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Nanotechnology in Polymer Coatings

2-Day Lecture Offered Once

Tuition: $995

  • July 8-9
    Dr. Bridgette Budhlall
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This two-day intensive course will cover the unique properties of particles at the nanoscale to realize functional polymer coatings in aqueous media.


This course is aimed at lab technicians and scientists conducting research and development in all areas of functional coatings in academia and industry who want to understand the mechanisms by which particles on the nanoscale enhance coatings performance, learn about the latest developments in how nanoparticles are formulated and employed in coatings, and improve the ability to advance their own scientific work.


Today, nanotechnology is used to formulate paints and coatings with various functionalities including anti-microbial, anti-scratch, self-healing and super-hydrophobicity. This seminar will cover the fundamentals of interaction between nanoparticles and polymers in aqueous systems ranging from the early use of nanoclays in nanocomposite latexes to nanostructured polymer colloids. The challenges of using nanoparticles in coatings — including nanoscale dispersion, nanoscale characterization and the health and safety of using new nanoparticles — will also be reviewed. This seminar is broad in scope, providing both theoretical insights and practical help for those active in the area.

Topics covered:

  • Mechanisms of nanoparticle interaction in polymer coatings
  • Formulation of nanostructured latex
  • Dispersion and dispersant demand
  • Rheology of nanostructured polymer coatings
  • Application-specific functionalization
  • Nano-characterization
  • Cost/performance balance
  • Health effects of nanoparticles