: There is a $30 per semester, nonrefundable registration fee for credit courses.

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