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Fiber, Filaments and 3D Printing

3-Day Lecture/Workshop Offered Once

Tuition: $1,350

  • June 3-5
    Dr. Jay Park
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This course provides an overview of: 1.) processing techniques available to fabricate fibers/filaments that span multiple-dimension scale, from 100s of nanometers to 10s of millimeters; and 2.) the characteristics and applications of such fibers. A comprehensive analysis of each processing technique and underlying physics will be discussed. The processing techniques will cover various forms of feed materials such as melt, solution and gel. In addition, current state-of-the-art challenges and future direction of fibers and application will be covered. The course will specifically cover how fibers and filaments are relevant with emerging technology such as 3D printing. There will be hands-on demonstrations of fiber processing techniques, as well as filament 3D printing.


Introduction of Fibers and Filaments

  • Fiber/filament processing techniques
  • Twin-screw/single-screw extrusion
  • Ultrafine fiber fabrication: electrospinning, centrifugal spinning
  • Gel-spinning
  • Post-processing techniques
  • 3D printing: fused deposition modeling

Fiber/Filament Characterization

  • Mechanical properties
  • Thermal properties
  • Orientation analysis

Types of Fibers and Applications

  • High-performance fibers
  • Carbon fibers
  • Ultrafine fibers
  • Green fibers

Relevance with Emerging Technologies

  • Hands-on fiber/filament processing workshop
  • Fiber/filament fabrication
  • 3D printing