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The Division of Online and Continuing Education at the University of Massachusetts Lowell has an open enrollment policy: Anyone may enroll in our courses, while anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent may be admitted into a degree or certificate program. Students who wish to pursue an undergraduate certificate program, an associate's degree, or a bachelor's degree must apply for admission to the program through the Division of Online and Continuing Education. Students must be admitted into a degree or certificate program to be eligible for most financial aid.

Admission into Undergraduate Certificate Programs Offered through Online and Continuing Education
UMass Lowell offers a wide variety of credit certificate programs that allow students to obtain marketable skills within a concentrated time frame. These short-term certificate programs consist of a series of courses which, when taken together, demonstrate expertise in a specific area.

Students are welcome to take certificate program courses on an individual basis, but must formally apply into the certificate program and complete all of the required courses and electives with a C or better in order to receive the certificate. To be considered for acceptance into a certificate program, students must hold a high school diploma, or have passed either the GED® or HiSET®. View information on all of the certificates offered through Continuing Education.

Admission into Undergraduate Degree Programs Offered through Online and Continuing Education
Students are welcome to register for credit or noncredit courses offered by Continuing Education. 

To be considered for acceptance into either an associate's or bachelor's degree program offered through the division of Online and Continuing Education, students must hold a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) Certificate. Continuing Education operates on a rolling admissions basis and each application is reviewed when the student's file is complete. Students must be admitted to a degree or certificate program in order to be eligible for most financial aid.

The following materials must be submitted for admission:

1. A completed degree program application, along with a $60 degree application fee;
2. Official transcripts of all college, university, or post-secondary schools attended and course descriptions;
3. Official transcript of high school records, or its equivalent (GED certificate), from applicants with no previous college/university experience.

After the above information is filed, a Program Coordinator will evaluate the student's academic records. Qualified students will receive an official letter of acceptance and a transfer credit evaluation sometime after submitting all necessary academic materials. A student who has not yet completed 18 credit hours in his or her degree program will be admitted on a provisional basis. Academic Faculty & Student Support specialists are available to answer questions regarding programs and the matriculation process. Appointments may be made by calling (978) 934-2474.

Declaration of a Major
Upon application, students are requested to declare a major. Academic Faculty & Student Support specialists are available to help students in selecting a field of concentration. An early decision of a major by students will greatly facilitate the selection of appropriate prerequisite courses for major fields and, accordingly, will reduce the possibilities of time-consuming errors in judgment.

Students who wish to register for classes but do not want to be admitted into a certificate or degree program may do so provided they have the necessary prerequisites for the course. Credit will be awarded for the successful completion of such courses. If the student chooses to become a certificate or degree candidate, the applicability of such course(s) may be subject to other policies of the University and/or to specific program requirements. Enrollment in courses does not constitute admission to a certificate or degree program. In order to matriculate, students must complete the admission process as described above.

Admission into a Graduate Certificate or Degree Program
Students interested in applying into graduate degree or certificate programs should contact the Graduate School at (800) 656-GRAD or Students with bachelor's degrees from accredited institutions are eligible to enroll as non-degree students for a total of 12 credits prior to matriculating into formal graduate degree programs. Students must formally apply to graduate certificate programs before enrolling in graduate courses intended for specific certificate programs.

Summer Graduate-Level Courses
Students who hold the baccalaureate degree or its equivalent may enroll for credit in graduate-level courses, which are normally offered during our Summer Sessions. Unless already matriculated in a University of Massachusetts Lowell graduate program, the student must submit a transcript showing conferral of a bachelor's degree, or subsequent summer graduate registration may not be permitted. Additionally, such a student is not eligible to receive credit toward a degree unless he or she files a formal application and then is admitted as a matriculated student to the Graduate School. Upon admission, an Academic Petition Form must be filed to have previously earned credits considered toward a graduate degree.

Day Programs for Students Matriculating for Continuing Education
Students who have established matriculation for University of Massachusetts Lowell Continuing Education degrees at either the associate or baccalaureate levels may be permitted to pursue specifically authorized day courses. Such students must secure the written approval of their program coordinators for all projected courses prior to filing an application with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Full notation of approved courses (including those failed) is made upon the permanent record of Continuing Education students.

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