Proctored Exams for Online Courses


Some online courses at UMass Lowell require virtually proctored exams. Instructors and academic departments decide which courses should have proctored exams, and this information is indicated in the course catalog (SIS) and the course syllabus, with additional details provided to students in Blackboard when the semester begins.

Why Proctored Exams?

Instructors and departments may require proctored exam(s) when they believe it is necessary to maintain academic integrity in an online course. Members of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies coordinate with instructors to provide exam options for students.

Options for Proctored Online Exams

For online courses that have a proctored exam requirement, students can choose to:

  1. Take the exam using a 3rd-party proctoring company with whom the university has a contract. Students will not be charged for proctored exams that are facilitated by UML's 3rd party proctoring service*.
  2. Come to the UMass Lowell campus on a specific day and time when the instructor or someone from the department is available to proctor your exam. Details for this option will be available in Blackboard when the course begins.

How Online Proctored Exams Work


Online proctoring requires the use of a laptop, webcam, and cell phone so that a live proctor can monitor the student's exam session. UMass Lowell uses MonitorEDU to facilitate proctored exams. Students do not need to schedule their exam session beforehand, and may take their exams at any time during the exam window. In addition to MonitorEDU, some classes may also require the use of Respondus LockDown Browser which prevents students from accessing other websites and applications while taking an exam.

Instructors will specify beforehand what resources, if any, are permitted during the exam. This could include calculators, paper, books, and notes.

To complete a virtually proctored exam students connect with a live proctor from MonitorEDU on both their cell phone and computer. The proctor will ask for the student's ID (student ID card, driver's license, or passport are all acceptable forms of ID), perform an environment scan to make sure your space is free of unpermitted items, and then grant access to the exam on Blackboard. The proctor will remain present while the student completes the exam and up until the exam is submitted.

A brief video about how virtually proctored exams work, along with some FAQs and privacy information, can be found on MonitorEDU's website.

*If a student makes alternative arrangements with a faculty member, and takes an exam at a testing center somewhere, then fees may be incurred and UMass Lowell will not be responsible for paying those fees.

To complete a virtually proctored exam students will need:

  • Laptop with internet connection
  • A fully-charged cell phone connected to the internet with Google Meet installed
  • Student ID, driver's license, or passport
  • An exam space free of unpermitted materials
  • Access to Blackboard

Students Who Need Accommodations

Students can request accommodations through UML's Disability Services website. Your instructor will make sure the proctored exam aligns with the accommodation(s) you need.


Questions or concerns about virtual proctoring can be directed to