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CRS#Course NameCredits
CRIM.5010Criminological Theory: Foundations 3
CRIM.5200Administration of Justice 3
CRIM.5210Managing Justice Organizations 3
CRIM.5220Issues in Policing3
CRIM.5240Issues in Corrections3
CRIM.5250Juvenile, Justice and Youth Crime3
CRIM.5260Economic Crime3
CRIM.5400Criminal Profiling 3
CRIM.5410Forensic Psychology 3
CRIM.5600Gender, Race and Crime3
CRIM.5660Transportation Systems Safety and Security 3
CRIM.5700Crisis and Emergency Management 3
CRIM.5710Domestic Terrorism and Violent Extremism 3
CRIM.5720Comparative Terrorism and Counterterrorism 3
CRIM.5730Threat Assessment and Risk Management 3
CRIM.5740Overview of Homeland Security 3
CRIM.5750Contemporary Security Studies 3
CRIM.5760Criminal Justice Intelligence and Information Sharing3
CRIM.5780Intelligence Analysis Policy and Practice 3
CRIM.5800Criminal Justice Scholarship3
CRIM.5830Master's Thesis - Criminal Justice3
CRIM.5860Master's Thesis - Criminal Justice6
CRIM.5900Descriptive & Inferential Statistics 3
CRIM.5910Research Design 3
CRIM.5950Program Evaluation3
CRIM.6040Women and Crime3
CRIM.6130Law and Public Policy 3
CRIM.6260Community Based Correction3
CRIM.6300Victimology 3
CRIM.6310Intimate Partner Violence 3
CRIM.6320Responding to Child Maltreatment 3
CRIM.6400Criminal Mind and Behavior 3
CRIM.6410Mental Health & Criminal Justice 3
CRIM.6420Sex Crimes and Offenders 3
CRIM.6500Violence in America 3
CRIM.6510Criminal Homicide 3
CRIM.6520Crime and Community3
CRIM.6540Elite Deviance and Crime3
CRIM.6550Substance Abuse and Crime 3
CRIM.6580Issues in Computer Crime and Cyber Security 3
CRIM.6600International Persp Crime3
CRIM.6610International Criminology3
CRIM.6640Weapons of Mass Destruction 3
CRIM.6650Global Trafficking and Criminal Networks3
CRIM.6660Terrorism Networks 3
CRIM.6680Scientific & Technological Dimensions of National Security 3
CRIM.6800Selected Topics3
CRIM.6830Directed Study 3
CRIM.6860Directed Study
CRIM.6919Directed Study in Criminal Justice3
CRIM.6940Crime Analysis and Mapping3
CRIM.6960Program Evaluation Methods3
CRIM.6970Security Studies Project Design and Defense3
CRIM.6990Security Studies Capstone Research Paper 3
ENGL.5060Writing in the Community3
GLST.7610Dissertation Review/Global Studies 1
GLST.7910Global Studies Directed Studies 3
HIST.5360Readings on the Great Depression and the New Deal 3
HIST.5910Directed Study 4
MPAD.5010Foundations of Public Administration3
MPAD.5030Public and Non-Profit Management and Leadership3
MPAD.5045Advanced Research with Survey Data3
MPAD.6000Independent Study: Public Administration
MUED.5150Special Topics: Technology, Arts & Learning3
NONC.5450Foundations of Communications for Graduate Students 3
PCS.512Community Conflict Resolution3
PCS.545Community Conflict Resolution3
PCS.555-IMediation: Theory and Practice3
PCS.555Mediation: Theory and Practice3
PCST.5040Restorative Justice: Repairing Harm Through Dialogue3
PCST.5120Community Conflict Resolution 3
PCST.5270Sustainable Housing Development and Land Use: Conflict, Policy, and Practice3
PCST.5550Mediation: Theory and Practice 3
PCST.5580Peace and Conflict Field Experience3
PCST.5910Directed Study in Peace and Conflict Studies 3
PCST.6310Practicum in Peace and Conflict studies I 3
POLI.5130Foundations Of Comparative Regional Development3
POLI.5150Politics and Economics of Public Policy3
PSYC.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
PSYC.5000Introduction to Community Social Psychology3
PSYC.5010Applied Developmental Psychology3
PSYC.5020Seminar in Community Social Psychology 3
PSYC.5030Applied Social Psychology3
PSYC.5040The Family System 3
PSYC.5090Psychological Approaches to Child Maltreatment3
PSYC.5110Principles of Helping3
PSYC.5120Applied Research Methods3
PSYC.5220Psychology of Diversity3
PSYC.5230Women in the Community3
PSYC.5260Workplace Diversity3
PSYC.5270Immigrant Psychology and Communities3
PSYC.5420Working with Groups3
PSYC.5450Community and Organizational Change3
PSYC.5460Grant Writing3
PSYC.5510Psychosocial Aspects of Maturity and Aging3
PSYC.5610Introduction to Behavioral Intervention in Autism 3
PSYC.5611Introduction to Behavioral Intervention in Autism for 3rd3
PSYC.5620Teaching and Positive Behavioral Support in Autism 3
PSYC.5621Teaching and Positive Behavioral Support in Autism for 3rd3
PSYC.5630Management Strategies in Applied Behavioral Intervention3
PSYC.5650Measurement and Experimental Design in Behavioral Intervention 3
PSYC.5651Measurement and Experimental Design in Behavioral Intervention for 3rd3
PSYC.5660Functional Analysis and Treatment of Challenging Behavior 3
PSYC.5661Functional Analysis and Treatment of Challenging Behavior for 3rd3
PSYC.5680Behavioral Intervention Program Models in Autism 3
PSYC.5681Behavioral Intervention Program Models in Autism for 3rd3
PSYC.5720Legal and Ethical Issues in Professional Practice 3
PSYC.5740Community and Social Interventions in Autism 3
PSYC.5810Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis3
PSYC.5820Measurement and Experimental Design3
PSYC.5830Philosophical Underpinnings of Behavior Analysis3
PSYC.5840Behavioral Assessment3
PSYC.5850Professional and Ethical Issues in Behavior Analysis3
PSYC.5860Community Service Learning (1, 2, or 3 credits)3
PSYC.5870Behavior Change Procedures3
PSYC.5890Implementation and Supervision Practices in Behavior Analysis3
PSYC.6110Program Evaluation3
PSYC.6220Intimate Partner Violence3
PSYC.6250Advanced Community Dynamics: Lowell3
PSYC.6310Practicum I3
PSYC.6320Practicum II3
PSYC.6710Supervised Practicum in Behavioral Intervention in Autism: I 3
PSYC.6730Supervised Practicum in Behavioral Intervention in Autism: III3
PSYC.6910Directed Study in Community and Social Psychology3
PSYC.6920Directed Study in Autism (47.692)3
PSYC.6940Mentored Research Experience6
PSYC.7330Master's Project in Community-Social Psychology 3
PSYC.7410Graduate  Research: Psychology1
PSYC.7430Master's Thesis in Community Social Psychology3
PSYC.7460Master's Thesis in Community Social Psychology6
PSYC.7630Dissertation 9
41.601Engineering Law3
41.602Law & Society3
41.670International Law3
42.506Writing in the Community3
43.553International Competition And Industrial Development3
43.650Research Seminar3
43.697Work  And Society4
44.501Criminal Justice Scholarship3
44.503Administration of Criminal Justice3
44.511Planning and Program Development3
44.513Crisis and Emergency Management3
44.520Crime and Community3
44.521Criminological Theory3
44.523Elite Deviance and Crime3
44.525Juvenile, Justice and Youth Crime3
44.526Domestic Terrorism and Hate Crimes3
44.530Technology And The Law3
44.531Law - Administrative Procedure3
44.533Elite DevIiance  and White Collar3
44.540Issues In Police Administration3
44.541Issues in Policing3
44.542Criminal Profiling3
44.543Forensic Psychology3
44.544Issues in Policing3
44.545Criminal Mind and Behavior3
44.546Mental Health and Criminal Justice3
44.550Issues in Corrections3
44.551Criminal Justice Ethics3
44.553Elite Deviance3
44.554Threat Assessment and Risk Management3
44.560Gender, Race and Crime3
44.561Minorities and Criminal Justice Systems3
44.562Hate Crimes & Dom Terr3
44.563Substance Abuse3
44.565Women and Crime3
44.566Transportation Systems Safety and Security3
44.567Overview of Homeland Security3
44.568Contemporary Security Studies3
44.569Scientific & Technological Dimensions of National Security3
44.570Managing Criminal Justice Organizations3
44.572Personnel Administration3
44.573Law and Public Policy3
44.574Economic Crime3
44.575Criminal Homicide3
44.578Intelligence Analysis3
44.580Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (formerly Quantitative Research)3
44.590Research Design3
44.591Research Methods II3
44.592Criminal  Justice Information Systems3
44.593Forensic Computer Crime3
44.594Crime Analysis and Mapping3
44.595Program Evaluation3
44.599Criminal Justice Intelligence and Information Sharing3
44.621Crime Prevention & Public Policy3
44.622Intimate Partner Violence3
44.623Responding to Child Maltreatment3
44.624Violence in America3
44.625Juvenile Justice and Youth Crime3
44.635Constitutional Law3
44.636Restorative Justice3
44.641International Persp Crime3
44.642Issues in Computer Crime and Cyber Security3
44.643Weapons of Mass Destruction3
44.644Global Trafficking and Criminal Networks3
44.646Sex Crimes and Offenders3
44.650Community Based Correction3
44.675Community Relations for Criminal Justice Profession3
44.678Child Maltreatment3
44.680Selected Topics3
44.681Special Topics in Management and Planning3
44.683International Criminology3
44.690Advanced Data Analysis3
44.691Directed Study in Criminal Justice3
44.692Computer Applications- Criminal Justice3
44.693Directed Study in Criminal Justice6
44.697Security Studies Project Design and Defense3
44.699Security Studies Capstone Research Paper3
44.705Supervised Teaching in Criminal Justice0
44.710Special Topics in Criminal Justice3
44.733Graduate Project - Criminal Justice3
44.735Ms Project In Criminal Justice3
44.736Graduate Project - Criminal Justice6
44.739Graduate Project Criminal Justice9
44.743Master's Thesis - Criminal Justice3
44.746Master's Thesis - Criminal Justice6
44.763Continued Graduate Research3
44.766Continued Graduate Research6
44.769Continued Graduate Research9
44.790Criminal Justice  Thesis Seminar3
44.793Directed Study - Criminal Justice3
44.796Directed Study - Criminal Justice6
45.501Boiethics and Genetics Research3
45.502Feminist Theory Politics3
45.540Philosophy Of Engineerng3
47.500Introduction to Community Social Psychology3
47.501Applied Developmental Psychology3
47.502Seminar in Community  Social  Psychology3
47.503Applied Social Psychology3
47.504The Family System3
47.508The Child in the Community3
47.509Psychological Approaches to Child Maltreatment3
47.511Principles of Helping3
47.512Applied Research Methods3
47.513Helping Services II: Groups3
47.520Introduction Community  Social  Psychology3
47.522Psychology Of Diversity3
47.523Women in the Community3
47.524Ethnic and Racial Factors in the Community3
47.525Psychology  Of Mid Size City3
47.526Workplace Diversity3
47.527Immigrant Psychology and Communities3
47.530Human Sexuality Crnt Per3
47.531Substance Abuse3
47.532Violence In The Family3
47.533Mental Health Problems in the Community3
47.534Diversity In Family3
47.535Comm Perspective Family3
47.536Forensic Psychology3
47.540Human Sexuality3
47.541Ethical Issues In Psychology3
47.542Working with Groups3
47.545Community and Organizational Change3
47.546Grant Writing3
47.547Community Mapping3
47.551Psychosocial Aspects of Maturity and Aging3
47.561Introduction to Behavioral Intervention in Autism3
47.562Teaching and Positive Behavioral Support in Autism3
47.565Measurement & Experimental Design in Behavioral Intervention3
47.566Functional Analysis and Treatment of Challenging Behavior3
47.568Behavioral Intervention Program Models in Autism3
47.572Legal and Ethical Issues in Professional Practice
47.574Community and Social Interventions in Autism3
47.578Intelligence Analysis3
47.604Applied Social Psychology3
47.611Program Evaluation3
47.621Social Systems Dynamics3
47.622Intimate Partner Violence3
47.623-IIntervention/Child and Adolescent3
47.623Intervention/Child and Adolescent3
47.624Couples Therapy3
47.625Advanced Community Dynamics: Lowell3
47.631Practicum I3
47.632Practicum II3
47.673Supervised Practicum in Behavioral Intervention in Autism:Continuing3
47.691Directed Study in Community and Social Psychology3
47.723Advanced Project In Psychology3
47.733Master's Project in Community-Social Psychology3
47.741Graduate  Research: Psychology1
47.743Master's Thesis in Community Social Psychology3
47.746Master's Thesis in Community Social Psychology6
47.749Master's Thesis in Community Social Psychology9
47.751Graduate Research: Community Society3
47.753Master's Research-Community Social Psychology6
47.763Continued Graduate Research3
47.766Continued Graduate Research6
47.769Continued Graduate  Research9
49.603Managerial Economics3
49.611Quantitative Methods3
49.615Environmental and Natural Resource Economics3
49.620Public Finance & Monetary Policy3
49.625Japanese Economy3
49.700Independent Study in Economics3
49.749Research Seminar3
49.801Business Economics for Engineering Managers3
57.503Work, Technology and Training3
57.504Gender Differences at  Work3
57.505Society Movements And Empowerment3
57.506Research Methods3
57.507Municipal Management3
57.508The Budget as a Policy, Planning and Information Tool3
57.509Regional And Urban Environmental Law3
57.511Dynamics of Power and Authority3
57.512Community Conflict Resolution3
57.513Foundations Of Comparative Regional Development3
57.514Community Mapping3
57.515Politics and Economics of Public Policy3
57.516Globalization Work & Family3
57.517Information Economy and Regional Development3
57.518Comparative Environmental Study3
57.520Inequality and Organization3
57.521Software Design In Context3
57.522Research Ethics with Underserved Groups3
57.525Gender, Work and Public Policy3
57.527Sustainable Housing Development and Land Use: Policy and Practice3
57.530Public and Development Finance3
57.532Advance Community Dynamics3
57.533Where Are Jobs:Regional Economic3
57.535Community-Based Planning3
57.537Developing Economies3
57.540China and India in the Global Economy3
57.546Grant Writing3
57.550Analyzing Peace, Violence and War3
57.553International Competition and Industrial Development3
57.554Latin American Politics3
57.558Peace And Conflict Field Experience3
57.591Directed Study  in Regional Economic Social Development3
57.592Qualitative Research Methods3
57.598Organizational Dynamics and Regional Development3
57.599Inequality, Organization And Development3
57.601RESD Study Abroad I3
57.602RESD Study Abroad 23
57.603RESD Study Abroad 33
57.605Social Movements and Empowerment3
57.691Practicum in Regional Economic Social Development3
57.705Social Movements3
57.733Master Project Regional Economic Social Development3
57.746Masters Thesis Regional Economic Social Development6
57.790Software Design in Context3
59.501Environmental Issues in Management3
59.515The City as a Cultural Experience3
73.515Special Topics: Technology, Arts & Learning3
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