Simulation and Optimization for Business Analytics

Fall 2023 > Management & Business > POMS.4060 > 081

Course No: POMS.4060-081; SIS Class Nbr: 8555; SIS Term: 3310
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Course Description

Uncertainty manifests itself in most business dataset. Descriptive analytics tools help us explain the nature of the uncertainty that we have experienced, while predictive analytics tools further aid us in estimating outcomes for any given set of predictors. In this course, we cover simulation and optimization as prescriptive analytics methodologies. They take descriptive and predictive analytics results as input, helping us make managerial decision under such uncertainty. They are the art and science of creating and analyzing a model of real-world systems. This course covers business process design and analysis, simulation and optimization model development,and discrete-event simulation software application.

Prerequisites, Notes & Instructor

  • Prerequisites: POMS.3010 Operations Management.
  • Credits: 3; Contact Hours: 3
  • Instructor: Ju Song
  • Textbook Information

When Offered & Tuition

  • Online Course
  • 2023 Fall: Sep 06 to Oct 29
  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Tuition: $1155
  • Note: There is a $30 per semester registration fee for credit courses.

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