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CRS#Course NameCredits
BOST.619MSISSystems Analysis and Design
COMP.5000Fundamental of Computer Science3
COMP.5020Foundations of Computer Science3
COMP.5040Advance Algorithms: Computational Geometry3
COMP.5080Analysis Of Algorithms3
COMP.5100Topics: Computer Science Fundamentals3
COMP.5130Internet And Web Systems I3
COMP.5140Internet & Web Systems II3
COMP.5150Operating Systems I3
COMP.5160Operating Systems II3
COMP.5200Digital Storage Architectures3
COMP.5220Object Oriented Analysis3
COMP.5270Human Computer Interaction3
COMP.5280Evaluation of Human-Computer Interaction3
COMP.5300Special Topics3
COMP.5310Design of Program Languages3
COMP.5340Compiler Construction I3
COMP.5400Topics: Language And Compilation3
COMP.5411Scientific Visualization3
COMP.5430Artificial Intelligence3
COMP.5440Data Mining3
COMP.5450Machine Learning (91.545)3
COMP.5460Computer Graphics I3
COMP.5470Computer Graphics II3
COMP.5480Robot Design3
COMP.5490Mobile Robots3
COMP.5530Parallel Processing3
COMP.5610Computer & Network Security I3
COMP.5620Computer And Network Security II3
COMP.5630Data Communications I3
COMP.5640Data Communications II3
COMP.5680Seminar in Human-Computer Interaction3
COMP.5730Data Base I3
COMP.5740Data Base II3
COMP.5800Topics in Computer Science3
COMP.5870Computer Science Education in Secondary School3
COMP.5920Special Topics: Computer Science3
COMP.5930Cooperative Education 1
COMP.7010Computer Science Research3
COMP.7020Computer Science Research6
COMP.7030LComputer Science  Research3
COMP.7060LDirected Research6
COMP.7430Master's Thesis - Computer Science3
COMP.7460Master's Thesis - Computer Science6
COMP.7490Master's Thesis - Computer Science9
COMP.7510Doctoral Thesis Research3
COMP.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Computer Science3
COMP.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Computer Science6
COMP.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Computer Science9
COMP.7690LContinued Graduate Research9
MIST.6030Database Management 3
MSIT.5110Network and Systems Administration 3
MSIT.5140Systems Security and Auditing 3
MSIT.5170Operating Systems Foundations 3
MSIT.5180Large Scale Application Deployment 3
MSIT.5190Virtual Systems 3
MSIT.5310Project Management 3
MSIT.5320Managing Large Data Sets 3
MSIT.5350Agile and Iterative Project Management 3
MSIT.5360Data Mining 3
MSIT.5410Information Security, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance 3
MSIT.5430Intrusion Detection Systems 3
MSIT.5450Designing and Building a Cybersecurity Program 3
MSIT.5460Introduction to Malware Analysis3
MSIT.5600Network Infrastructures 3
MSIT.5610Computer Network Security 3
MSIT.5620Digital Forensics 3
MSIT.5630Secure Mobile Networks 3
MSIT.5650Cloud Computing 3
MSIT.5660Advanced Cloud Computing 3
90.541Artificial Intelligence3
91.500Fundamental Of Computer Science3
91.501Foundation Of Computer Science3
91.502Foundations of Computer Science3
91.504Advance Algorithms: Computational Geometry3
91.508Analysis Of Algorithms3
91.510Topics: Computer Science Fundamentals3
91.511Introduction Operating Systems3
91.512Real Time Systems3
91.513Internet And Web Systems I3
91.514Internet & Web Systems II3
91.515Operating Systems I3
91.516Operating Systems II3
91.517Systems Programming3
91.518Performance Modeling3
91.519Distributed Operating System3
91.520Digital Storage Architectures3
91.521Discipline for Software Engineering3
91.522Object Oriented Analysis3
91.523Software Engineering I3
91.524Software Engineering II3
91.526Software Project Management3
91.527Human Computer Interaction3
91.528Evaluation of Human-Computer Interaction3
91.530Special Topics3
91.531Design of Program Languages3
91.532Organization Programming  Language3
91.533Compiler Construction3
91.534Compiler Construction I3
91.535Compiler Construction II3
91.538Semantics of Program Languages3
91.539Computational Logic3
91.540Topics: Language And Compilation3
91.541Scientific Visualization3
91.542Vision and Image Systems3
91.543Artificial Intelligence3
91.544Machine Learning And  Data Mining3
91.545Knowledge Based Systems3
91.546Computer Graphics I3
91.547Computer Graphics II3
91.548Robot Design3
91.549Mobile Robots3
91.551Computer Architecture3
91.552Advanced  Computer  Architecture3
91.553Parallel Processing3
91.554Multimedia Communication Systems3
91.555Computer Networks3
91.557VLSI Design Tools3
91.559Advanced Topic in Architecture3
91.560Imbedded System and Storage3
91.561Computer & Network Security I3
91.562Computer And Network Security II3
91.563Data Communications I3
91.564Data Communications II3
91.565Evaluation of Human Computer Interaction3
91.566Design and  Implementation of Human-Computer Interaction3
91.568Seminar in Human-Computer Interaction3
91.571Introduction  Data Base System3
91.573Data Base I3
91.574Data Base II3
91.580Topics in Computer Science3
91.581Organization  Programming Language3
91.582Internet For Educators I3
91.584Advanced  Coding Theory3
91.587Computer Science Education in Secondary School3
91.588Operating Systems3
91.589Software Entrepreneurship3
91.590Symbolic Computation3
91.591Software Engineering Project3
91.592Special Topics: Computer Science3
91.593Cooperative Education0
91.601Continuing Advisement0
91.610Advanced Data Structure3
91.611Programming Language3
91.612Introduction to Architecture and Operating System3
91.659Data Communications3
91.683Internet For Educators 23
91.701Computer Science Research3
91.702Computer Science Research6
91.703Computer Science  Research3
91.704Computer Science  Research3
91.705Supervised Teaching - Computer Science0
91.706Directed Research6
91.709Computer Science Research9
91.733Graduate Project - Computer Science3
91.736Graduate Project - Computer Science6
91.739Graduate Project - Computer Science9
91.740Masters Project3
91.743Master's Thesis - Computer Science3
91.744Master's Thesis Research3
91.745Master's Thesis Research6
91.746Master's Thesis - Computer Science6
91.749Master's Thesis - Computer Science9
91.751Doctoral Thesis Research3
91.753Doctoral Dissertation/Computer Science3
91.755Doctoral Thesis Research9
91.756Doctoral Dissertation/Computer Science6
91.759Doctoral Dissertation/Computer Science9
91.763Continued Graduate Research3
91.766Continued Graduate Research6
91.769Continued Graduate Research9
94.511Network and Systems Administration3
94.514Systems Security and Auditing3
94.517Operating Systems Organization3
94.518Large Scale Application Deployment3
94.519Managing Virtual Systems3
94.520Digital Storage Architectures3
94.531Project Management3
94.532Managing and Mining Large Data Sets3
94.535Agile and Iterative Project Management3
94.536Data Mining3
94.541Information Security, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance3
94.543Intrusion Detection Systems3
94.545Designing and Building a Cybersecurity Program3
94.560Network Infrastructures3
94.561Computer Network Security3
94.562Digital Forensics3
94.563Secure Mobile Networks3
94.565Cloud Computing3
94.566Advanced Cloud Computing3
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