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CRS#Course NameCredits
AERO.1010Foundations of the United States Air Force-Part I
ATMO.1410Weather and Climate 3
ATMO.1430LWeather and Climate Laboratory 1
ATMO.4500Satellite and Radar Meteorology 3
ATMO.5010Boundary Layer Meteorology3
ATMO.5020Advanced Synoptic Meteorology3
ATMO.5030Remote Sensing3
ATMO.5080The Climate System3
ATMO.5130Physical Meteorology3
ATMO.5150Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics3
ATMO.5180Forecasting and Synoptic Techniques I3
ATMO.5230Air Pollution Control3
ATMO.5500Satellite and Rad Meteorology3
ATMO.5710Air Pollution Phenomenology3
ATMO.5910Directed Study in Bl Meteorology3
ATMO.6410Special Topics in Meteorology3
ATMO.6420Special Topics in Meteorology3
ATMO.7010Graduate Research Seminar1
ATMO.7310Master's Research1
ATMO.7330Master's Research in Atmospheric Sciences3
ATMO.7430Master's Thesis in Atmospheric Sciences3
ATMO.7530Doctoral Dissertation in Atmospheric Sciences3
ATMO.7600Continuing Graduate Research (PhD)1
ATMO.7630PhD Research in Atmospheric Sciences2
ATMO.7650Doctoral Dissertation5
ATMO.7680Doctoral Dissertation8
BIOL.1CO-OPCurricula Practical Training1
BIOL.1110Principles of Biology I 3
BIOL.1120Principles of Biology II 3
BIOL.1130Introduction Experimental Biology I 1
BIOL.1140Introduction to Experimental Biology II 1
BIOL.1170LPrinciples of Biology I Laboratory 1
BIOL.1180LPrinciples of Biology II Laboratory 1
BIOL.2100Biology for Engineers 3
BIOL.2120LBiology for Engineers Laboratory 1
BIOL.2200Principles of Cellular Biology 3
BIOL.2330LExperimental Methods in Biology 2
BIOL.2350Genetics 4
BIOL.2370Problems in Genetics 1
BIOL.2400Evolution, Ecology and Conservation 3
BIOL.2420Problems in Evolution, Ecology and Conservation1
BIOL.3150Principles of Ecology 3
BIOL.3170LPrinciples of Ecology Laboratory 2
BIOL.3220LBotany Laboratory1
BIOL.3420Comp Vertebrate Anatomy 3
BIOL.3440LComparative Vertebrate Anatomy Laboratory2
BIOL.4110LSenior Research Biology
BIOL.4190Biochemistry 3
BIOL.4210LBiochemistry Techniques 2
BIOL.4230Biology of Global Change3
BIOL.4570Advanced Invertebrate Zoology3
BIOL.4760Cell Culture 2
BIOL.4960Practicum Experience3
BIOL.4970Directed Study: Biological Science
BIOL.4980Directed Study: Biology 2
BIOL.4991Directed Study: Biology
BIOL.5000Professional Experience3
BIOL.5170Vertebrate Animals in Biological Research 3
BIOL.5190Biochemistry I 3
BIOL.5200Biochemistry II3
BIOL.5210LBiochemistry Techniques 2
BIOL.5230Biology of Global Change3
BIOL.5400Advances in Plant Biology3
BIOL.5410Topics in Cell Biology3
BIOL.5420Cell Biology3
BIOL.5520Quantitative Physiology3
BIOL.5570Metazoan Parasitology3
BIOL.5590LMetazoan Parasitology Laboratory1
BIOL.5600Stem Cell Biology3
BIOL.5630LCardiovascular Physiology Lab4
BIOL.5670Molecular Biology3
BIOL.5690LMolecular Techniques2
BIOL.5760Cell Culture 3
BIOL.5800Developmental Biology3
BIOL.5820Cancer Biology3
BIOL.6010Graduate Seminar Biology3
BIOL.6040Professional Communication in Science and Technology 3
BIOL.7070Internship Biology
BIOL.7210Special Problems In Biology1
BIOL.7310LM.S. Project in Biology1
BIOL.7430Master's Thesis - Biology3
BIOL.7530PhD Dissertation Biochemistry3
BIOL.7690Continued Graduate  Research9
BMBT.5160Basic Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging 3
BOST.671CHEMIntroduction to Green Chemisty4
CHEM.1010Applied Chemistry for Non-Scientists 3
CHEM.1020Forensic Science for the Non-Scientist 3
CHEM.1040Consumer Science 4-1-1: An Essential Guide3
CHEM.1110General Chemistry I 3
CHEM.1120General Chemistry II 3
CHEM.1130LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory I 1
CHEM.1140LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory II 1
CHEM.1150Principles of Chemistry 3
CHEM.1210Chemistry I 3
CHEM.1220Chemistry II 3
CHEM.1230LChemistry I Laboratory 1
CHEM.1240LChemistry II Laboratory 1
CHEM.2050LPrinciples Of Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1
CHEM.2210Organic Chemistry I 3
CHEM.2220Organic Chemistry IIA 3
CHEM.2230Organic Chemistry IIB 3
CHEM.2290LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory IB 1
CHEM.2300LOrganic Chemistry Lab IIB 1
CHEM.3130Analytical Chemistry I 3
CHEM.3140Analytical Chemistry II 3
CHEM.3150LAnalytical Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHEM.3160LAnalytical Chemistry Laboratory II2
CHEM.3390Physical Chemistry2
CHEM.3440Physical Chemistry I 3
CHEM.3450Physical Chemistry II 3
CHEM.3470LPhysical Chemistry Laboratory II 1
CHEM.4850Advanced Organic Chemistry3
CHEM.5130Spectroscopy 3
CHEM.5140Advanced Analytical Chemistry3
CHEM.5160Advanced Techniques3
CHEM.5230Organic Reaction Mechanisms3
CHEM.5240Organic Synthesis3
CHEM.5320Advanced Physical Chemistry3
CHEM.5380Biochemical Mechanisms3
CHEM.5430Modern Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM.5500Biochemistry I3
CHEM.5510Biochemistry II3
CHEM.5600Advanced Physical Biochemistry3
CHEM.5630Chemistry Of Natural Products3
CHEM.5680Structural Analysis3
CHEM.5700Protein Chemistry3
CHEM.5800Bioanalytical Chemistry3
CHEM.5850Modern Organic Chemistry3
CHEM.6010Chemistry Seminar2
CHEM.6020Chemistry Seminar2
CHEM.6030Chemistry Colloquium1
CHEM.6040Chemistry Colloquium1
CHEM.6310Principles of Medicinal Chemistry l 3
CHEM.6410Co-Op Internship 1
CHEM.6510Selected Topics:  Chemistry3
CHEM.6520Selected Topics: Chemistry3
CHEM.6530Chemical Oceanography3
CHEM.6720Surface and Colloid Chemistry3
CHEM.7050Supervised Teaching Ch & Ps0
CHEM.7310Graduate Project in Chemistry
CHEM.7330LGraduate Project - Chemistry3
CHEM.7410Master's Thesis - Chemistry 1
CHEM.7430Master's Thesis - Chemistry3
CHEM.7460Master's Thesis - Chemistry6
CHEM.7490Master's Thesis - Chemistry9
CHEM.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Chemistry3
CHEM.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Chemistry6
CHEM.7590Doctoral Dissertation /Chemistry9
CHEM.7630Continued Graduate Research3
CHEM.7690Continued Graduate Research9
ENVI.1100Global Environmental Studies3
ENVI.1120LGlobal Environmental Studies Lab1
ENVI.1170LAstronomy Lab1
ENVI.3010GIS in Earth and Environmental Sciences 3
ENVI.5040Geographic Information Systems3
ENVI.5720Energy and Environment3
ENVS.5020Freshwater Ecology3
GEOL.1010General Geology 3
GEOL.1030LGeneral Geology Laboratory 1
GEOL.2150Forensic Geology 3
GEOL.4930Internship: Environmental Geoscience 3
GEOL.5100Glacial and Pleistocene Geology3
GEOL.5240Regional Hydrogeology3
HONR.3500Seminar: Special Topic in Honors (STEM Perspective)3
LIFE.1000Introduction to Biology 3
LIFE.1010Life Science I 3
LIFE.1020Life Science II3
LIFE.1030LLife Science I Laboratory1
LIFE.1040LLife Science II Laboratory1
LIFE.1050LIntroduction to Biology Lab 1
LIFE.1060Human Biology 3
LIFE.1070LHuman Biology Laboratory1
LIFE.1100Microbes and Society: Good, Bad and Ugly 3
LIFE.1230Nutrition and Disease 3
LIFE.1250Plants and Human Society 3
LIFE.1270Plants & Human Society Lab 1
LIFE.2140Human Ecology 3
MATH.1110Quantitative Reasoning 3
MATH.1115Fundamentals of Algebra 3
MATH.1200Precalculus Mathematics I 3
MATH.1210Management Precalculus 3
MATH.1220Management Calculus 3
MATH.1230Precalculus Mathematics II 3
MATH.1250Calculus A 3
MATH.1260Calculus B 3
MATH.1270Preparation for Calculus4
MATH.1280Calculus IA 4
MATH.1290Calculus IB 4
MATH.1310Calculus I 4
MATH.1320Calculus II 4
MATH.1380Calculus for the Life Sciences I 4
MATH.1510Explorations in Mathematics3
MATH.2190Discrete Structures I 3
MATH.2210Linear Algebra I 3
MATH.2220Linear Algebra II 3
MATH.2250Calculus C 3
MATH.2260Calculus D 3
MATH.2310Calculus III 4
MATH.2320LMath Lab I
MATH.2340Differential Equations 3
MATH.2360Engineering Differential Equations 3
MATH.2720Introduction to Programming with MATLAB
MATH.2830Introduction to Statistics 3
MATH.3010Introduction to Applied Mathematics I 3
MATH.3020Introduction to Applied Mathematics II3
MATH.3050Introduction to Real Analysis I3
MATH.3210Discrete Structures I 3
MATH.3220Discrete Structures II 3
MATH.3600Mathematic Structure for Computer Engineers
MATH.3620Numerical Analysis I 3
MATH.3750Senior Seminar I 1
MATH.3810Mathematical Physics3
MATH.3850Applied Statistics 3
MATH.3860Probability and Statistics I 3
MATH.4030Mathematical Analysis 3
MATH.4070Probability and Mathematical Statistics I 3
MATH.4100Computers and Calculators in the Classroom 3
MATH.4110Complex Variables I 3
MATH.4130Number Theory3
MATH.4200Mathematical Problem Solving 3
MATH.4210Abstract Algebra I 3
MATH.4270Geometry 3
MATH.4350History of Mathematics 3
MATH.4450Partial Differential Equations 3
MATH.4480Mathematics of Signal Processing3
MATH.4500Mathematical Modeling 3
MATH.4660Stat Program Using SAS 3
MATH.4750Senior Seminar II 3
MATH.4760Senior Seminar III3
MATH.4860Probability and Math Statistics II3
MATH.4900Selected Topics 3
MATH.4910Directed Studies in Analysis3
MATH.5000Discrete Structures 3
MATH.5010Real Analysis3
MATH.5030Mathematical Analysis3
MATH.5070Applied Functional Analysis I3
MATH.5090Probability and Mathematical Statistics3
MATH.5100Computers and Calculators in Classroom 3
MATH.5110Complex Variables I 3
MATH.5130Number Theory3
MATH.5190Introduction to Probability and Statistics II3
MATH.5200Mathematical Problem Solving3
MATH.5210Abstract Algebra I 3
MATH.5230Linear Algebra3
MATH.5260Topology 3
MATH.5300Applied Mathematics I 3
MATH.5310Applied Mathematics II3
MATH.5350History of Mathematics 3
MATH.5430Ordinary Differential Equations 3
MATH.5450Partial Diff Equations 3
MATH.5480Mathematics Of Signal Processing3
MATH.5500Mathematical Modeling 3
MATH.5510Calculus of Variations3
MATH.5520Wavelet Analysis3
MATH.5550Applied Math for Life Scientists3
MATH.5630Computational Mathematics 3
MATH.5640Applied Linear Algebra 3
MATH.5650Special Functions3
MATH.5700Probability and Statistics3
MATH.5750Applied Statistics with R3
MATH.5760Statistical Programming using SAS3
MATH.5780Statistical Inference and Data Mining3
MATH.5820Time Series Analysis3
MATH.5840Stochastic Process3
MATH.5870Measure and Probability Theory 3
MATH.5880Mathematical Statistics3
MATH.5900Statistical Quality Control 3
MATH.5910Linear Statistics Modeling and Regression 3
MATH.5920Multivariate Statistics3
MATH.5930Experimental Design 3
MATH.6510Selected Topics in Mathematics 3
MATH.7430Graduate  Research/Math3
MECH.5260Transport Processes in Energy Systems 3
MECH.5320Off-Grid Solar Electric System 3
MPAD.5040Data Analysis3
NONC.BIOL1Riverhawk Review Principles of Biology I
NONC.CHEMRiver Hawk Review - Chemistry I 0
NONC.CHEM2River Hawk Review Chemistry II0
NONC.GPHYS2Riverhawk Review General Physics II
NONC.ORGCH1River Hawk Review - Organic Chemistry I0
NONC.ORG2ARiver Hawk Review - Organic Chemistry IIA0
NONC.ORG2BRiver Hawk Review - Organic Chemistry IIB0
PHYS.1030General Physics I 3
PHYS.1030LGeneral Physics I Lab 1
PHYS.1040General Physics II 3
PHYS.1040LGeneral Physics II Lab 1
PHYS.1210Exploring the Universe 3
PHYS.1210LExploring the Universe Laboratory 1
PHYS.1310Technical Physics I 3
PHYS.1320Technical Physics II 3
PHYS.1410Physics I 3
PHYS.1410LPhysics I Lab 1
PHYS.1440Physics II 3
PHYS.1440LPhysics II Lab 1
PHYS.2450Physical Properties of Matter 3
PHYS.2450LPhysics III Lab 1
PHYS.3020LHealth Physics Internship II 3
PHYS.3160Science and Technology in an Impoverished World
PHYS.3830Astronomy and Astrophysics I3
PHYS.4540Physics Capstone
PHYS.5360Introductory Quantum Mechanics II3
PHYS.5380Physical Optics and Waves3
PHYS.5400Image Processing3
PHYS.5550Introduction to Space Physics3
PHYS.5670LAutomation Techniques3
PHYS.5830Astronomy and Astrophysics I3
PHYS.5930LGraduate Physics Laboratory2
PHYS.6050Mathematical Methods of Physics I 3
PHYS.6060Mathematical Methods of Physics II3
PHYS.6110Classical Mechanics 3
PHYS.6150Quantum Mechanics I3
PHYS.6160Quantum Mechanics II3
PHYS.6170Advanced Quantum Mechanics I3
PHYS.6310Nonlinear Optics3
PHYS.6570Electromagnetic Theory I3
PHYS.6580Electromagnetic Theory II3
PHYS.6620Nuclear Physics II3
PHYS.7010Physics Colloquium0
PHYS.7020Physics Colloquium0
PHYS.7040Seminar in Nuclear Physics0
PHYS.7050Seminar in Solid State/Optics0
PHYS.7051Supervised Teaching - Physics0
PHYS.7060Seminar in Solid State/Optics0
PHYS.7090Seminar in Accelerator Physics0
PHYS.7100Seminar in Experimental Optics1
PHYS.7110Graduate Seminar in Physics 0
PHYS.7120Graduate Seminar in Physics0
PHYS.7130Seminar in Theoretical Research0
PHYS.7140Seminar in Experimental Research0
PHYS.7150Seminar in Terahertz Technology0
PHYS.7160Seminar in Biomedical Optics3
PHYS.7160LSpecial Problems In Physics1
PHYS.7170Seminar in Heavy Ion Physics0
PHYS.7210Selected Topics in Physics3
PHYS.7230Selected Topics in Nuclear Physics3
PHYS.7250Selected Topics in Solid State3
PHYS.7270Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics3
PHYS.7310LAdvanced Projects In Physics I3
PHYS.7320LAdvanced Projects In Physics II3
PHYS.7330Graduate Project in Physics3
PHYS.7330LGraduate Project - Physics3
PHYS.7460Master's Thesis  Research Physics1
PHYS.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Physics 9
PHYS.7610Continued Grad Research
POLY.5030Polymer Science I3
POLY.5040Polymer Science II3
POLY.5530Macromolecules Organic Chemistry3
POLY.6010Polymer Science Seminar2
POLY.6020Seminar in Polymer Science2
POLY.6030Polymer Science Colloquium1
POLY.6040Polymer Science Colloquium1
POLY.6490Introduction to Conjugated Polymers3
POLY.7050Supervised Teaching in Polymer Science0
POLY.7430Master's Thesis in Polymer Science3
POLY.7460Master's Thesis in Polymer Science6
POLY.7490Master's Thesis in Polymer Science9
POLY.7530Doctoral Dissertation in Polymer Science3
POLY.7560Doctoral Dissertation in Polymer Science6
POLY.7590Doctoral Dissertation in Polymer Science9
POLY.7690Continued Graduate Research9
PS.535Project Management for Scientists3
PSM.535Project Management for Scientists3
PSM.555Professional Leadership in Science and Engineering (PSM 555)3
PSMA.5000Professional Science Master's (PSM) Professional Development 0
PSMA.5010Professional Science Master's (PSM) Reflective Seminar. 1
PSMA.5100Professional Science Master's (PSM) Internship 0
PSMA.5350Project Management for Scientists 3
PSMA.5550Professional Leadership in Science and Engineering (PSM 555)3
RADI.1010Radiation and Life 3
RADI.1020LRadiation and Life Laboratory 1
RADI.1330Technical Physics III3
RADI.5060Nuclear Instrumentation4
RADI.5220Special Topics in Radiological Sciences3
RADI.5330External Dosimetry and Shieldng3
RADI.5340Internal Dosimetry and Bioassay3
RADI.5620Radiation Biology3
RADI.5650Introduction to Radiation Therapy Physics3
RADI.5750Certification Preparation in Radiological Sciences3
RADI.5820Numerical Methods In Radiological Sciences3
RADI.6050Radiation Interactions and Transport3
RADI.6710LGraduate Accelerator HP Internship3
RADI.6720Graduate Reactor HP Internship1
RADI.6730LGraduate Reactor HP Internship3
RADI.6750LGraduate Medical HP Internship3
RADI.6760LGraduate Medical Physics Internship3
RADI.6770LGraduate Medical Physics Internship3
RADI.6780LGraduate HP Internship1
RADI.6790LGraduate HP Internship1
RADI.6830LGraduate HP Internship3
RADI.6850LAdvanced Medical HP Internship3
RADI.6860LAdvanced Medical Physics Internship3
RADI.6870LAdvanced Medical Physics Internship3
RADI.6890LAdvanced Graduate HP Internship1
RADI.6900LAdvanced Graduate HP Internship2
RADI.6910LAdvanced Graduate HP Internship2
RADI.6920LAdvanced Graduate HP Internship3
RADI.6930LAdvanced Graduate HP Internship3
RADI.7050Supervised Teaching in Radiological Sciences0
RADI.7110Graduate Seminar in Radiological Sciences1
RADI.7120Graduate Seminar in Radiological Sciences1
RADI.7310LAdvanced Project in Radiological Sciences I3
RADI.7320LAdvanced Project in Radiological Sciences II3
RADI.7330Graduate Project in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
RADI.7430Master's Thesis in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
RADI.7460Master's Thesis in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
RADI.7490Master's Thesis Research in Radiological Sciences9
RADI.7530LDoctoral Dissertation in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
RADI.7560Doctoral Dissertation in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
RADI.7590LDoctoral Dissertation in Radiological Sciences and Protection9
RADI.7690Continued Graduate Research9
SCIE.2100Professional Development Seminar1
46.472Nutrition and Gene Express (correct number is 36.472)3
80.506Nuclear Instrumentation1
80.535Nuclear Instrumentation I1
80.536Applied Quantum Mechanics4
80.540Image Processing4
80.547Laser Physics and Applications3
80.551Fiber Optics4
80.555Physics of Rad and Nuc I3
80.631Non-linear Optics3
81.111Principles of Biology I3
81.112Principles of Biology II3
81.113Principles of Biology I Laboratory1
81.114Principles of Biology II Laboratory1
81.117Experimental Biology I
81.118Experimental Biology II
81.215Introduction to Marine Biology3
81.217Introduction to Marine Biology Laboratory1
81.220Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology3
81.237Problems in Genetics1
81.240Evolution, Ecology and Conservation3
81.242Problems in Evolution, Ecology and Conservation1
81.322Botany Laboratory1
81.329Histology Lab1
81.342Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy3
81.344Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Laboratory2
81.347Biology of Nutrition3
81.419Principles of Biochemistry I3
81.421Biochemistry Techniques2
81.423Biology of Global Change3
81.430Introduction to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology3
81.457Advanced Invertebrate Zoology3
81.476Cell Culture Lecture2
81.478Cell Culture Lab2
81.496Practicum Experience3
81.500Professional Experience3
81.501Special Topics: Pathophysiology3
81.502Selected Topics: Bioinformatics1
81.503Biological Metabolic Disorders3
81.504Enviromental Microbiology3
81.507Bioinformatics Lab1
81.517Vertebrate Animals in Biological Research3
81.518Expermintal Hematology3
81.519Biochemistry I3
81.520Biochemistry II3
81.521Biochemistry Techniques
81.522Plant Physiology3
81.523Biology of Global Change3
81.524Plant Physiology Laboratory1
81.535Cell and Microbe Cultivation3
81.540Advances in Plant Biology3
81.541Topics in Cell Biology3
81.542Cell Biology3
81.544Cell Biology Laboratory1
81.545Isolation and Purification3
81.549Biochemistry II3
81.550Biochemistry I3
81.551Biochemistry II3
81.552Quantitative Physiology3
81.555Biopharmaceutical GMP and Licensing3
81.557Advanced Invertebrate Zoology3
81.558Industrial Microbiology3
81.559Advanced Invertebrate Zoology Laboratory1
81.560Stem Cell Biology3
81.563Electron Microscopy Laboratory4
81.567Molecular Biology3
81.568Bioprocess Project Laboratory3
81.569Molecular Biology  Laboratory2
81.573PhD Research - Chemistry6
81.574Virology Laboratory2
81.576Cell Culture3
81.578Cell Culture Lab2
81.580Developmental Biology3
81.582Cancer Biology3
81.585Eukaryotic Gene Experiment3
81.586Biotechnology Process Project Laboratory3
81.590-IHuman Neurobiology3
81.590Human Neurobiology3
81.595-IImmunology Laboratory2
81.595Immunology Laboratory2
81.601Graduate Seminar Biology3
81.602Graduate Seminar Biology2
81.651Selected Top ics: Protein Biochemistry3
81.652Selected Topics In Biology3
81.701Graduate Seminar: Biology2
81.702Graduate Seminar Biology2
81.703Biotechnology Seminar2
81.704Biotechnology Seminar2
81.705Supervised Teaching Biological Science0
81.706Current Literature In Biology2
81.721Special Problems In Biology1
81.723Special Problems in Biology3
81.731M.S. Project in Biology1
81.739M.S. Project in Biology-INACTIVE9
81.743Master's Thesis - Biology3
81.751Special  Problems In Biology3
81.752Problems In Biology3
81.753PhD Dissertation Biochemistry3
81.763Continued Graduate Research3
81.766Continued Graduate  Research6
81.769Continued Graduate  Research9
82.205Genetics for the Computer Scientist & Mathematician3
82.210Professional Development Seminar1
82.551Human Sexuality: Current Perspectives3
82.552Human Sexuality3
83.100Introduction to Biology3
83.101Life Science I3
83.102Life Science II3
83.103Life Science Laboratory I1
83.104Life Science Laboratory II1
83.105Introduction to Biology Lab1
83.106Human Biology3
83.110Microbes and Society: Good, Bad and Ugly3
83.123Nutrition and Disease3
83.125Plants and Human Society3
83.127Plants and Human Society Laboratory1
83.214Human Ecology3
83.256Evolution, Religion, and Modern Society3
84.101Applied Chemistry for Non-Scientists3
84.102Forensic Science for the Non-Scientist3
84.111General Chemistry I3
84.112General Chemistry II3
84.113General Chemistry Laboratory I1
84.114General Chemistry Laboratory II1
84.121Chemistry I3
84.122Chemistry II3
84.123Chemistry I Laboratory1
84.124Chemistry II Laboratory1
84.205Principles Of Organic Chemistry Laboratory1
84.221Organic Chemistry IA3
84.222Organic Chemistry IIA3
84.229Organic Chemistry Laboratory IA1
84.230Organic Chemistry II A Lab1
84.314Analytical Chemistry II3
84.316Analytical Chemistry Laboratory II2
84.334Advanced Inorganic Chemistry3
84.339Physical Chemistry2
84.344Physical Chemistry I3
84.345Physical Chemistry II3
84.347Physical Chemistry Laboratory II1
84.352Chemical Safety3
84.510Microscopy Advanced Materials3
84.514Advanced Analytical Chemistry3
84.515Chemistry Literature1
84.517Glass Working3
84.519Environmental Chemistry3
84.521Organic Mechanism3
84.523Organic Reaction Mechanisms3
84.524Organic Synthesis3
84.525X-ray Diffraction: Advanced Materials3
84.527Molecular Biology3
84.528Electroanalytical Chemistry3
84.529Physical Biochemistry3
84.532Advanced Physical Chemistry3
84.533Directed Study: Chemistry3
84.535Advanced Topics: Physical Chemistry3
84.536Advanced Topics In Physical Chemistry3
84.537Directed Studies Chemistry3
84.538Biochemical Mechanisms3
84.540Chemical Kinetics3
84.543Modern Inorganic Chemistry3
84.544Applied Spectroscopy3
84.545Advanced Physical Chemistry For Environmental Studies3
84.546Organic Chemistry For Environmental Studies1
84.550Biochemistry I3
84.551Biochemistry II3
84.552Instrument Methods Analysis4
84.553Chemical Oceanography3
84.554Techniques In Biochemistry2
84.555Special Biochemistry Techniques1
84.556Electronics and Instrumentation For Science2
84.560Advanced Physical Biochemistry3
84.563Chemistry Of Natural Products3
84.565Chemistry of Heterocyclics3
84.568Structural Analysis3
84.570Advanced Protein Chemistry3
84.575Advanced  Physical  Chemistry  For Envtl3
84.580Bioanalytical Chemistry3
84.600Thesis Research3
84.601Chemistry Seminar2
84.602Chemistry Seminar2
84.603Chemistry Colloquium1
84.604Chemistry Colloquium1
84.640Adv anced Protein Chemistry3
84.651Selected Topics:  Chemistry3
84.652Selected Topics: Chemistry3
84.653Chemical Oceanography3
84.672Surface and Colloid Chemistry3
84.701Graduate Research In Chemistry3
84.705Supervised Teaching Ch & Ps0
84.733Graduate Project - Chemistry3
84.736Graduate Project - Chemistry6
84.739Graduate Project - Chemistry9
84.743Master's Thesis - Chemistry3
84.746Master's Thesis - Chemistry6
84.749Master's Thesis - Chemistry9
84.753Doctoral Dissertation/Chemistry3
84.756Doctoral Dissertation/Chemistry6
84.759Doctoral Dissertation /Chemistry9
84.763Continued Graduate Research3
84.766Continued Graduate Research6
84.769Continued Graduate Research9
85.141Weather and Climate3
85.211Atmospheric Science3
85.501Boundary Layer Meteorology3
85.502Advanced Synoptic Meteorology3
85.503Remote Sensing3
85.508The Climate System3
85.511Solar-Terrestrial Relations3
85.512Space Physics3
85.513Physical Meteorology3
85.514Numerical Solution of Simple Atmospheric Models3
85.515Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics3
85.518Forecasting and Synoptic Techniques I3
85.523Air Pollution Control3
85.550Satellite and Rad Meteorology3
85.571Air Pollution Phenomenology3
85.574Air Quality Modeling3
85.575P. Chem for Environmental Studies3
85.583Solar-Terrestrial Relations3
85.591Directed Study in Bl Meteorology3
85.641Special Topics in Meteorology3
85.642Special Topics in Meteorology3
85.673Air Pollution Laboratory3
85.674Air Quality Model3
85.701Graduate Research Seminar1
85.731Master's Research1
85.733Master's Research in Atmospheric Sciences3
85.741Master's Research in Atmospheric Sciences3
85.743Master's Thesis in Atmospheric Sciences3
85.746Master's Thesis in Atmospheric  Sciences6
85.753Doctoral Dissertation in Atmospheric Sciences3
85.760Continuing Graduate Research (PhD)1
85.763PhD Research in Atmospheric Sciences2
85.765Doctoral Dissertation5
85.766Doctoral Dissertation6
85.768Doctoral Dissertation8
86.121Analytical Chemistry A3
86.122Analytical Chemistry B3
86.131Environmental Chemistry (# changed to 15.131)3
86.132Environmental Chemistry II (# changed to 15.132)3
86.223Principles of Organic Chemistry I3
86.224Principles of Organic Chemistry II3
86.225Principles of Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1
86.226Principles of Organic Chemistry Laboratory II1
86.334Advanced Inorganic Chemistry3
86.352Chemical Applications3
86.355Experimental Physical Chemistry I1
86.361Advanced Organic Chemistry I3
86.362Advanced Organic Chemistry II3
86.421Special Topics in Chemistry3
86.471Industrial Chemistry3
86.482Chemistry of High Polymers II3
87.111A Planet at Risk3
87.117Astronomy Lab1
87.326Introduction to GIS for Sector Applications3
87.403GIS in Environmental Studies3
87.404Introduction to Geographic Information Systems with MapInfo3
87.406Geographic Informatiion Systems3
87.408Introduction to GIS Using ArcView3
87.504Geographic Information Systems3
87.510Applied Glacial Geology3
87.572Energy and Environment3
87.575Physical Chemistry For Environmental Studies3
88.101World and Regional Geography3
88.102Geography of the U.S. and Canada3
88.145Global Environmental Problems3
89.101General Geology I3
89.102General Geology II3
89.103General Geology Laboratory1
89.110Ocean Science3
89.111Introduction to Oceans3
89.510Glacial and Pleistocene Geology3
89.515Topics in Enviornmental Geochemistry3
89.524Regional Hydrogeology3
89.525Concepts: Mathematic  Modeling3
89.526Glacial And  Pleistocene Geology3
89.530Principles  Of Hydrochemistry3
89.581Planet Earth for Science Teachers3
89.582Marine Geology3
89.591Directed Study in Hydrogeology3
90.111Fundamentals of Algebra3
90.112Concepts in Algebra I3
90.117Calculus IA Review0
90.118Calculus I Review0
90.119Concepts in Algebra II3
92.110College Algebra3
92.111Quantitative Reasoning3
92.120Precalculus Mathematics3
92.121Management Precalculus3
92.122Management Calculus3
92.123Precalculus Mathematics II3
92.124Precalculus for Science and Engineering3
92.125Calculus A3
92.126Calculus B3
92.127Preparation for Calculus4
92.128Calculus IB4
92.129Calculus IB4
92.131Calculus I4
92.132Calculus II4
92.151Explorations in Mathematics3
92.183Introduction to Statistics (See number change: 92.283)3
92.216History of Mathematics3
92.221Linear Algebra I3
92.222Linear Algebra II3
92.223Survey of Calculus3
92.225Calculus C3
92.226Calculus D3
92.231Calculus III4
92.234Differential Equations3
92.236Engineering Differential Equations3
92.283Introduction to Statistics3
92.301Introduction to Applied Mathematics I3
92.302Introduction to Applied Mathematics II3
92.305Introduction to Real Analysis I3
92.306Introduction to Real Analysis II3
92.310Introduction to Chaos and Dynamical Systems3
92.315Partial Differential Equations3
92.321Discrete Structures I3
92.322Discrete Structures II3
92.362Numerical Analysis I3
92.375Senior Seminar I1
92.381Introduction to Operations Research Techniques I3
92.382Introduction to Operations Research Techniques II3
92.385Applied Statistics3
92.386Probability and Statistics I3
92.401Applied Mathematics and Modeling3
92.403Mathematical Analysis3
92.407Probability and Mathematical Statistics I3
92.408Probability and Mathematical Statistics II3
92.410Computers and Calculators in the Classroom3
92.411Complex Variables I3
92.412Complex Variables II3
92.413Number Theory3
92.414Pattern Recognition/Neural Networks I3
92.417Topics in Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks II3
92.419Introduction to Mathematica® 3
92.420Mathematical Problem Solving3
92.421Abstract Algebra I3
92.422Abstract Algebra II3
92.433Actuarial Mathematics3
92.434Actuarial Mathematics II
92.435History of Mathematics3
92.442Boundary Value Problems3
92.445Partial Differential Equations3
92.448Mathematics of Signal Processing3
92.450Mathematical Modeling3
92.454Numerical Analysis II3
92.466Statistical Programming Using SAS3
92.474Senior Seminar I1
92.475Senior Seminar II3
92.476Senior Seminar III3
92.480Applied Combinatorics3
92.483Applied Statistical Methods3
92.485Queuing Theory3
92.486Statistical Programming Using SAS3
92.488Statistical Quality Control3
92.490Directed Studies in Computer Mathematics3
92.491Directed Studies in Analysis3
92.492Directed Studies in Algebra3
92.493Directed Studies in Geometry3
92.498Mathematics Seminar3
92.500Discrete Structures3
92.501Real Analysis3
92.502Real Analysis II3
92.503Mathematical Analysis3
92.504Mathematics Of Elementary3
92.505Discrete Mathematics3
92.507Applied Functional Analysis I3
92.509Probability and Mathematical Statistics3
92.510Computers and Calculators in Classroom3
92.511Complex Variables I3
92.512Complex Variables II3
92.513Number Theory3
92.514Calc-adv Viewpoint3
92.515Intro Chaos & Dynamic System3
92.516Pattern Recognition/Neural Network3
92.517Pattern Recognition and Neural Network3
92.519Introduction to Probability and Statistics II3
92.520Mathematical Problem Solving3
92.521Abstract Algebra I3
92.522Abstract Algebra II3
92.523Linear Algebra3
92.524Algebraic Structures I3
92.528Geometries II3
92.530Applied Mathematics I3
92.531Applied Mathematics II3
92.535History of Mathematics3
92.540History Of Mathematical Sciences3
92.541Boundary Value Problems3
92.542Fourier Analysis & Boundary Value Problems II3
92.543Ordinary Differential Equations3
92.545-IPartial Differential Equations I3
92.545Partial Differential Equations I3
92.546Partial Differential Equations II3
92.548Mathematics Of Signal Processing3
92.549Math of Tomography3
92.550Mathematical Modeling3
92.551Calculus of Variations3
92.552Wavelet Analysis3
92.553Systems Sim and Modeling3
92.554Case Studies In Network3
92.555Applied Math for Life Scientists3
92.560Data Structures & Algorithms I3
92.563Numerical Analysis3
92.564Computational Mathematics II3
92.565Special Functions3
92.567Number Methods for ODE3
92.570Probability and Statistics3
92.571Optimization for O.R.3
92.573Statistics For Env Eng3
92.575Data Structures & Algorithms II3
92.576Statistical Programming using SAS3
92.577Computational Optimiza3
92.578Statistical Inference and Data Mining3
92.579Reliability and Life Data3
92.580Discrete Mathematics for Eng and OR3
92.581Graph Theory3
92.582Time Series Analysis3
92.583Directed Study: Cryptography3
92.584Stochastic Process3
92.585Queuing Theory3
92.587Probability Theory3
92.588Mathematical Statistics3
92.589Sampling Theory and Methods3
92.590Statistical Quality Control3
92.591Linear Statistics Modeling and Regression3
92.592Multivariate Statistics3
92.593Experimental Design3
92.595Information Theory3
92.597Probability Theory II3
92.651Selected Topics Mathematics3
92.652Directed Study in Analysis3
92.656Systems Des + Dev I3
92.657INTRO TO A I3
92.659Data Communications3
92.661Wavelets & Signal Anlys3
92.662Operating Systems3
92.701Grad Research/math3
92.702Grad Research in Math6
92.705Supervised Tchg - Ma0
92.713Sel Top Linear Algebra3
92.733Graduate Project - Maathematics3
92.736Graduate Project - Mathematics6
92.739Graduate Project - Mathematics9
92.743Graduate  Research/Math3
92.763Continued Grad Research3
92.766Continued Grad Research6
92.769Continued Grad Research9
92.771Mathematics For Eng I3
92.772Mathematics For Eng II3
92.773Mathematics For Eng III3
95.103General Physics I3
95.104General Physics II3
95.121Exploring the Universe3
95.141Physics I3
95.144Physics II3
95.245Physical Properties of Matter3
95.383Astronomy and Astro Physics I3
95.505Mathematical Methods of Physics I4
95.506Mathematical Methods of Physics II4
95.510Quantum Physics4
95.511Classical Mechanics3
95.515Quantum Mechanics I4
95.516Quantum Mechanics II4
95.517-IAdvanced Quantum Mechanics I3
95.517Advanced Quantum Mechanics I3
95.521Statistical Thermodynamics3
95.534Applied Quantum Mechanics4
95.535Introductory Quantum Mechanics I3
95.536Introductory Quantum Mechanics II3
95.537Geometrical Optics3
95.538Physical Optics and Waves3
95.540Image Processing3
95.547Laser Physics and Applications3
95.553Electromagnetism I3
95.554Electromagnetism II3
95.555Introduction to Space Physics3
95.557Electromagnetic Theory I4
95.558Electromagnetic Theory II4
95.561Nuclear Physics I3
95.562Nuclear Physics II3
95.572Solid State Physics3
95.573Advanced Theory of Solids3
95.574Advanced Theory of Solids3
95.577Solid State Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices3
95.578Intergrated Optics: Wave Guides and Lasers3
95.583Relativity and Cosmology3
95.585Relativity and Cosmology3
95.591Astronomy and Astrophysics3
95.601Physics Colloquium1
95.602Physics Colloquium1
95.603Seminar in Nuclear Physics1
95.604Seminar in Nuclear Physics1
95.605Mathematical Methods of Physics I3
95.606Mathematical Methods of Physics II3
95.607Lie Algebras in Particle Physics3
95.608Introduction to Particle Physics1
95.610Seminar in Medical Imaging1
95.611Classical Mechanics3
95.612Mechanics of Continuous Media3
95.615Quantum Mechanics I3
95.616Quantum Mechanics II3
95.617Advanced Quantum Mechanics I3
95.618Advanced Quantum Mechanics II3
95.631Nonlinear Optics3
95.634Nonlinear Optics3
95.651Selected Topics in Physics3
95.652Selected Topics in Physics3
95.653Selected Topics in Nuclear Physics3
95.654Selected Topics in Nuclear Physics3
95.655Selected Topics in Solid State3
95.656Selected Topics in Solid State3
95.657Electromagnetic Theory I3
95.658Electromagnetic Theory II3
95.660Quantum Mechanics of Many Particle Systems3
95.661Quantum Mechanics of Many Particle Systems3
95.662Nuclear Physics II3
95.673Advanced Theory of Solids I3
95.674Advanced Theory of Solids II3
95.701Physics Colloquium0
95.702Physics Colloquium0
95.703Seminar in Nuclear Physics0
95.704Seminar in Nuclear Physics0
95.705Seminar in Solid State/Optics0
95.706Seminar in Solid State/Optics0
95.707Seminar in Theoretical Physics1
95.708Seminar in Theoretical Physics1
95.709Seminar in Accelerator Physics0
95.710Seminar in Experimental Optics1
95.711Graduate Seminar in Physics0
95.712Graduate Seminar in Physics0
95.713Seminar in Theoretical Research0
95.714Seminar in Experimental Research0
95.715Seminar in Terahertz Technology0
95.716-ISpecial Problems in Physics3
95.716Special Problems in Physics3
95.717Seminar in Heavy Ion Physics0
95.721Selected Topics in Physics3
95.722Selected Topics in Physics3
95.723Selected Topics in Nuclear Physics3
95.724Selected Topics in Nuclear Physics3
95.725Selected Topics in Solid State3
95.726Selected Topics in Solid State3
95.727Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics3
95.728Selected Topics in Theory Physics3
95.733Graduate Project in Physics3
95.736Graduate Project in Physics6
95.739Graduate Project in Physics9
95.754Selected Topics in Nuclear Physics3
95.756PhD Research in Physics6
95.758Selected Topics in Theory Physics3
95.759PhD Thesis in Physics9
96.103General Physics I Lab1
96.104General Physics II Lab1
96.121Exploring the Universe Laboratory1
96.141Physics I Lab1
96.144Physics II Lab1
96.245Physics III Lab1
96.366Reactor Health Physics3
96.506Nuclear Instrumentation3
96.509Physical Laboratory  Techniques I1
96.510Physical Laboratory  Techniques II1
96.537Geometrical Optics Laboratory2
96.538Physical Optics Laboratory1
96.539Electro-optics Lab2
96.547Experimental Laser Optics3
96.551Fiber Optics4
96.567Automation Techniques3
96.593Graduate Physics Laboratory2
96.701Graduate Research - Physics3
96.705Supervised Teaching - Physics0
96.711Special Problems-Physics3
96.712Special Problems - Physics9
96.716Special Problems In Physics1
96.731Advanced Projects In Physics I3
96.732Advanced Projects In Physics II3
96.733Graduate Project - Physics3
96.736Graduate Project - Physics6
96.739Graduate Project - Physics9
96.740Master's Project in Physics3
96.746Master's Thesis  Research Physics1
96.756Doctoral Dissertation/Physics1
97.503Polymer Science I3
97.504Polymer Science II3
97.505Polymer Preparation Characterization I2
97.506Polymer Preparation II1
97.512Properties of Bulk Polymers3
97.549Physical Chemistry-Macromolecules3
97.553Macromolecules Organic Chemistry3
97.601Polymer Science Seminar2
97.602Seminar in Polymer Science2
97.603Polymer Science Colloquium1
97.604Polymer Science Colloquium1
97.649Introduction to Conjugated Polymers3
97.651Introduction to Conjugated Polymers3
97.701Research in Polymers3
97.705Supervised Teaching in Polymer Science0
97.733Graduate Project in Polymer Science3
97.736Graduate Project in Polymer Science6
97.739Graduate Project in Polymer Science9
97.743Master's Thesis in Polymer Science3
97.746Master's Thesis in Polymer Science6
97.749Master's Thesis in Polymer Science9
97.753Doctoral Dissertation in Polymer Science3
97.756Doctoral Dissertation in Polymer Science6
97.759Doctoral Dissertation in Polymer Science9
97.763Continued Graduate Research3
97.766Continued Graduate Research6
97.769Continued Graduate Research9
98.501Radiological Safety and Control I4
98.502Radiological Safety and Control II4
98.503Grad HP Internship3
98.505Radiation Dosimetry3
98.506Nuclear Instrumentation4
98.507Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory1
98.508Environment, Toxicology & Epidemiology3
98.510Environment, Toxicology & Epidemiology Laboratory1
98.513Environment, Mon and Surv3
98.514Advanced External Radiation Dosimetry3
98.515Data Redn for RSP3
98.516Internal Radiation Dosimetry3
98.520Environmental Impact Statements3
98.522Special Topics in Radiological Sciences3
98.525Medical Health Physics3
98.526Medical Health Physics3
98.527Graduate Medical Physics Internship3
98.531Radiation Dosimetry3
98.532Introduction to Nuclear Radiation Shielding3
98.533External Dosimetry and Shieldng3
98.534Internal Dosimetry and Bioassay3
98.543Radiochemistry Laboratory1
98.545Accelerator Health Physics3
98.546Accelerator Health Physics3
98.547Graduate Accelerator HP Internship3
98.551Special Topics in RSP3
98.552Special Topics in RSP3
98.555Physics of Radiology and Nuclei I4
98.556Physics of Radiology and Nuclei II3
98.561Special Topics in RSP3
98.562Radiation Biology3
98.565Physics of Radiation Oncology3
98.566Reactor Health Physics3
98.567Graduate Reactor HP Internship3
98.572Radiation Biology3
98.575Certification Preparation in Radiological Sciences3
98.581Mathematical Methods of Radiological Sciences3
98.582Numerical Methods In Radiological Sciences3
98.585MCNP for Radiological Sciences3
98.596Medical Physics3
98.602Graduate Project in RSP3
98.603Radiochemistry Laboratory1
98.605Graduate Project in RSP3
98.607Radiation Dosimetry3
98.608Environment, Toxicology and Epidemiology3
98.611Preparation for Health Physics Certification1
98.612Seminar in Radiological Sciences1
98.615Internal Radiation Dosimetry3
98.618Advanced Quantum Mechanics II3
98.626Advanced Graduate Medical HP Internship3
98.627Advanced Graduate Medical Physics Internship3
98.647Advanced Accelerator Internship3
98.651Critical Essay in Radiological Sciences3
98.652Critical Essay in RSP3
98.667Advanced Reactor HP Internship3
98.668Applied Health Physics3
98.670Graduate Accelerator HP Internship3
98.671Graduate Accelerator HP Internship3
98.672Graduate Reactor HP Internship1
98.673Graduate Reactor HP Internship3
98.674Graduate Accelerator HP Internship3
98.675Graduate Medical HP Internship3
98.676Graduate Medical Physics Internship3
98.677Graduate Medical Physics Internship3
98.678Graduate HP Internship1
98.679Graduate HP Internship1
98.680Advanced Accelerator HP Internship3
98.681Medical Physics3
98.682Advanced Reactor HP Internship3
98.683Graduate HP Internship3
98.684Advanced Medical HP Internship3
98.685Advanced Medical HP Internship3
98.686Advanced Medical Physics Internship3
98.687Advanced Medical Physics Internship3
98.688Advanced Graduate HP Internship1
98.689Advanced Graduate HP Internship1
98.690Advanced Graduate HP Internship2
98.691Advanced Graduate HP Internship2
98.692Advanced Graduate HP Internship3
98.693Advanced Graduate HP Internship3
98.694Advanced Accelerator Internship3
98.695Advanced Reactor Medical Physics Internship3
98.696Advanced Graduate Medical HP Internship3
98.697Advanced Graduate Medical Physics Internship3
98.701Graduate Research in RSP3
98.704Supervised Teaching in Radiological Sciences0
98.705Supervised Teaching in Radiological Sciences0
98.711Graduate Seminar in Radiological Sciences1
98.712Graduate Seminar in Radiological Sciences1
98.731Advanced Project in Radiological Sciences I3
98.732Advanced Project in Radiological Sciences II3
98.733Graduate Project in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
98.736Graduate Project in Radiological Sciences6
98.739Graduate Project in Radiological Sciences9
98.741Master's Thesis in Radiological Sciences and Protection1
98.743Master's Thesis in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
98.746Master's Thesis in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
98.749Master's Thesis Research in Radiological Sciences9
98.751Advanced Project in Radiological Sciences1
98.752Advanced Project in Radiological Sciences II6
98.753Doctoral Dissertation in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
98.756Doctoral Dissertation in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
98.759Doctoral Dissertation in Radiological Sciences and Protection9
98.763Continued Graduate Research3
98.766Continued Graduate Research6
98.769Continued Graduate Research9
99.101Radiation and Life3
99.102Radiation and Life Laboratory1
99.121Science From Our Lives3
99.131Technical Physics I3
99.132Technical Physics II3
99.133Technical Physics III3
99.562Certification Review in Health Physics3
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