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Micro Injection Molding: New Solutions for Manufacturing of Microscale and Nanoscale Plastic Products

2 Day Lecture/Workshop Offered Once

Tuition: $995

  • March 14-15
    Dr. Davide Masato
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Micro injection molding is a recent technology used to manufacture plastics products characterized by either dimensions in the micrometer range or by the presence of micro and/or nano features on their topography. Its main applications are in the fields of biomedics, microfluidics, electronics and sensors. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the micro injection molding process and its variants, covering all aspects related to machines, mold design, processing and micro-parts characterization. The difference with conventional injection molding will be highlighted to provide an understanding of micro molding peculiarities. In addition, the course will cover the fundamentals of process control and optimization for micro injection molding. Different approaches to the manufacturing of microscale and nanoscale plastic products will be presented. Attendees are expected to gain from this seminar a complete understanding of the potential of this technology in several fields of application.