Advanced Molding: Understanding Advanced Molding Technologies with Simulations


Course Number: 00.747-011

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    Davide Masato, Srikar Vallury and Amir Ameli
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Over the course of several years, standard injection molding technology has evolved and diversified into more complicated and advanced technologies. Different applications and part-quality requirements have pushed the development of new processing technologies, which have specific design and processing criteria. This seminar will explore different molding technologies, providing design and processing information about each manufacturing process. Applications and challenges associated with each process will be discussed and analyzed. The use of computer-aided engineering simulation tools will be presented and used to help attendees understand and optimize different molding technologies. Industrial applications will also be discussed and used as case studies. Attendees are expected to end the seminar with an understanding of the potential of different molding technologies in several fields of application. Moreover, hands-on activities using computer-aided engineering tools will allow attendees to improve their simulation skills. Recommended prerequisites: injection molding knowledge and/or knowledge of injection molding simulation.

Day 1

  • Light-weighting technologies: polymer composites manufacturing, injection molding of fiber-reinforced polymers, injection overmolding, resin transfer molding, and compression molding
  • Workshop: introduction to injection molding simulation
  • Foam injection molding: low-pressure structural foam molding, high-pressure foam injection molding, gas-counter pressure, core-back and MuCell technologies
  • Workshop: hands-on activities on injection molding simulation and case studies

Day 2

  • Water-assisted and gas-assisted injection molding: advantages and limitations, tooling, processing, parts morphology
  • Simulation workshop
  • Multi-component injection molding technologies: 2K injection molding, overmolding, insert molding
  • Simulation workshop

Day 3

  • Hot runner injection molding: different hot runner systems, hot runner design, and processing with hot runners
  • Variable mold temperature technologies: rapid heat-cycle molding, various methods for dynamic mold temperature control, and conformal cooling
  • Workshop: hands-on activities on mold design and injection molding process setup
  • Micro injection molding and optics manufacturing technologies: machinery, applications, part and mold design, tooling technologies, processing technologies, tooling for optical mold, injection compression molding
  • Workshop: lab activities on micro molding processing and part quality inspection