UMass Lowell Corporate Academic Partnership Tuition Deferment Program

UMass Lowell offers employer reimbursement and tuition deferment opportunities to students who are employed by one of UMass Lowell's approved corporate academic partners and who meet their employers' conditions for participating in the program. Students participating in this program will be able to defer tuition payments until completion of the semester with no finance or interest charges. This program should not be used by students who use authorizations to bill or third-party vouchers to pay their tuition.

Tuition Deferment Application Deadlines

Students must submit a Tuition Deferment Agreement before each semester in which they plan to enroll. UMass Lowell's Office of Student Financial Services must receive the Agreement, signed by the authorized representative at the student's employer, prior to the start of the semester or the student may not be eligible to participate in the tuition deferment program for that semester.

Tuition Payment Deadlines for Approved Participants

Please note that not all corporate academic partners participating in UMass Lowell's tuition deferment program will cover the full cost of enrollment; in some cases, the tuition amount covered is dependent on the student's academic performance. Other employers may not cover certain enrollment fees. Students participating in the tuition deferment program who receive a bill must pay the balance 30 days after the last day of class.


Please note that you will not be eligible to participate in the program if there is a financial hold on your UMass Lowell account.

Step 1: Step 1: Register for courses OR register for the noncredit certificates, courses, or specialized training opportunities found under Individualized Training .

Step 2: Login using your UMass Lowell student email and ID to request Tuition Deferment (link to new Secure Area log-in page with credentials – to be provided by UML webservices)

Step 3: Complete the secure Docusign tuition deferment request form. Corporate partner employees can choose from two approval processes:

  1. The tuition deferment Docusign request form can be routed to the employee's supervisor or HR representative for approval. Information that must be provided includes:
    1. Supervisor or HR representative's Name and Title
    2. Official Email I.d.
    3. Contact phone number


  1. Tuition deferment request can be accompanied by a sponsorship letter confirming eligibility to receive tuition reimbursement from employer or approved third party tuition management organization.

Step 4: Once the student and the authorized representative at the student's employer have signed the form, eligibility will be confirmed by UMass Lowell. Tuition deferment approval will be reflected in the SIS financial dashboard. Student will have up to 30 days after end of semester to pay tuition bill.