Test Waiver Policies for Applicants Seeking to Begin their Graduate Program in Fall 2022

Due to the pandemic, we are temporarily waiving GRE and GMAT test requirements for the following graduate degree programs:

  • Accounting, M.S.
  • Applied Biology, Ph.D.
  • Biological Sciences, M.S.
  • Biomedical Engineering, Ph.D.
  • Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, M.S.
  • Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, Ph.D.
  • Business Administration, MBA
  • Business Analytics, M.S.
  • Chemical Engineering, M.S.E.
  • Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.
  • Chemistry, M.S.
  • Chemistry, Ph.D.
  • Civil Engineering, M.S.E
  • Civil Engineering, Ph.D.
  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences, M.S.
  • Computer Engineering, M.S.E.
  • Computer Engineering, Ph.D.
  • Electrical Engineering, M.S.E.
  • Electrical Engineering, Ph.D.
  • Energy Engineering (Nuclear and Renewable), M.S.E.
  • Energy Engineering (Nuclear and Renewable), Ph.D.
  • Engineering Management, M.S.
  • Environmental Studies, M.S.
  • Finance, M.S.
  • Industrial Engineering, M.S.
  • Industrial Engineering, Ph.D.
  • Mechanical Engineering, M.S.E.
  • Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences, M.S.
  • Physics M.S. (excluding Medical Physics)
  • Plastics Engineering, M.S.E.
  • Plastics Engineering, Ph.D.
  • Public Administration, M.P.A.


If you have questions or concerns about your application, we are here to help! Please call 978-934-2390 or email Graduate_Admissions@uml.edu.