How to Use Fetch FTP | Tutorials

You can download a free FTP client from Fetch for MAC by providing some student information. Go to

Get Fetch

After you download and install the software start it by clicking on the icon that looks like a dog.

choose the dog icon

When it opens it should look something like the picture below:


Click on Fetch and then select Fetch Preferences as shown above.

uncheck PASV 

Uncheck "Use passive mode transfers (PASV) as shown above and complete the new connection settings as below.

new connection

You will need to enter the following connection information:

  1. Hostname:
  2. Username: Your online course username
  3. Connect using: FTP with TLS/SSL
  4. Check the box for “Enable encryption”
  5. Password: Your online course password
  6. Type 990 for Port
  7. Leave 2 for Try to connect "2" times
  8. Click on “Connect” to access your directory on the FTP server