Student ID Cards, UCards and UPrint

UCards / Student ID Cards

All students may request a UCard, but for most GPS students a UCard is not needed. The UCard primarily works as a student ID and an access card, but benefits also include a declining balance (debit) feature that works at all on-campus dining locations, bookstores, vending machines, printing and copy machines across campus, as well as over 25 participating merchants in the Lowell area.

GPS students who require parking before 2:00pm and have classes in labs secured by card access are required to have a UCard. Your instructor will let you know if you need a UCard to access a particular lab.

Note: If you park anywhere on campus before 2:00pm and do not have a parking decal on your vehicle, you will be subject to a parking fine. For information on parking, please visit our website at

If you require a UCard, you will need to visit the UCAPS Office anytime after you have registered for classes and after May 8,  to have your photo taken and UCard issued. UCards are good for life and the first card is free - if you require a replacement card, the cost is $20.

Contact the UCAPS Office at (978) 934-2800 or email:, if you have any questions. UCAPS is located in University Crossing on Salem Street.

What is UPrint?

UPrint is a green initiative that is aimed to reduce paper waste by eliminating unwanted and excess printing.

If you are an GPS student and you do not have a UCard card, you may purchase a UPrint Card at either the North or South Campus Library; If you would like to get a Student ID Card and take advantage of a $15 printing credit per semester, please follow the instructions on the UML UCard Site.

UPrint will ultimately be located in over 40 labs across campus, but can be found in the following locations presently:

  • Libraries
    • Lydon First Floor
    • O'Leary Mezzanine
  • Centers for Learning
    • Fox first floor
    • O'Leary 200A
    • O'Leary 200B
    • O'Leary 237
    • Southwick 302
    • Southwick 308
    • Southwick 309
    • Southwick 311
    • Southwick 315
  • Computer Science
    • Olsen 308 (Linux/Mac/Windows)
    • Olsen 314 (Windows)

Printing with UPrint only involves a few extra steps than normal printing:

  1. Have your UCard/UML ID available, or purchase a UPrint card in Lydon or O'Leary (card station coming soon).
  2. Preview your job to ensure it will print how you would expect.
  3. Print your job as you typically would.
  4. Enter your ISIS ID Number (without the preceding "UMS") and a name for your job so you can identify it when released.
  5. When you are ready to print all of your jobs, find the nearest Pharos release station (touch screen LCD device next to the printer) and swipe your card.
  6. You will be shown all of your jobs; choose the ones you want and press print; delete the ones you don't!

For a step-by-step walk through on how to use UPrint, complete with screen shots and pictures, you can download our complete PowerPoint presentation:
Printing Instructions (ppt)

For more information on getting a University ID card (UCard) please go to:

For hours of operation and contact information for UCAPS (place that issues ID cards) please go here:

For more information regarding the UPrint program please go to the UPrint site at:

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