Total Project Control Team Case Study

Recommended Prerequisite: PMP, Planning & Scheduling, Resources & Budgeting or equivalent

The class is broken into teams of 3-5 members, depending on the size of the class.  They are assigned to develop a plan for a case study project, one with which they have only a little knowledge, for two reasons:

  1. To avoid getting distracted by the 'leaves' rather than the 'forest.'
  2. To learn how to use project management techniques to plan ANY type of project.

Each team selects a project manager, and all teams work on the same project so that they can learn from each other. The teams then assemble a project plan with all the respective documents/techniques that are discussed in the class, including:

  • Project charter;
  • Project business case with cost-of-time baseline metrics;
  • Product scope document with assumptions appendix;
  • Work and value breakdown structures with duration estimates and required resources;
  • Optimized CPM schedule;
  • Resource assignments and budget.

Each team presents the plan, step by step, to the rest of the class, who critique and ask questions. And each team must also react and adjust the plan according to specific 'curveballs' thrown at them by the instructor.

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