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CRS#Course NameCredits
ARTS.2100Graphic Design I3
ARTS.2200Website Design I 3
ARTS.2400Fundamentals of Typography3
ARTS.2450Desktop Publishing: Layout and Production3
ARTS.2620Digital Imaging and Photography: Photoshop3
ARTS.2640Computer Graphics & Illustration3
ARTS.3100Graphic Design II3
ARTS.3200Web Design II3
ARTS.3620Advanced Digital Imaging3
ARTS.37603D Computer Animation3
ARTS.3770Advanced Animation: After Effects®3
ARTS.3810Advanced Game Design3
ARTS.3850Streaming Media for the Web3
ARTS.4000Portfolio Production Seminar3
AV0025000Internetworking Fundamentals3
AV0025110Accelerated Router Configuration3
AV0030120LAN Protocol Implementation3
AV0030131WAN Protocols3
AV0030160Advanced IP Routing3
COMP.1000Media Computing1
COMP.1010Computing I 3
COMP.1020Computing II 3
COMP.1030LComputing I Lab 1
COMP.1040LComputing II Lab 1
COMP.1130Exploring the Internet 3
COMP.2010Computing III 3
COMP.2010LComputing III Lab1
COMP.2030Assembly Language Programming 3
COMP.2030LAssembly Language Programming Lab1
COMP.2040Computing IV 3
COMP.3010Organization of Programming Languages 3
COMP.3040Foundations of Computer Science 3
COMP.3050Computer Architecture 3
COMP.3080Operating Systems 3
COMP.4010Software Project I 3
COMP.4020Software Project II 3
COMP.4040Analysis of Algorithms 3
COMP.4060Compiler Construction3
COMP.4200Artificial Intelligence3
COMP.4270Computer Graphics I3
COMP.4610Graphical User Interface Programming I 3
COMP.4800Honors Project I 3
COMP.4810Honors Project II 3
COMP.4900Directed Studies in Computer Science 4
COMP.4930Cooperative Education in Computer Science 1
EECE.4820Computer Architecture and Design 3
FINA.4220Portfolio and Security Analysis 3
GRFX.200Introduction to Graphic Design3
GRFX.2000Introduction to Graphic Design 3
GRFX.202Fundamentals of Typography3
GRFX.2020Fundamentals of Typography 3
GRFX.203Photographic Imaging3
GRFX.2030Photographic Imaging 3
GRFX.204Computer Graphics & Illustration3
GRFX.2040Computer Graphics & Illustration 3
GRFX.211Desktop Publishing: Print Production3
GRFX.2110Desktop Publishing: Print Production 3
GRFX.212Website Design3
GRFX.2120Website Design 3
GRFX.300Advanced Graphic Design3
GRFX.3000Advanced Graphic Design 3
GRFX.303Advanced Photographic Imaging3
GRFX.3030Advanced Photographic Imaging 3
GRFX.312Advanced Website Design3
GRFX.3120Advanced Website Design 3
GRFX.315Design for Advertising3
GRFX.3150Design for Advertising 3
GRFX.320Introduction to 3D Computer Animation3
GRFX.3200Introduction to 3D Computer Animation3
GRFX.330Special Effects for Digital Video3
GRFX.3300Special Effects for Digital Video: Adobe® After Effects3
GRFX.400Portfolio Production Seminar3
GRFX.4000Portfolio Production Seminar 3
INFO.1600Introduction to Information Systems 3
INFO.1710Applications Software: Microsoft Access 3
INFO.1800Applications Software: Microsoft Excel 3
INFO.2020Microsoft Office 3
INFO.2030Introduction to Programming with Python3
INFO.2110Introduction to Programming W/C I 3
INFO.2120Introduction to Programming with C - Part II 3
INFO.2200Visual Basic 3
INFO.2200LVisual Basic 3
INFO.2240Advanced Visual Basic®3
INFO.2250Survey of Programming Languages 3
INFO.2260Intro to Blockchain Technology and Applications3
INFO.2270Developing Interactive Help Systems3
INFO.2300Introduction to Multimedia 3
INFO.2310Graphics for Multimedia and the World Wide Web 3
INFO.2320Desktop Video Production3
INFO.2380Website Development 3
INFO.2450Website Server Administration3
INFO.2460Active Server Pages .NET3
INFO.2460LActive Server Pages .NET3
INFO.2470Web Authoring3
INFO.2480Website Database Implementation 3
INFO.2500E-Commerce 3
INFO.2670C Programming 3
INFO.2680C++ Programming 3
INFO.2690Advanced C++3
INFO.2700Visual C++ .NET3
INFO.2710C# Programming 3
INFO.2810Introduction to the Internet of Things3
INFO.2820Python Programming3
INFO.2910Introduction to HTML 3
INFO.2920Advanced DHTML3
INFO.2970Introduction to Java Programming 3
INFO.3010JAVA Programming 3
INFO.3020JavaScript 3
INFO.3030Advanced Java Programming 3
INFO.3040Introduction to Java Web Development 3
INFO.3050Survey of Perl/Python/PHP 3
INFO.3060Introduction to XML 3
INFO.3070Introduction to Cloud Computing3
INFO.3080Agile Software Development with Java3
INFO.3110Introduction to the Linux/Unix Operating System 3
INFO.3120Shell Scripting 3
INFO.3130Linux/UNIX Internals Overview3
INFO.3160UNIX System Administration3
INFO.3180Advanced UNIX Internals/Tuning3
INFO.3190Introduction to Linux3
INFO.3210Linux/Unix System Administration 3
INFO.3420Web-Enabled Database Development3
INFO.3460Digital Media Delivery3
INFO.3470Rich Web Development: Advanced Flash®3
INFO.3480Developing Dynamic Websites with ColdFusion®3
INFO.3600Intro. to Data Structures with C 3
INFO.3640Problem Solving with C 3
INFO.3850Introduction to Information Security 3
INFO.4430Introduction to Client/Server Computing3
INFO.4490Oracle 11g Forms and Reports3
INFO.4500Database Administration I: Introduction to Oracle 11g3
INFO.4510Oracle Database Design3
INFO.4530Database Administration II: Advanced Oracle 11g3
INFO.4540Oracle 11g SQL Development3
INFO.4550Database Administration III: Oracle 11g Projects3
INFO.4570Network Security 3
INFO.4590PL/SQL I: Introduction to Oracle 11g PL/SQL3
INFO.4600Computer Ethics 3
INFO.4610LAN/WAN Technologies 3
INFO.4620TCP/IP and Network Architecture 3
INFO.4640Network Management 3
INFO.4660Oracle 11g Data Warehousing3
INFO.4670PL/SQL II: Advanced Oracle 11g PL/SQL3
INFO.4680Advanced IP Routing3
INFO.4690Oracle 11gR2 High Performance and Internals3
INFO.4740Relational Database Concepts 3
INFO.4770Project Based Information Systems - Part I 3
INFO.4780Project Based Information Systems - Part II 3
INFO.4790Oracle 12i Applications DBA3
INFO.4800Project-Based Information Systems 6
INFO.4910Directed Study in Information Technology
MATH.3630Intro to Data Analysis3
MATH.4940Directed Study in Statistics3
MIST.4060Data Mining for Business Intelligence 3
MSIT.3010Organization of Programming Languages3
MSIT.3040Foundations of Computer Science3
MSIT.3050Computer Architecture 3
MSIT.3080Introduction to Operating Systems3
MSIT.4040Analysis of Algorithms3
NONC.ORGPRORiverhawk Review Organization of Programming Languages
SOCI.3800Sociology of Mass Media3
16.482Computer Architecture and Design3
48.380Sociology of Mass Media3
61.421Portfolio and Security Analysis3
70.210Graphic Design I / Intro to Graphic Design3
70.220Website Design3
70.240Fundamentals of Typography3
70.245Desktop Publishing: Layout and Production3
70.262Digital Imaging and Photography: Photoshop®3
70.264Computer Graphics & Illustration3
70.291Graphic Design I / Intro to Graphic Design3
70.310Advanced Graphic Design3
70.320Advanced Website Design and Development3
70.362Advanced Digital Imaging3
70.3763D Computer Animation3
70.377Advanced Animation: After Effects®3
70.378Interactive Game Design3
70.379Website Design3
70.381Advanced Game Design3
70.384Advanced Website Design and Development3
70.385Streaming Media for the Web3
70.391Advanced Graphic Design3
70.392Design for Advertising3
70.400Portfolio Production Seminar3
90.160Introduction to Information Systems3
90.171Applications Software: Microsoft® Access3
90.172Applications Software: Windows3
90.180Applications Software: Excel3
90.202Microsoft Office3
90.211Introduction to Programming with C-Part I3
90.212Introduction to Programming with C - Part II3
90.220Visual Basic®3
90.225Survey of Programming Languages3
90.228Introduction to Adobe® FrameMaker3
90.230Introduction to Multimedia3
90.231Graphics for Multimedia and the World Wide Web3
90.232Desktop Video Production3
90.233Multimedia Authoring Software: Using Macromedia Director®3
90.234Designing and Developing Interactive Media3
90.236Instructional Design for Interactive Media3
90.237Topics in Multimedia3
90.238Website Development: Adobe® Dreamweaver3
90.239Multimedia Scripting Using Macromedia Director's Lingo3
90.240Multimedia Authoring Software Using IconAuthor3
90.245Website Server Administration3
90.247Web Authoring: Flash®3
90.248Website Database Implementation3
90.249Developing IT Training for the Web3
90.250E-Commerce on the Web3
90.267C Programming3
90.268C++ Programming3
90.270Visual C++ .NET3
90.271C# Programming3
90.280Introduction to Windows Programming3
90.291Introduction to HTML 3
90.292Advanced DHTML3
90.297Introduction to Java Programming3
90.301JAVA Programming3
90.303Advanced Java Programming3
90.304Introduction to Java Web Development3
90.305Survey of Perl/Python/PHP3
90.306Introduction to XML3
90.307Advanced Topics in Java and XML3
90.308Agile Software Development with Java3
90.311Introduction to the Linux/UNIX® Operating System3
90.312Shell Scripting3
90.313Linux/UNIX Internals Overview3
90.314UNIX System Interface Programming3
90.316UNIX System Administration3
90.318Advanced UNIX Internals/Tuning3
90.319Introduction to Linux3
90.320Shell Scripting Using Linux3
90.321Linux/UNIX System Administration3
90.340Introduction to the Application and Development of Intranets3
90.341Intranet Applications for the Organization3
90.346Digital Media Delivery3
90.347Rich Web Development: Advanced Flash®3
90.360Introduction to Data Structures with C3
90.364Problem Solving with C3
90.375SW Architecture - Environment and Integrated Product Management3
90.385Introduction to Information Security3
90.388Principles of Software Quality Assurance3
90.420Introduction to Artificial Intelligence/Expert Systems3
90.431Computer Forensics3
90.436Software Project Management3
90.440Programming for the Internet3
90.442Introduction to COM+ Programming3
90.443Introduction to Client/Server Computing3
90.444Client/Server Networking: Middleware and Groupware3
90.445SQL Database Servers3
90.447Client/Server Programming with Distributed Objects3
90.448Oracle 11g Portal Development3
90.449Oracle 11g Forms and Reports3
90.450Database Administration I: Introduction to Oracle 11g3
90.451Oracle Database Design3
90.452Objects on a Net3
90.453Database Administration II: Advanced Oracle 11g3
90.454Oracle 11g SQL Development3
90.455Database Administration III: Oracle 11g Projects3
90.456Security Issues on the Internet3
90.457Network Security3
90.458Advanced Topics in Computer Security3
90.459PL/SQL I: Introduction to Oracle 11g PL/SQL3
90.460Computer Ethics3
90.461LAN/WAN Technologies3
90.462TCP/IP and Network Architecture3
90.463Advanced Networking Technologies3
90.464Network Management3
90.465Storage Area Networks3
90.466Oracle 11g Data Warehousing3
90.467PL/SQL II: Advanced Oracle 11g PL/SQL3
90.468Advanced IP Routing3
90.469Oracle 11gR2 High Performance and Internals3
90.474Relational Database Concepts3
90.475Senior Seminar I3
90.476Computer Organization3
90.477Information Systems I3
90.478Information Systems II3
90.479Oracle 12i Applications DBA3
90.480Project-Based Information Systems6
90.483Wireless Communications3
90.484Optical Networking - Sonet/SDH3
90.485Project-Based Information Systems6
90.486Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)3
90.490Intranet Practicum/Internship3
91.100Computing I Lab1
91.101Computing I4
91.102Computing II4
91.103Computing I Lab1
91.104Computing II Lab1
91.113Exploring the Internet3
91.201Computing III4
91.203Computer Organization and Assembly Language4
91.250Data Structures Using C++4
91.281Intro to Windows Programming with Object-Oriented Programming Tools3
91.301Organization of Programming Languages3
91.304Foundations of Computer Science3
91.305Computer Architecture3
91.308Introduction to Operating Systems3
91.353Windows Programming for the Design of Interactive Systems3
91.371Internet Systems Administration3
91.372Managing Internet Information Services3
91.373Dynamic HTML Development3
91.381Windows Programming in C and C++3
91.382Advanced Windows Programming in C and C++3
91.404Analysis of Algorithms3
91.406Compiler Construction3
91.420Artificial Intelligence3
91.427Computer Graphics I3
91.459Human Factors in the Design of Interactive Systems3
91.470Topics on the Internet3
91.471Internet Practicum/Internship3
91.472Security Issues on the Internet3
91.481Windows Practicum/Internship3
91.953Doctoral Dissertation Computer Science3
92.203Intermediate Personal Computing3
92.204Advanced Personal Computing3
92.263FORTRAN Programming3
92.265Pascal Programming3
92.317Developing Portable Applications3
92.363Introduction to Data Analysis3
92.365COBOL Programming I3
92.366Problem Solving with FORTRAN3
92.368COBOL Programming II3
92.369COBOL Legacy Systems3
92.388Principles of Software Quality Assurance3
92.451Fuzzy C++ Neural Networks Applications3
92.455Assembly Language Programming I3
92.460ATM Networking3
92.461Systems Simulation and Modeling3
92.462Systems Programming3
92.463Systems Design and Development I3
92.464Systems Design and Development II3
92.467Assembly Language Programming II3
92.469Compiler Construction Techniques3
92.477Course number 92.477 should be 90.4803
92.494Directed Study in Statistics3
94.301Organization of Programming Languages3
94.304Foundations of Computer Science3
94.305Computer Architecture 3
94.308Introduction to Operating Systems3
94.404Analysis of Algorithms3
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