Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing | Corporate

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Course Description

This course is intended to comprehensively cover the fundamentals of GD&T including the review of applicable sections in the ASME-Y14.5M-1994 standard. Formal classroom lecture will be supplemented with group discussions, and practical exercises.


Participants will be introduced to the language and methods used in the Y14.5M 1994 standard increasing the participants understanding of the language as it pertains to work performed at their place of employment. At the completion of this course participants should be able to effectively communicate with design, fabrication, and quality assurance departments using GD&T.

Course Overview

1. Fundamentals of GDT
- Define key Concepts related to GDT
- Conventional Tolerancing (coordinate system) versus GD&T
- Common GD&T Symbols and characteristics and other related terms
- Standard Rules: Size, position, and others
- Maximum and Least Material Conditions
- Regardless of Feature Size
- Distinction between Form, Orientation, Profile Runout, Location

2. Feature Control Frame Concepts
- Geometric Characteristic
- Tolerance zone
- Material modifier section
- Datum section of the feature control frame

3. Tolerances
- Form Tolerances for Individual Features
- Orientation Tolerances
- Runout
- Location

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