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Master of Science in Nursing

One of the most affordable online Master's in Nursing led by highly experienced faculty. Graduates have a 93.2% pass rate for the national certification as a nurse practitioner.

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Master's in Nursing Online

Advance your career as a nurse practitioner with UMass Lowell's affordable Master's in Nursing online. Offered by the Solomont School of Nursing, the online Master's in Nursing offers two tracks for students to choose from: the Adult Gerontological Primary Care Nurse Practitioner track or the Family Health Nurse Practitioner track. In addition to yielding one of the highest returns on investment, graduates of our Master's in Nursing program have a 93.2% pass rate for the national certification as a nurse practitioner with AANP or ANCC.

Additional benefits for students in UMass Lowell's online program include assistance with finding a clinical placement, small class sizes and professors who are doctors and experts in their fields. Upon program completion, you will be prepared to practice in advanced nursing roles, effectively demonstrate professional leadership and provide health care to diverse populations. Students complete 750 hours of direct patient care during their clinical practicum.

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93.2% Pass Rate for Nurse Practitioner Exam

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Career Outlook

Jobs (2020)
% Change (2020-2022)
Median Earnings
Annual Openings
Source: Lightcast, 2022, Nurse Practitioners in Massachusetts
"Overall employment of nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners is projected to grow 40 percent from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations."
— Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Nurse Practitioners, 2022

Key Takeaways

The objectives of the Master's in Nursing online curriculum focus on the following:

  • Health promotion of individuals, families and groups from diverse populations
  • Management of health problems in collaboration with clients, families, and health professionals
  • Leadership in the profession
  • Research utilization for evidence-based practice

Online Program + 4 Half-Days On-Campus

Built into the online Master's Degree in Nursing are four half-days of on-campus learning activities that allow you to interact face-to-face with peers and faculty in UMass Lowell's state-of-the-art nursing facility. You will conduct lab work and simulated clinical exams of mock patients to prepare you for the real world.

These four on-campus days are integrated into the curriculum as part of the following courses: NURS.6510 (two 4-hour on-campus sessions), NURS.6511 (one 4-hour on-campus session) and NURS.6512 (one 4-hour on-campus session).

CCNE Badge

A Fully Accredited Degree from a Name You Can Trust

Offered through UMass Lowell's Solomont School of Nursing, the Master of Science in Nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN).

One Success Leads to Another

A Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.) is required to advance to the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) at UMass Lowell. An M.S. will prepare you for advanced patient care and administrative roles, while a DNP, a terminal degree, will prepare you for additional leadership roles and clinical expertise.

Curriculum Outline

- Total Courses Required: 15 (42 Credits)

Course Descriptions

HSCI.5510 Clinical Pathophysiology (3cr)

The student will examine disease processes as variants of normal physiological functions with emphasis on understanding the pathophysiologic basis of common diseases in certain systems. This graduate level course is a comprehensive exploration of the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and treatment of disease.

NURS.5520 Social, Cultural and Policy Issues in Health Care (3cr)

This course links health and illness to other central domains of life: gender, kinship, and culture within the context of the family, community and the current health care system. It draws on concepts from the social, health, and policy sciences to critically examine factors relating to health and health-seeking behaviors across the life course. Ethical dimensions of health policy formation and implementation are analyzed.


Grad Cert or MS in Nursing

NURS.5530 Scholarly Writing (2cr)

This course provides an overview of, and introduction to the concepts and skills of scholarly writing as it pertains to scientific reports and papers. Course topics will include scientific literature searches, organizations of research papers and reports, ethical and authorship considerations, and steps in critiquing one's own and others' writing. Course objectives will be accomplished by reading and critiquing professional writing, creating original written work, and integrating feedback to improve work.

NURS.5590 Advanced Pharmacology (3cr)

This nursing course focuses on clinical pharmacology and the mechanisms of drug action which determine therapeutic efficacy in clinical practice. Content includes basic pathophysiology, clinical pharmacology and monitoring parameters and standards of practice. Emphasis is given to implications of patient safety, patient diversity and patient teaching.

NURS.6000 Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice (3cr)

Course focuses on the analysis, critique, and application of theory as a basis for advanced practice nursing. Relationships among theories, research, and nursing practice are emphasized.

NURS.6010 Research for Evidence-Based Practice (3cr)

Course focuses on the critique of research studies for the purpose of determining implications for evidence-based practice. The research process will be applied to researchable nursing problems. The role of frameworks, ethics, research designs, sampling theory, and measurement strategies are emphasized.


NURS.6000 Pre-req or Co-

NURS.6510 Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning (3cr)

This course focuses on the development of advanced critical thinking and clinical judgment skills through comprehensive health assessment. Health promotion and health maintenance content, including relevant research findings are utilized to evaluate health status and to evaluate health risk among individuals and groups. Age, gender, and cultural variations in health and implications for advanced practice are included. Advanced practice health assessment skills are developed and refined.


HSCI.5500 pre or co-req

NURS.6511 APRN Practicum 1 (3cr)

This course focuses on comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of health problems in adolescents, adults and older adults with complex, multisystem health issues. Students utilize evidence based research to design, implement, and evaluate intervention strategies to promote optimum functioning and wellness. The application of advanced knowledge, theory, relevant research, and critical decision making are emphasized. Pharmacological and complementary therapies are applied. Group leadership, client and peer teaching are included. Transition of the role of the advanced practice nurse is examined and actualized through an intensive, precepted clinical experience

NURS.6512 APRN Practicum II (3cr)

This course focuses on health promotion, illness prevention, and treatment through the comprehensive assessment and management of common health issues of individuals in the health setting; Application of theory, knowledge, and research finding to clinical practice is emphasized. The utilization of current clinical technologies is introduced.

NURS.6513 APRN Practicum III (3cr)

Advanced knowledge of the management of complex health issues of individuals across the life span is integrated in advanced nursing practice. Transition to the role of the advanced practice nurse is examined and actualized through an intensive, precepted. clinical experience.

NURS.6520 APRN Care of Adults (3cr)

Focus is on the advanced practice nursing role in the holistic assessment and management of health problems of the adolescent, adult, and older adult, within a family and community context. Evidence based strategies are applied to the prevention, treatment, and management of acute and chronic health problems. Health promotion and maintenance are emphasized through the application of advanced knowledge, theory, research, and critical decision making. Community resources, pharmacological therapies, and complimentary strategies are integrated throughout the course.

NURS.6521 APRN Care of Children and Adolescents (3cr)

This course focus is on the advanced practice nursing of children adolescents in the primary care setting. Health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and management principles are applied to alterations in health within a family and community context. Evidence-based strategies to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat common health problems are emphasized as the scientific foundation for independent practice. Additionally, this course emphasizes collaborative partnership development among individuals, families, and intra-professional teams.

NURS.6522 APRN Women's Health Across the Lifespan (3cr)

The focus of this course is on health promotion and management of common health issues pertaining to women, from menarche to older adulthood. Based on current scientific research, students will develop knowledge to assess, diagnose and manage alterations in health ad develop holistic plans of care that address the health promotion, illness prevention, and primary care needs women across the lifespan. Sociocultural and political factors that affect the heath of women will be discussed.

NURS.6523 APRN Care of Older Adults (3cr)

Focus is on the advanced practice nurse in the holistic assessment and management of heath problems of the adult and older adult in a family and community context. Evidenced-based strategies to prevent and treat common health problems and to maintain and promote health though the application of advanced knowledge, theory, relevant research and critical decision making are emphasized. Community resources, pharmacological therapies and complementary strategies are addressed.


NURS.6520 APRN Care of Adults, and Matriculation in the MS in Nursing Program.

NURS.6524 APRN Role Transition (1cr)

This course builds on the APRN curriculum of the previous three semesters. Issues related to health care policy, legislation, transition to the APRN role, ethical and fiscal concepts relative to their impact on the role of the nurse practitioner are analyzed.

Program Requirements

To be recommended for a University of Massachusetts Lowell master's degree, candidates must satisfy all of the general requirements below, plus any additional requirements that may be required by the department through which the program is offered. Any additional requirements for this program are either listed below or may be found in the University's Graduate Program Catalog.

General Requirements:

  • Students must complete the program of study designed by the Department in which they are enrolled and approved by the University.
  • Satisfactory grades in all subjects offered for the degree must be earned. See Academic Standing.
  • All financial obligations, including tuition, fees and expenses, must be satisfied as evidenced by completion.
  • Upon completion of all their courses, graduate degree candidates must submit a signed Declaration of Intent to Graduate (DIG) form to their coordinator. The coordinator will apply them in SIS, Graduation Tracking.

Graduate Program Policies

In applying for a degree program or registering for courses, each student assumes full responsibility for knowledge of and compliance with the definitions, regulations and procedures of UMass Lowell as set forth on our website. For additional information, please refer to the Graduate Program Policies found within the UMass Lowell Graduate Catalog.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition at UMass Lowell is typically half the cost of private colleges, and our online tuition is among the lowest in the nation. Tuition for online programs offered through the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies is the same whether you live in-state, out-of-state or outside of the U.S.

Fall 2023 Tuition

Cost Per Credit Cost Per 3-Credit Course*


Online $585 $1,755
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*If the number of contact hours exceeds the number of credits, tuition is calculated by multiplying by the total number of contact hours.

Additional Costs

Term Registration Fee $30
Late Fee $50
Graduate Degree and Certificate Application $50

Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change.

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Admissions Requirements

  • A baccalaureate degree with a major in nursing from an accredited program
  • An undergraduate GPA of 3.000 or better
  • An introductory course in statistics, with a grade of "B" or better
  • Nursing license. A copy of your current registered nursing license from the state where you practice must be included with application materials
  • Computer literacy
  • No GRE required
  • F1 student visas are not issued for this program since it is offered exclusively online

At this time, this program accepts students from Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. UMass Lowell cannot confirm whether this program meets the educational, licensing, or certification requirements of other states. We recommend that you contact your home state's licensing agency to identify and determine licensing and certification requirements in your state.

We are actively working on expanding program access to residents of other states and will update this website as soon as information becomes available.

Applying into a Graduate Degree Program

All applicants must submit:

Graduate Program Admissions Requirements

Admission to all graduate programs at UMass Lowell is contingent upon successful completion of a bachelor's degree. In many cases, applicants may register for a course before formally applying to the program; however, students requiring financial aid may want to wait until they have been formally accepted into the program to ensure that their course(s) will be covered. Contact UMass Lowell's Office of Graduate Admissions if you have questions about the application process.

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