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Communication is the heart of most human interactions. It is a skill that can be enhanced and improved with thoughtful evaluation and practice, though challenged by today's numerous and constantly evolving channels that have an expectation of immediacy. Often, this prompts less time for each of us to think before responding. For those leading projects, focusing on proactive communication management can be your lifeline and will make-or-break the movement of any project and your success as a project manager, both perceived and real. This workshop experience will share foundational insights and offer interactive chances for you to analyze and practice how you might communicate in more effective ways.

Areas of focus:s

  • Audience: Sometimes you will know "who's in the room," and sometimes you won't. What are some things to consider that might generally make your message be well received by anyone and everyone?
  • Two-way communication: What might you consider as elements of a "real conversation?" Consider one's intention to understand and be understood, listening, value of your voice, message clarity and conciseness, nonverbal cues and what they might mean, and giving and receiving feedback.
  • Presentations: Simply stated, no one wants to deliver or receive a boring presentation. Consider how you can move from delivering an informational monologue to one that sparks conversation and invites inquisition.
  • The written word: Does your language work? Consider word and language choices, the many ways in which you could structure your written words to that they make sense more broadly and think about conceptualizing a communication management plan you might use as a baseline for a project.

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Course# PJMT.6370

Section# 001.SP24

  • Day(s): Thursday Evenings
  • Date(s): 2/1, 2/8, 2/15
  • Time(s): 3 Days; Meets 6-8pm
  • Location: Live Online
  • CEUs: .6
  • PDU's/Contact Hours: 6
  • Instructor(s): Keisha Sheedy
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