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CRS#Course NameCredits
ATMO.5810Meteorology for Science Teachers3
BIOL.5080Cell Biology for Teachers 3
BIOL.5470Evolution in Context for Teachers 3
EDUC.3710Educational Psychology3
EDUC.5000Contemporary American Culture3
EDUC.5010Teaching Diverse Populations3
EDUC.5011First and Second Language Acquisition3
EDUC.5012Inproving Elementary Mathematics1
EDUC.5013Introduction to Leading Professional Learning Communities1
EDUC.5020Adolescent Development and Behavior3
EDUC.5021Issues, Mandates and Ethics in Special Education 3
EDUC.5022Sociocultural Perspecties English as Second Language3
EDUC.5023Improving Elementary Science1
EDUC.5024Student Development and Engagement3
EDUC.5032Improving Elementary Mathematics and Science1
EDUC.5040Methods of Teaching Students with Moderate Disabilities3
EDUC.5041Curriculum Design: English as Second Language3
EDUC.5042Using Arts: Inclusion3
EDUC.5043Methods of Teaching Students with Moderate Disabilities-Secondary3
EDUC.5051Language Arts English as Second Language3
EDUC.5052Intergrating The Arts1
EDUC.5053Survey Research3
EDUC.5060Oral Comm.for English Lang.Users I: Pronunciation for List. & Speaking3
EDUC.5061Chrildren's  Literature3
EDUC.5071Epidemics In History3
EDUC.5080Second Language Testing3
EDUC.5081Political Leadership3
EDUC.5090Bilingual Child with Special Needs3
EDUC.5091Science and Modern World3
EDUC.5100Culture, Linguistics and Diversity3
EDUC.5101Content Area Appropriate to English as Second Language3
EDUC.5102Computer /Multi-media in Class3
EDUC.5103Ancient History for Teachers3
EDUC.5104Early Childhood Literacy3
EDUC.5105Teachers as Researchers3
EDUC.5110Reading Theory & Instr. in Young Adult Literature3
EDUC.5111Education Of Newcomers In America3
EDUC.5112Macintosh - English as Second Language Teachers3
EDUC.5113Teaching Lowell History3
EDUC.5114Issues: Women In Education Administration3
EDUC.5120History for Teachers 3
EDUC.5121Linguistics English as Second Language Teachers3
EDUC.5122Technology for English as Second Language Teachers3
EDUC.5130Teaching World History3
EDUC.5131Contemporary American Values3
EDUC.5133Teaching  Content with Technology3
EDUC.5134Understanding School  Community3
EDUC.5140Differentiation of Instruction3
EDUC.5141Education Culture and  Linguistic  Diversity3
EDUC.5142Accommodation and Differentiated Instruction3
EDUC.5150Internship in English as a Second Language PreK-63
EDUC.5151Education and Urban School3
EDUC.5160Internship in English as a Second Language 5-123
EDUC.5170Community Organization and  Parental Partnership3
EDUC.5180Teaching Gifted Students3
EDUC.5181Resources Bilingual Education3
EDUC.5190Difference in Instruction Second Language3
EDUC.5200Teaching Reading and Writing in English3
EDUC.5201Teaching with Standards I3
EDUC.5202Information  Source Ed/rel Disc3
EDUC.5203Standard Based Education I3
EDUC.5204Observation Research3
EDUC.5210Teaching with Standards II3
EDUC.5211Design Of Curriculum  English as Second Language3
EDUC.5212Standards Based Education II3
EDUC.5220Young Adult Literature (06.522)3
EDUC.5221Teaching  Reading In English: Bilingual3
EDUC.5222Curriculum Design Assess3
EDUC.5223Literature-Young Adult3
EDUC.5230Curriculum Design and Assessment II3
EDUC.5240Educational Assessments of Students with Moderate Disabilities3
EDUC.5241Systems Think Education3
EDUC.5242Academic Language Development3
EDUC.5250Science for Science Teachers 7-123
EDUC.5251School To Work3
EDUC.5252Bilingual Field Work3
EDUC.5253Teaching Writing InHigh School3
EDUC.5260English Literature For Teachers3
EDUC.5270Language Acquisition 3
EDUC.5271Teach Physical  Education (prekindergarten-9)3
EDUC.5280Assessment of Reading and Language Disabilities 3
EDUC.5281Education Foundation For Health Promotion3
EDUC.5290Treatment Reading and Language Disabilities 3
EDUC.5291School Health Issues3
EDUC.5293Science For Elementary School3
EDUC.5300Interactions and Assessment in Science3
EDUC.5301Reading and Thinking:  Secondary School3
EDUC.5303Teaching Reading  Elementary  School3
EDUC.5304Child Health - Community3
EDUC.5310Genetics and Evolution6
EDUC.5311Organize and Supervision Reading and Language3
EDUC.5320Inquiry and Interactions Seminar 3
EDUC.5330Mathematics for Elementary Teachers3
EDUC.5340Mathematics for Teachers I3
EDUC.5350Mathematics for Teachers II3
EDUC.5351Mathematics For Secondary Teachers3
EDUC.5360Planning and Assessment In Mathematics3
EDUC.5370Mathematics Curriculum, Assessment Secondary School3
EDUC.5380Inquiry in Mathematics Education3
EDUC.5401Research Method Practitioners3
EDUC.5410Teaching Emergent Bilingual Learners3
EDUC.5411Newspaper/Curriculum Tool3
EDUC.5412World Modernism3
EDUC.5413Practitioner Action Research3
EDUC.5421Collegiality: Staff Development3
EDUC.5430Classroom Management and Integrative Techniques3
EDUC.5431Teaching Of Thinking3
EDUC.5440Analysis Of Teaching3
EDUC.5441Intergrated Arts Education3
EDUC.5450Museum Education and Interpretation3
EDUC.5470Using Material Culture in Class3
EDUC.5480Using Local History3
EDUC.5481Practicum: Reading Specialists3
EDUC.5490Theory and Research: Reading and Language 3
EDUC.5491Roots Of Industrial Revolution3
EDUC.5500Reading Specialist: Practicum I3
EDUC.5501Reading Education: Elementary3
EDUC.5502History Sources Curriculum3
EDUC.5503Women in Higher Education3
EDUC.5510Elementary Math Methods3
EDUC.5511Literacy Coach: Practicum II 3
EDUC.5512Two American Revolutions3
EDUC.5520Social Studies and Science: Elementary3
EDUC.5521Cross Disciplinary Curriculum3
EDUC.5530Language Arts and Childrens Literature3
EDUC.5531Lowell and Industrial Revolution 3
EDUC.5540Creation Of A Nation3
EDUC.5541Analysis Of Teaching3
EDUC.5550Foundation/Theory Bilingual Education3
EDUC.5551Literature For Children3
EDUC.5552Science, Technology and Revolution3
EDUC.5560Reading and Reading Disabilities3
EDUC.5561History Content and Curriculum Devleopment3
EDUC.5570Reading: Middle/Sec3
EDUC.5571Teaching Early American History3
EDUC.5580Becoming A Nation3
EDUC.5581Measurement and Evaluation3
EDUC.5590Introduction to Education Statistics3
EDUC.5591Diversity and the Psychology of Human Development3
EDUC.5592Teaching Founding Documents3
EDUC.5593Research and Evaluation Special Topics3
EDUC.5600Curr Dev Middle-Secondary3
EDUC.5610Arts in Curriculum3
EDUC.5620Elementary Social Studies3
EDUC.5630Elementary Science Methods3
EDUC.5640History Of Amer Ed3
EDUC.5650Issues of Education: Minority3
EDUC.5651Mentoring and Teacher Development3
EDUC.5652Mentor Teaching3
EDUC.5660Early Field Seminar3
EDUC.5661The Middle School Child3
EDUC.5670Teachng Physical Education (9 - 12)6
EDUC.5671Middle School Curriculum3
EDUC.5680Internship in Moderate Disabilities 5-123
EDUC.5691Analysis & Pedagogy3
EDUC.5700Trends In Prekindergarten and Primary Education3
EDUC.5710Curriculum and Teachng: Beh Science3
EDUC.5720Curriculum and Teaching: English 3
EDUC.5721Exploring the Nature of Science3
EDUC.5730Curriculum and Teaching History 3
EDUC.5740The Teaching of Spanish3
EDUC.5750Curriculum and Teaching Math 3
EDUC.5760Curriculum and Teaching Science 3
EDUC.5761Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Among Students 3
EDUC.5770Curriculum and Teachng: Social Studies3
EDUC.5771Comparative Education3
EDUC.5780Teaching Elementary Education and Seminar9
EDUC.5790Internship in Moderate Disabilities PreK - 83
EDUC.5791Earth Science for Teachers3
EDUC.5800Curriculum and Instruction: Interdiscp6
EDUC.5801Science Education Program and Leadership3
EDUC.5810Teaching Art 5 - 1212
EDUC.5811Science Education Program Leadership Life Science3
EDUC.5820Teaching Behavioral Science: Sec12
EDUC.5821Topics: Physical Geology3
EDUC.5830Teaching English and Seminar9
EDUC.5831Earth Vision 20003
EDUC.5832Teaching English and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5840Teaching History and Seminar9
EDUC.5841Young Child with Special Needs3
EDUC.5842Teaching History and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5850Intensive Spanish Instruction3
EDUC.5851Teachng Social Studies: Secondary9
EDUC.5852Early Childhood Education3
EDUC.5860Tching French Sec12
EDUC.5870Teaching Spanish: Secondary12
EDUC.5880Tchng Math:secondary6
EDUC.5890Teaching Mathematics and Seminar9
EDUC.5892Teaching Mathematics and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5900Teaching Biology and Seminar9
EDUC.5901Physics Topics For Education3
EDUC.5902Practicum I, Supervisor/Director1
EDUC.5903Teaching Biology and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5910Teaching Chemistry and Seminar9
EDUC.5912Advance Physics Topics I3
EDUC.5913Teaching Chemistry and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5920Teaching Earth Science and Seminar9
EDUC.5922Principalship: Practicum I 3
EDUC.5930Teaching Physics and Seminar9
EDUC.5932Principalship: Practicum II 3
EDUC.5933Teaching Physics and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5940Teaching General Science and Seminar9
EDUC.5942Practicum I, Middle School Principal 5-81
EDUC.5950Practicum II: Middle School Principal 5-82
EDUC.5951Seminar: Art Education3
EDUC.5952Advanced Physics Topics Teaching III3
EDUC.5960Practicum I, High School Principal 9-121
EDUC.5961Seminar: Middle/Secondary Education3
EDUC.5970Practicum II: High School Principal 9-122
EDUC.5971Teaching Middle School9
EDUC.5980Teaching Early Childhood9
EDUC.6002Teaching About Peace3
EDUC.6010Leadership, Law & Policy in Higher Education 3
EDUC.6013Measurement + Evaluation3
EDUC.6014Logo: Applications Curriculum3
EDUC.6015Advanced Science Mathematics Techniques3
EDUC.6016Develop Reading: Elementary3
EDUC.6021Software Application Classroom II3
EDUC.6022Issues:Science Mathematics and Techniques II3
EDUC.6023Develop Reading: Secondary3
EDUC.6024Learning-cen. Teaching  Health Education3
EDUC.6031Issues: Science Mathematics and Techniques III1
EDUC.6032Teaching Reading To Adults3
EDUC.6041Perspectives in Urban Education3
EDUC.6042Inquiry In Mathematics Teaching3
EDUC.6043Teach Read: Great Debate3
EDUC.6051Inquiry In Science Teaching3
EDUC.6061Philosophy Of Education3
EDUC.6062Science Curriculum K-83
EDUC.6063Professional Development for Writing3
EDUC.6070The Adult Learner3
EDUC.6072Science Curriculum 7-123
EDUC.6074Methods of Sheltered Language Instruction3
EDUC.6076Data Management and Visualization3
EDUC.6080Student Development Theory 3
EDUC.6082Mathematics Curriculum K-86
EDUC.6091Mathematics Curriculum Post Secondary3
EDUC.6092Self Perceptions In Education3
EDUC.6100Teaching Reading in Content Area 3
EDUC.6101Theories of Learning 3
EDUC.6102Instructor Stratergies in Mathematics and Science3
EDUC.6104Reading and writing Instruction for Middle and Secondary Teachers3
EDUC.6110Introduction to Higher Education 3
EDUC.6111Cognition and Instruction3
EDUC.6112Instructional Stratergies:Mathematics Education3
EDUC.6113Early Literacy: British Perspective3
EDUC.6114Research Seminar Adult Learners3
EDUC.6120Topics in Language Arts and Literacy3
EDUC.6122Computer in Classroom3
EDUC.6123Politics-Education and Human Services3
EDUC.6124Measure and Evaluation High Order Learning3
EDUC.6125Global Perspectives on Higher Education3
EDUC.6130Leading the Professional Learning Community 3
EDUC.6131Computer Application II3
EDUC.6132Environmental Education:Elementary3
EDUC.6140Issues History and Philosophy of Education3
EDUC.6142Education and Human Service Organization3
EDUC.6151Issues: Philosophy Of Education3
EDUC.6152Geometry Via Technology3
EDUC.6160Issues in Sociology Education3
EDUC.6161Educational Technology Foundations3
EDUC.6162Environmental Education: Elementary3
EDUC.6171Contemporary Issues in Education3
EDUC.6172Iss & Mand-bilingual Ed3
EDUC.6173Advances in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education3
EDUC.6180Economic Eduation II3
EDUC.6181Time Quality Managemen In Public Schools3
EDUC.6190Moral/Ethical Issues Science3
EDUC.6191Economic Education III3
EDUC.6192Curriculum Design -Instruction Language Arts3
EDUC.6193Curriculum Design - Instructing Lanaguage Arts I3
EDUC.6200Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity3
EDUC.6201Models of Integration of  Techology  in the Curriculum3
EDUC.6202Introduction Education  and Human Service Administration3
EDUC.6203Curriculum Design-Instructing Language Arts II3
EDUC.6210Moral Character and Civic Education3
EDUC.6211Techology and Construction Learning3
EDUC.6213Communication: Education Leaders3
EDUC.6214Literature For Children3
EDUC.6220Managing Resources and Finances 3
EDUC.6221Science, Mathematics and the Educated Mind3
EDUC.6222Contempempory World Event/Culture3
EDUC.6224Young Adult Literature3
EDUC.6225Education Reform in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics3
EDUC.6226Leadership and Research in STEM Education3
EDUC.6227Foundations of Student Learning in STEM fields3
EDUC.6230School Policy and Law 3
EDUC.6231Policy & Practice in Sci.,Tech.,Eng., & Mathematics Education3
EDUC.6232Commercial Television Instruction3
EDUC.6233Inventiveness in Education3
EDUC.6240Assessment of Learning 3
EDUC.6241John Dewey on Education3
EDUC.6242Directed  Study Legal Policy Human  Services3
EDUC.6243Teaching Reading Comprehension3
EDUC.6250Organization of Schools and School Systems3
EDUC.6251Teaching of Writing3
EDUC.6252Teaching Of Writing3
EDUC.6260Development of Concepts in Science3
EDUC.6261Law, Policy and Diversity Issues3
EDUC.6262Educational Response To  Cultural Diversity3
EDUC.6263Teaching Study Skills3
EDUC.6270Second Language Acquisition and Assessment3
EDUC.6271Development of Mathematics Concepts3
EDUC.6272Citizen Participation3
EDUC.6280Reasoning and Problem Solving in Science0
EDUC.6281Clinical Assessment and Treatment3
EDUC.6290Reasoning and Problem Solving In Math3
EDUC.6291Poltics Of Education and Human Service3
EDUC.6292Educational Treatment Reading and Language Disability3
EDUC.6300Educating Diverse Populations 3
EDUC.6301Reasoning and Problem Solving3
EDUC.6302Leadership and Educational Policy3
EDUC.6303Reading Thinking Listening3
EDUC.6304Analysis of Education Reform3
EDUC.6310Cognition & Instruction3
EDUC.6311Testing & Evaluating-Mathematics Education3
EDUC.6312Human Service Administration3
EDUC.6313Organize and Supervise - Reading and Language3
EDUC.6320The Inclusive School 3
EDUC.6322Human Service Administration: Law3
EDUC.6323Writers' Workshop3
EDUC.6330Collaborative Class3
EDUC.6331Educational  Response Cultural Diversity3
EDUC.6341Financial  Aspects  Education -Human Services Administration3
EDUC.6350Dynamics of Curricular Change 3
EDUC.6351Culture Of The School3
EDUC.6352Culture Of The School3
EDUC.6353Legal Polcy Education Human  Services3
EDUC.6360Sociocultural Contexts of Educational Communities3
EDUC.6361Reading Institute3
EDUC.6362Reading Institute3
EDUC.6363Theory and Research Curriculum3
EDUC.6364Principles  Of Supervision3
EDUC.6370Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Curriculum3
EDUC.6372Personnel Administration3
EDUC.6380Curriculum Design K-12 3
EDUC.6381Planning,Technology and School Improvement3
EDUC.6391Planning Process: Curriculum3
EDUC.6392Planning Process3
EDUC.6393Reading Institute3
EDUC.6400Management/Training ITV Dir3
EDUC.6401Program Evaluation3
EDUC.6402Analysis Of Education and Human Service3
EDUC.6403Teaching Reading Comprehension3
EDUC.6404Introduction to Research Methods3
EDUC.6410Issues in Staff Development 3
EDUC.6411Fostering a Learning Organization in Higher Education 3
EDUC.6412History of American Curriculum3
EDUC.6413Reading Institute3
EDUC.6414Measurement & Assessment3
EDUC.6420Sem:Technology and American Mat Culture3
EDUC.6421Principles of Supervision 3
EDUC.6423Program Evaluation 3
EDUC.6424Reading Institute '933
EDUC.6425Politics of Curriculum Change3
EDUC.6430The Skillful Teacher 3
EDUC.6431Principalship PK - 12 3
EDUC.6432Work Technology and Schooling3
EDUC.6433Introduction to Quality  Research3
EDUC.6440Foundations for Practitioner Scholars 3
EDUC.6441Models of Teaching 3
EDUC.6442Capstone: Educational Administration3
EDUC.6450Perspectives and Visions of Schooling I3
EDUC.6451Directed Study Curriculum and Instruction3
EDUC.6452Practicum: Human Services Administration3
EDUC.6453Introduction  to Using Computers3
EDUC.6460Perspectives and Visions of Schooling II3
EDUC.6461Influence Of Gender3
EDUC.6462Practicum:  School Principal N-63
EDUC.6470Practicum School Principal 5-93
EDUC.6471Direct Study3
EDUC.6480International Comparative Education3
EDUC.6481Standard Certification3
EDUC.6482Practicum School Principal 9-123
EDUC.6483Practicum Reading and Language6
EDUC.6490Directed Study: Administration3
EDUC.6491C.A.G.S. Seminar: Reading and Language3
EDUC.6492Developing Data Bases for Education3
EDUC.6501Capstone Project: Advanced Programs 3
EDUC.6502Instructional Leadership and School Reform3
EDUC.6503Politics Of Literacy3
EDUC.6504Technology, Schools and Society3
EDUC.6505Politics Of Literacy3
EDUC.6506Computer Literacy3
EDUC.6510Web-based Tech. in the Learning Environment:Teaching and Learning 3
EDUC.6511Transformative Leadership for Schools3
EDUC.6512Prog Delevopment and Imp Science Education6
EDUC.6513Teaching Reading Comprehension3
EDUC.6514Computer Literature /Research3
EDUC.6515History and Philosophy Of Higher Education3
EDUC.6520Change and Conflict in Higher Education 3
EDUC.6521Technology: Schools Of Future3
EDUC.6522Prog Development and Imp Mathematics Education6
EDUC.6523Seminar: Assessment of Writing3
EDUC.6524Core Curriculum -Undergradraduate3
EDUC.6530Capstone Alternative 3
EDUC.6531Theories of Reading and Writing3
EDUC.6532Personnel Policies Higher  Education3
EDUC.6540Student Services - Higher Education3
EDUC.6541Exploring the Internet3
EDUC.6542The Influence of Gender3
EDUC.6543Evaluative Reading and Literature3
EDUC.6550Directed Study Curriculum and Instruction3
EDUC.6551Research and Publication, Network Environment3
EDUC.6552History and Development of Reading Instruction3
EDUC.6553Accreditation Process3
EDUC.6560Ed.S Seminar 3
EDUC.6561Multimedia Application in Education3
EDUC.6562Language Arts and Creativity3
EDUC.6563Language Arts and Creativity3
EDUC.6570Early Childhood Education3
EDUC.6571Readers Responses to Literature (Last Term 2009 Spring)(Formerly 06.657)3
EDUC.6572Role of Professional Educators3
EDUC.6580Role of the Curriculum and Instructional Leader 3
EDUC.6581The Gifted Child3
EDUC.6582Scientific Literacy Seminar3
EDUC.6590Strategies for Instruction in Higher Education3
EDUC.6591Teaching In The Media Age3
EDUC.6592Seminar:  Issues Themes Children/Young Adult Literature3
EDUC.6600Ethnographic Inquiry3
EDUC.6601Diversity in Higher Education 08.660)3
EDUC.6602Television as Tool of Instruction3
EDUC.6603Secondary Schools in United States3
EDUC.6604Citizen Participation in  Education and Community3
EDUC.6605Techniques in Language Arts/Literature3
EDUC.6610Curriculum  Development: Technology3
EDUC.6611Politics Of Curriculum Change3
EDUC.6612Dimensions Of Superintendicy3
EDUC.6613Organization and Supervision of Langauage Arts and Literacy3
EDUC.6620Issues In Teacher Education3
EDUC.6621Educational Issues Facing Superintendent3
EDUC.6622Literature for Young Adults3
EDUC.6630Superintendent Decisions3
EDUC.6640History and Development of Reading Instruction in United States3
EDUC.6650Professional Organization Of Educational Careers3
EDUC.6660Issues: Distance and Distribution Education3
EDUC.6670Open and Flexible Learning3
EDUC.6690Superintendency Practicum3
EDUC.6691Advanced Clinical Assessment3
EDUC.6700CAGS Seminar I Administration3
EDUC.6701Practicum I: Higher Education Option 3
EDUC.6702Issues In Curriculum  and Instruction3
EDUC.6703Issues in Reading and Language Instruction3
EDUC.6710Practicum II: Higher Education 3
EDUC.6711Research Sem I  Curriculum and Instruction3
EDUC.6712CAGS Seminar II: Administration3
EDUC.6713CAGS Seminar I:  Reading and Language3
EDUC.6720Research Sem II  Curriculum and Instruction3
EDUC.6721Seminar: Administrative Planning and Policy3
EDUC.6722CAGS Seminar II: Reading and Language3
EDUC.6731Curriculum Design for Science Teachers3
EDUC.6732Curriculum Designs:  English and Language Arts3
EDUC.6733Ethics and Decision-Making in Higher Education3
EDUC.6740Research Into Learning in Science3
EDUC.6741Organizational Development and Decision Making3
EDUC.6742Current Design : English/Language Arts II3
EDUC.6750Leadership in Science Education3
EDUC.6751History, Research and Theory of Curriculum Design in Language Arts3
EDUC.6752Leadership Contemporary  Thought3
EDUC.6760Exploring the Nature of Science 3
EDUC.6761History, Theory, and Research in the Teaching of Writing3
EDUC.6770Theories of Verbal Communication3
EDUC.6771Investigating Science Classrooms3
EDUC.6780History, Research and Contemporary Issues in Reading Instruction3
EDUC.6801Research: Education Technology3
EDUC.6851Evaluation Of Technical Curriculum3
EDUC.6900Evaluation Of Technical Curriculum3
EDUC.6910Developing Inclusive School Contexts 3
EDUC.6911Applied Research Design 3
EDUC.6912Contemporary Issues In Education3
EDUC.6913Policy Issues Related to Technology3
EDUC.6920Law, Policy, and Finance 3
EDUC.6921Quantitative Data Analysis for Practitioner Leaders 3
EDUC.6922Qualitative Research Methods Practitioner Leaders3
EDUC.6930Organizational Learning 3
EDUC.6931Data Analysis for Practitioner Leaders 3
EDUC.6940Systems Leadership I 3
EDUC.6950Systems Leadership II 3
EDUC.6960Strategic Partnering with Families and Communities 3
EDUC.6991Reading and Applying Educational Research3
EDUC.7001Intro 2nd Lang Acquis3
EDUC.7010Cognitive and Information Processing Theories of Learning, Development and Instruction3
EDUC.7012Data Analysis3
EDUC.7013Issues Second Language Acquistion3
EDUC.7020Research Methods and Design3
EDUC.7023Contemporary Issues - Language3
EDUC.7031Methods 2nd Language Inst3
EDUC.7032Seminar in the Design Of Research Projects3
EDUC.7040Qualitative Research Methods 3
EDUC.7041Current Mat Dev Adpt ESL3
EDUC.7050Survey Research3
EDUC.7051Field Wk/internship3
EDUC.7052Supervised Teaching-Education0
EDUC.7053Supervised Teaching-Education3
EDUC.7060Intermediate/Advanced Data Analysis3
EDUC.7061Approach To Lang Testing3
EDUC.7070Writing For Professional Publication3
EDUC.7071Biling Child W/spch Nds3
EDUC.7080Second Lang Testing3
EDUC.7081Analyze, Interpret, Report Data3
EDUC.7090Measurement & Evaluation3
EDUC.7091Bilingual Child: Special Needs3
EDUC.7100Research Planning: Leadership3
EDUC.7101Qualitative Research: Advanced Topics in Analysis3
EDUC.7130Research Writing Seminar3
EDUC.7150Internship English as a Second Language3
EDUC.7280Research in Science and Mathematics Education3
EDUC.7290Directed Study : Leadership in Schooling3
EDUC.7291Directed Study: Language and Literature3
EDUC.7292Directed Study: Mathematics and Science Education3
EDUC.7293Directed St:udy: Techology  and Learning English3
EDUC.7294Dir St: Leadership3
EDUC.7300Graduate Project:  Mathematics and Science3
EDUC.7301Advanced Research  Seminar I: Leadership in Schooling3
EDUC.7302Advanced Research Seminar I-Language Arts and Literature3
EDUC.7310Advanced Research Seminar: Math & Science3
EDUC.7311Advanced Research Seminar II: Leadership in Schooling3
EDUC.7312Adanced Research Seminar II:Language3
EDUC.7330Graduate Project - Education3
EDUC.7331Graduate Project - Education3
EDUC.7360Graduate Project - Education6
EDUC.7361Graduate Project - Education6
EDUC.7390Graduate Project - Education9
EDUC.7391Graduate Project - Education9
EDUC.7420Foundations of Program Evaluation3
EDUC.7430Program Evaluation: Advanced Topics3
EDUC.7440Program Evaluation and Public Policy3
EDUC.7460Masters Thesis6
EDUC.7500Culture of Carribean Southeast Asia3
EDUC.7501Dissertation in Practice3
EDUC.7502Dissertation in Practice: Data Collection and Analysis3
EDUC.7503Dissertation in Practice: Dissertation Completion3
EDUC.7510Comm Org & Parental Part3
EDUC.7520Res & Tech-bilungual Ed3
EDUC.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Education 3
EDUC.7531Doctoral Dissertation/Education3
EDUC.7532Doctoral Dissertation/Education3
EDUC.7533Meth Content/lang Acq3
EDUC.7540Tchng Reading: Bilingual3
EDUC.7550Desc And Imat: Bilingual3
EDUC.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
EDUC.7561Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
EDUC.7562Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
EDUC.7563Tchng Rdg In Eng To Bil3
EDUC.7570Asmt/diag Abil Bil Std3
EDUC.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Education9
EDUC.7591Doctoral Dissertation/Education9
EDUC.7592Doctoral Dissertation9
EDUC.7610SI Teach Lang + Cult3
EDUC.7630Continued Graduate  Research3
EDUC.7631Continued Graduate Research3
EDUC.7632Continued Graduate Research3
EDUC.7660Continued Graduate Research6
EDUC.7661Continued Graduate Research6
EDUC.7662Continued Graduate Research6
EDUC.7690Continued Grad Research9
EDUC.7691Continued Graduate  Research9
EDUC.7692Continued Graduate Research9
EDUC.7910Advanced Research Seminar Language and Literature3
EDUC.7920Directed Study3
ENVI.5850Climate Change in the Classroom 3
GEOL.5850Oceanography for Teachers3
NC.507Academic Writing for English Language Learners3
PHYS.5010Energy, Force and Motion 3
UTCH.2010Knowing and Learning in Math and Science 3
UTL.441Teaching English Learners-Secondary3
01.371Educational Psychology3
01.501Diversity in the Classroom3
01.502Child Development and Assessment3
01.503Child Development in a Diverse Society3
01.504Special Education: Inclusion Methods3
01.505Children with Disabilities in the Classroom3
01.510Culture, Linguistics and Diversity3
01.513Contemporary American Values3
01.514Differentiation of Instruction3
01.515Education and Urban School3
01.518Teaching Gifted Students3
01.520Teaching with Standards I3
01.521Teaching with Standards II3
01.523Curriculum Design and Assessment II3
01.524Systems Think Education3
01.525School To Work3
01.528Education Foundation For Health Promotion3
01.529School Health Issues3
01.530Child Health - Community3
01.547Evolution in Context for Teachers3
01.555Foundation/Theory Bilingual Education3
01.559Diversity and the Psychology of Human Development3
01.585Intensive Spanish Instruction3
01.601Measurement + Evaluation3
01.604Perspectives in Urban Education3
01.606Philosophy Of Education3
01.607The Adult Learner3
01.608Adolescent Psychology-Teaching3
01.609Self Perceptions In Education3
01.610Theories of Learning3
01.611Cognition and Instruction3
01.614Issues History and Philosophy of Education3
01.615Issues: Philosophy Of Education3
01.616Issues in Sociology Education3
01.617Contemporary Issues in Education3
01.619Moral/Ethical Issues Science3
01.620Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity3
01.621Moral Character and Civic Education3
01.622Contempempory World Event/Culture3
01.623Inventiveness in Education3
01.624John Dewey on Education3
01.625Organization of Schools and School Systems3
01.626Law, Policy and Diversity Issues3
01.630Educating Diverse Populations3
01.631Cognition & Instruction3
01.632The Inclusive School3
01.635Culture Of The School3
01.636Sociocultural Contexts of Education3
01.637Reason & Communication Process3
01.641Work, Technology and Schooling3
01.642Sem:Technology and American Mat Culture3
01.643Work Technology and Schooling3
01.645Perspectives and Visions of Schooling I3
01.646Perspectives and Visions of Schooling II3
01.648International Comparative Education3
01.650Politics Of Literacy3
01.652Managing Change and Conflict3
01.691Contemporary Issues In Education3
01.701Cognitive and Information Processing Theories of Learning, Development and Instruction3
02.500Contemporary American Culture3
02.501First and Second Language Acquisition3
02.502Sociocultural Perspecties English as Second Language3
02.504Curriculum Design: English as Second Language3
02.505Language Arts English as Second Language3
02.506English Communication Skills3
02.507Academic Writing for English Language Learners3
02.508Second Language Testing3
02.509Bilingual Child with Special Needs3
02.510Content Area Appropriate to English as Second Language3
02.511Education Of Newcomers In America3
02.512Linguistics English as Second Language Teachers3
02.514Education Culture and  Linguistic  Diversity3
02.515English as Second Language Practicum3
02.516Culture of Caribbean/South East Asia3
02.517Community Organization and  Parental Partnership3
02.518Resources Bilingual Education3
02.519Difference in Instruction Second Language3
02.520Teach Reading In English Bi-lingual3
02.521Design Of Curriculum  English as Second Language3
02.522Teaching  Reading In English: Bilingual3
02.524Assesment: Bilingual Student3
02.525Bilingual Field Work3
02.526English Literature For Teachers3
02.527Teach Physical  Education (prekindergarten-9)3
02.530Teaching Reading  Elementary  School3
02.535Mathematics For Secondary Teachers3
02.541Methods of  Early Childhood Education I: Math, Science and Technology3
02.543Classroom Management and Integrative Techniques3
02.544Analysis Of Teaching3
02.550Reading Education: Elementary3
02.551Elementary Math Methods3
02.552Social Studies and Science: Elementary3
02.553Language Arts and Childrens Literature3
02.554Analysis Of Teaching3
02.555Literature For Children3
02.556Reading and Reading Disabilities3
02.557Reading: Middle/Sec3
02.558Measurement and Evaluation3
02.560Curr Dev Middle-Secondary3
02.561Arts in Curriculum3
02.562Elementary Social Studies3
02.563Elementary Science Methods3
02.564History Of Amer Ed3
02.565Issues of Education: Minority3
02.566Early Field Seminar3
02.567Teachng Physical Education (9 - 12)6
02.570Curriculum and Teachng: Art3
02.571Curriculum and Teachng: Beh Science3
02.572Curriculum and Teaching: English3
02.573CurrIculum and Teaching History3
02.574The Teaching of Spanish3
02.575Curriculum and Teaching Math3
02.576Curriculum and Teaching Science3
02.577Curriculum and Teachng: Social Studies3
02.578Teaching Elementary Education and Seminar9
02.579Seminar: Elementary Education3
02.580Curriculum and Instruction: Interdiscp6
02.581Teaching Art 5 - 1212
02.582Teaching Behavioral Science: Sec12
02.583Teaching English and Seminar9
02.584Teaching History and Seminar9
02.585Teachng Social Studies: Secondary9
02.586Tching French Sec12
02.587Teaching Spanish: Secondary12
02.588Tchng Math:secondary6
02.589Teaching Mathematics and Seminar9
02.590Teaching Biology and Seminar9
02.591Teaching Chemistry and Seminar9
02.592Teaching Earth Science and Seminar9
02.593Teaching Physics and Seminar9
02.594Teaching General Science and Seminar9
02.595Seminar: Art Education3
02.596Seminar: Middle/Secondary Education3
02.597Teaching Middle School9
02.598Teaching Early Childhood9
02.617Iss & Mand-bilingual Ed3
02.700Intro 2nd Lang Acquis3
02.701Issues Second Language Acquistion3
02.702Contemporary Issues - Language3
02.703Methods 2nd Language Inst3
02.704Current Mat Dev Adpt ESL3
02.705Field Wk/internship3
02.706Approach To Lang Testing3
02.707Biling Child W/spch Nds3
02.708Second Lang Testing3
02.709Bilingual Child: Special Needs3
02.715Internship English as a Second Language3
02.729Dir St: Leadership3
02.750Culture of Carribean Southeast Asia3
02.751Comm Org & Parental Part3
02.752Res & Tech-bilungual Ed3
02.753Meth Content/lang Acq3
02.754Tchng Reading: Bilingual3
02.755Desc And Imat: Bilingual3
02.756Tchng Rdg In Eng To Bil3
02.757Asmt/diag Abil Bil Std3
02.761SI Teach Lang + Cult3
03.510Computer /Multi-media in Class3
03.511Macintosh - English as Second Language Teachers3
03.512Technology for English as Second Language Teachers3
03.513Teaching  Content with Technology3
03.520Information  Source Ed/rel Disc3
03.601Logo: Applications Curriculum3
03.602Software Application Classroom II3
03.612Computer in Classroom3
03.613Computer Application II3
03.616Educational Technology Foundations3
03.620Models of Integration of  Techology  in the Curriculum3
03.621Techology and Construction Learning3
03.623Commercial Television Instruction3
03.636Reading Institute3
03.640Management/Training ITV Dir3
03.650Technology, Schools and Society3
03.651Technology and Learning Environment3
03.652Technology: Schools Of Future3
03.654Exploring the Internet3
03.655Research and Publication, Network Environment3
03.656Multimedia Application in Education3
03.659Teaching In The Media Age3
03.660Television as Tool of Instruction3
03.661Curriculum  Development: Technology3
03.666Issues: Distance and Distribution Education3
03.667Open and Flexible Learning3
03.680Research: Education Technology3
03.685Evaluation Of Technical Curriculum3
03.690Evaluation Of Technical Curriculum3
03.691Policy Issues Related to Technology3
03.729Directed St:udy: Techology  and Learning English3
04.501Inproving Elementary Mathematics1
04.502Improving Elementary Science1
04.503Improving Elementary Mathematics and Science1
04.504Using Arts: Inclusion3
04.505Intergrating The Arts1
04.506Chrildren's  Literature3
04.507Epidemics In History3
04.508Political Leadership3
04.509Science and Modern World3
04.510Ancient History for Teachers3
04.511Teaching Lowell History3
04.512History for Teachers3
04.513Teaching U.S. History: The Colonial Era3
04.514Accommodation and Differentiated Instruction3
04.520Standard Based Education I3
04.521Standards Based Education II3
04.522Curriculum Design Assess3
04.524Academic Language Development3
04.525Science for Science Teachers 7-123
04.529Science For Elementary School3
04.530Assessment In Science3
04.531Genetics and Evolution6
04.532Interactions In Science3
04.533Mathematics for Elementary Teachers3
04.534Mathematics for Teachers I3
04.535Mathematics for Teachers II (8-12)3
04.536Planning and Assessment In Mathematics3
04.537Mathematics Curriculum, Assessment Secondary School3
04.538Inquiry in Mathematics Education3
04.541Newspaper/Curriculum Tool3
04.542Collegiality: Staff Development3
04.543Teaching Of Thinking3
04.544Intergrated Arts Education3
04.545Museum Education and Interpretation3
04.547Using Material Culture in Class3
04.548Using Local History3
04.549Roots Of Industrial Revolution3
04.550History Sources Curriculum3
04.551Two American Revolutions3
04.552Cross Disciplinary Curriculum3
04.553Lowell & Industrial Revolution3
04.554Creation Of A Nation3
04.555Science, Technology and Revolution3
04.557Teaching Early American History3
04.558Becoming A Nation3
04.559Teaching Founding Documents3
04.565Mentoring and Teacher Development3
04.566The Middle School Child3
04.567Middle School Curriculum3
04.568Science for Teachers 5-83
04.569Analysis & Pedagogy3
04.570Trends In Prekindergarten and Primary Education3
04.572Exploring the Nature of Science3
04.575Schools for the Future3
04.576Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Among Students3
04.577Comparative Education3
04.579Earth Science for Teachers3
04.580Science Education Program and Leadership3
04.581Science Education Program Leadership Life Science3
04.582Topics: Physical Geology3
04.583Earth Vision 20003
04.584Young Child with Special Needs3
04.585Early Childhood Education3
04.590Physics Topics For Education3
04.591Advance Physics Topics I3
04.595Advanced Physics Topics Teaching III3
04.600Teaching About Peace3
04.601Advanced Science Mathematics Techniques3
04.602Issues:Science Mathematics and Techniques II3
04.603Issues: Science Mathematics and Techniques III1
04.604Inquiry In Mathematics Teaching3
04.605Inquiry In Science Teaching3
04.606Science Curriculum K-83
04.607Science Curriculum 7-123
04.608Mathematics Curriculum K-86
04.609Mathematics Curriculum Post Secondary3
04.610Instructor Stratergies in Mathematics and Science3
04.611Instructional Stratergies:Mathematics Education3
04.613Environmental Education:Elementary3
04.615Geometry Via Technology3
04.616Environmental Education: Elementary3
04.617Advances in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education3
04.618Economic Eduation II3
04.619Economic Education III3
04.622Science, Mathematics and the Educated Mind3
04.623Moral Issue Science and Society3
04.624Assessment in Learning3
04.626Development of Concepts in Science3
04.627Development of Mathematics Concepts3
04.628Reasoning and Problem Solving in Science0
04.629Reasoning and Problem Solving In Math3
04.630Reasoning and Problem Solving3
04.631Testing & Evaluating-Mathematics Education3
04.633Collaborative Class3
04.635Dynamics of Curricular Change3
04.636Theory and Research Curriculum3
04.637History & Theory of Curriculum3
04.638Curriculum Design K-123
04.639Planning Process: Curriculum3
04.640Program Evaluation3
04.641History of American Curriculum3
04.642Politics of Curriculum Change3
04.643The Skillful Teacher3
04.644Models of Teaching3
04.645Directed Study Curriculum and Instruction3
04.646Influence Of Gender3
04.648Standard Certification3
04.649Practicum: Supervisor/Director3
04.650Action Research Capstone3
04.651Prog Delevopment and Imp Science Education6
04.652Prog Development and Imp Mathematics Education6
04.653Autism Capstone3
04.654The Influence of Gender3
04.655Directed Study Curriculum and Instruction3
04.656Ed.S. Seminar3
04.657Early Childhood Education3
04.658The Gifted Child3
04.660Secondary Schools in United States3
04.661Politics Of Curriculum Change3
04.662Issues In Teacher Education3
04.670Issues In Curriculum  and Instruction3
04.671Research Sem I  Curriculum and Instruction3
04.672Research Sem II  Curriculum and Instruction3
04.673Curriculum Design for Science Teachers3
04.674Research Into Learning in Science3
04.675Leadership in Science Education3
04.676Exploring the Nature of Science3
04.677Investigating Science Classrooms3
04.705Supervised Teaching-Education0
04.728Research in Science and Mathematics Education3
04.729Directed Study:  Mathematics and Science Education3
04.730Graduate Project:  Mathematics and Science3
04.731Advanced Research Seminar: Math & Science3
04.753Doctoral Dissertation/Education3
04.756Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
04.759Doctoral Dissertation9
04.763Continued Graduate Research3
04.766Continued Graduate Research6
04.769Continued Graduate Research9
05.501Introduction to Leading Professional Learning Communities1
05.502Issues, Mandates and Ethics in Special Education3
05.511Issues: Women In Education Administration3
05.512Development Case Study Education Leader3
05.513Understanding School  Community3
05.522Literature-Young Adult3
05.556History Content and Curriculum Devleopment3
05.565Mentor Teaching3
05.568Role of Curriculum Leader3
05.590Practicum I, Supervisor/Director1
05.591Practicum II: Supervisor/Director2
05.592Principal Practicum I1
05.593Principal Practicum II2
05.594Practicum I, Middle School Principal 5-81
05.595Practicum II: Middle School Principal 5-82
05.596Practicum I, High School Principal 9-121
05.597Practicum II: High School Principal 9-122
05.611Introduction Education  Administration Human Services3
05.612Politics-Education and Human Services3
05.613Leading the Professional Learning Community3
05.614Education and Human Service Organization3
05.618Time Quality Managemen In Public Schools3
05.619Curriculum Design -Instruction Language Arts3
05.620Introduction Education  and Human Service Administration3
05.621Communication: Education Leaders3
05.622Managing Resources and Finances3
05.623School Policy and Law3
05.624Directed  Study Legal Policy Human  Services3
05.625Teaching Of Writing3
05.626Educational Response To  Cultural Diversity3
05.627Citizen Participation3
05.629Poltics Of Education and Human Service3
05.630Leadership & Learning3
05.631Human Service Administration3
05.632Human Service Administration: Law3
05.633Educational  Response Cultural Diversity3
05.634Financial  Aspects  Education -Human Services Administration3
05.635Legal Polcy Education Human  Services3
05.636Principles  Of Supervision3
05.637Personnel Administration3
05.638Planning,Technology and School Improvement3
05.639Planning Process3
05.640Analysis Of Education and Human Service3
05.641Issues in Staff Development3
05.642Principles of Supervision3
05.643Principalship PK - 123
05.644Capstone: Educational Administration3
05.645Practicum: Human Services Administration3
05.646Practicum:  School Principal N-63
05.647Practicum School Principal 5-93
05.648Practicum School Principal 9-123
05.649Directed Study: Administration3
05.650Instructional  Leadership and School Reform3
05.651Transformative Leadership for Schools3
05.652Managing Change and Conflict3
05.656Language Arts and Creativity3
05.658Role of the Curriculum and Instructional Leader3
05.660Citizen Participation in  Education and Community3
05.661Dimensions Of Superintendicy3
05.662Educational Issues Facing Superintendent3
05.663Superintendent Decisions3
05.665Professional Organization Of Educational Careers3
05.669Superintendency Practicum3
05.670CAGS Seminar I Administration3
05.671CAGS Seminar II: Administration3
05.672Seminar: Administrative Planning and Policy3
05.674Organizational Development and Decision Making3
05.675Leadership Contemporary  Thought3
05.710Research Planning: Leadership3
05.729Directed Study : Leadership in Schooling3
05.730Advanced Research  Seminar I: Leadership in Schooling3
05.731Advanced Research Seminar II: Leadership in Schooling3
05.733Graduate Project - Education3
05.736Graduate Project - Education6
05.739Graduate Project - Education9
05.746Masters Thesis6
05.753Doctoral Dissertation/Education3
05.756Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
05.759Doctoral Dissertation/Education9
05.763Continued Graduate  Research3
05.766Continued Graduate Research6
05.769Continued Grad Research9
05.792Directed Study3
06.510Early Childhood Literacy3
06.511Teaching Reading in Content Areas3
06.522Young Adult Literature3
06.523Contemporary World Literature3
06.525Teaching Writing InHigh School3
06.527Language Acquisition3
06.528Assessment of Reading and Language Disabilities3
06.529Treatment of Reading and Language Disabilities3
06.530Reading and Thinking:  Secondary School3
06.531Organize and Supervision Reading and Language3
06.541World Modernism3
06.548Practicum: Reading Specialists3
06.549Theory and Research: Reading and Language3
06.550Reading Specialist: Practicum I3
06.551Literacy Coach: Practicum II3
06.601Develop Reading: Elementary3
06.602Develop Reading: Secondary3
06.603Teaching Reading To Adults3
06.604Teach Read: Great Debate3
06.606Professional Development for Writing3
06.607Methods of Sheltered Language Instruction3
06.610Teaching Reading in the Content Area3
06.611Early Literacy: British Perspective3
06.612Topics in Language Arts and Literacy3
06.619Curriculum Design - Instructing Lanaguage Arts I3
06.620Curriculum Design-Instructing Language Arts II3
06.621Literature For Children3
06.622Young Adult Literature3
06.624Teaching Reading Comprehension3
06.625Teaching Of Writing3
06.626Teaching Study Skills3
06.627Acquisition of Language3
06.628Clinical Assessment and Treatment3
06.629Educational Treatment Reading and Language Disability3
06.630Reading Thinking Listening3
06.631Organize and Supervise - Reading and Language3
06.632Writers' Workshop3
06.636Reading Institute3
06.639Reading Institute3
06.640Teaching Reading Comprehension3
06.641Reading Institute3
06.642Reading Institute '933
06.647Direct Study3
06.648Practicum Reading and Language6
06.649C.A.G.S. Seminar: Reading and Language3
06.650Politics Of Literacy3
06.651Teaching Reading Comprehension3
06.652Seminar: Assessment of Writing3
06.653Theories of Reading and Writing3
06.654Evaluative Reading and Literature3
06.655History and Development of Reading Instruction3
06.656Language Arts and Creativity3
06.657Readers Responses to Literature3
06.658Scientific Literacy Seminar3
06.659Seminar:  Issues Themes Children/Young Adult Literature3
06.660Techniques in Language Arts/Literature3
06.661Organization and Supervision of Langauage Arts and Literacy3
06.662Literature for Young Adults3
06.664History and Development of Reading Instruction in United States3
06.669Advanced Clinical Assessment3
06.670Issues in Reading and Language Instruction3
06.671CAGS Seminar I:  Reading and Language3
06.672CAGS Seminar II: Reading and Language3
06.673Curriculum Designs:  English and Language Arts3
06.674Current Design : English/Language Arts II3
06.675History, Research and Theory of Curriculum Design in Language Arts3
06.676History, Theory, and Research in the Teaching of Writing3
06.677Theories of Verbal Communication3
06.678History, Research and Contemporary Issues in Reading Instruction3
06.705Supervised Teaching-Education3
06.729Directed Study: Language and Literature3
06.730Advanced Research Seminar I-Language Arts and Literature3
06.731Adanced Research Seminar II:Language3
06.733Graduate Project - Education3
06.736Graduate Project - Education6
06.739Graduate Project - Education9
06.753Doctoral Dissertation/Education3
06.756Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
06.759Doctoral Dissertation/Education9
06.763Continued Graduate Research3
06.766Continued Graduate Research6
06.769Continued Graduate  Research9
06.791Advanced Research Seminar Language and Literature3
07.505Survey Research3
07.510Teachers as Researchers3
07.520Observation Research3
07.540Research Method Practitioners3
07.541Practitioner Action Research3
07.611Research Seminar Adult Learners3
07.612Measure and Evaluation High Order Learning3
07.630Analysis of Education Reform3
07.640Introduction to Research Methods3
07.641Measurement & Assessment3
07.642Program Evaluation3
07.643Introduction to Quality  Research3
07.645Introduction  to Using Computers3
07.649Developing Data Bases for Education3
07.650Computer Literacy3
07.651Computer Literature /Research3
07.660Qualitative Inquiry3
07.701Data Analysis3
07.702Research Methods and Design3
07.703Seminar in the Design Of Research Projects3
07.704Qualitative Research Methods3
07.705Survey Research3
07.706Intermediate  Data Analysis3
07.707Writing For Professional Publication3
07.708Analyze, Interpret, Report Data3
07.709Measurement & Evaluation3
08.550Women in Higher Education3
08.601Leadership in Higher Education3
08.602Learning-cen. Teaching  Health Education3
08.651History and Philosophy Of Higher Education3
08.652Core Curriculum -Undergradraduate3
08.653Personnel Policies Higher  Education3
08.654Student Services - Higher Education3
08.655Accreditation Process3
08.657Role of Professional Educators3
08.659Strategies for Instruction in Higher Education3
08.660Minorities in Higher Education3
42.472Contemporary World Literature3
81.508Cell Biology for Teachers3
81.547Evolution in Context for Teachers3
85.581Meteorology for Science Teachers3
87.585Climate in the Classroom3
89.585Oceanography for Teachers3
95.501Energy, Force and Motion3
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