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Note: This course is not available for the current semester.

Course No: 90.271; Last Offered: Summer 2015;

Course Description

In this course, you will learn how to fully leverage C# 4.0 and the underlying .NET Framework to effectively develop programs for the Microsoft Windows platform. Topics include: data types, decision structures, looping constructs, arrays, classes, objects, inheritance, generics, interfaces, the new dynamic type, delegates, lambda expressions, events, collections, enumerables, exceptions and LINQ. Upon completing this course, students will be able to write sound C# programs, and will be able to move on to more advanced material including ASP.NET programming, WPF and cloud computing via Windows Azure.

Prerequisites & Notes

  • Prerequisites: 90.268 or 90.301
  • Special Notes:
    This course qualifies for free MSDNA software!
  • Credits: 3;

Questions About This Course?

Contact the Advising Center at 978-934-2474 or Continuing_Education@uml.edu

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