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CRS#Course NameCredits
BMBT.5130Biomedical Analytics & Informatics
DPTH.5010Pharmacology 2
DPTH.5100Models and Measurement in Disability3
DPTH.6010Clinical Anatomy 3
DPTH.6020Neuroscience: Anatomy3
DPTH.6030Anatomy Laboratory 1
DPTH.6040Neuroscience: Physiology/Neurology3
DPTH.6050Physical Therapy Interventions I Lecture3
DPTH.6060Neuroscience Laboratory1
DPTH.6070Physical Therapy Interventions I Laboratory1
DPTH.6080Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I3
DPTH.6090Medical/Surgical Pathology 3
DPTH.6100Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I Laboratory1
DPTH.6110Professional Issues/Clinical Practice3
DPTH.6120Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I3
DPTH.6140Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I Laboratory1
DPTH.6150Clinical Education I Seminar1
DPTH.6160Research Methods3
DPTH.6170Neurological Physical Therapy Lecture I3
DPTH.6190Neurological Physical Therapy Laboratory I1
DPTH.6200Neurological Physical Therapy II3
DPTH.6210Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II Lecture3
DPTH.6220Neurological Physical Therapy II Laboratory1
DPTH.6230Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II Laboratory1
DPTH.6250Physical Therapy Interventions II3
DPTH.6260Geriatric Physical Therapy3
DPTH.6270Physical Therapy Interventions II Laboratory1
DPTH.6280Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy III3
DPTH.6290Directed Research1
DPTH.6300Musculoskeletal III Laboratory1
DPTH.6310Pediatric Physical Therapy Lecture3
DPTH.6330Pediatric Physical Therapy Laboratory1
DPTH.6350Clinical Education II Seminar1
DPTH.6370Integrating Clinical Practice3
DPTH.6390Medical/Surgical -Orthopedics3
DPTH.6400Professional Prep in PT3
DPTH.6410Business Skills In Physical Therapy2
DPTH.6420Health Policy & Admin2
DPTH.6430Evidence Directed Care1
DPTH.6440Clinical Education Fieldwork II3
DPTH.6450Physical Interventions III3
DPTH.6460Complex Cases in Physical Therapy3
DPTH.6470PT Interventions III Lab1
DPTH.6480Service Learning in Physical Therapy1
DPTH.6500Clinical Education Experience I 3
DPTH.6510Sectional Human Anatomy3
DPTH.6520Clinical Education Experience II 3
DPTH.6530Clinical Education Experience III3
DPTH.6540Clinical Education Experience IV3
DPTH.6580Independent Studies3
DPTH.6590Sectional Human Anatomy Laboratory1
ENVS.5010Wetlands Ecology 3
EXER.3050Exercise Physiology 4
EXER.3070Exercise Physiology Laboratory 1
EXER.3150Kinesiology 3
EXER.3170Kinesiology Laboratory 1
EXER.3560Pharmacology 3
EXER.4120Clinical Practicum I and II 4
EXER.4180Senior Seminar 3
EXER.4200Advanced Study in Exercise Physiology3
EXER.4210Directed Study Health Promotion
HSCI.1010Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3
HSCI.1011Medical Terminology for Health Professionals1
HSCI.1020Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3
HSCI.1021Introduction to Public Health3
HSCI.1030Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I 1
HSCI.1040Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory II 1
HSCI.2060Pandemics: How Do They Occur?3
HSCI.2100Clinical Calculations1
HSCI.2110Basic Clinical Microbiology & Pathology 3
HSCI.2130Basic Clinical Microbiology & Pathology Laboratory 1
HSCI.2510Physiological Chemistry I 3
HSCI.2520Physiological Chemistry II 3
HSCI.2530Physiological Chemistry Laboratory I 1
HSCI.2540Physiological Chemistry Laboratory II 1
HSCI.3050Exercise Physiology Lecture4
HSCI.3060Introduction to Gerontology 3
HSCI.3080Global Health 3
HSCI.3090Exercise Physiology Laboratory (See 30.307)1
HSCI.3200Legal Issues in Nursing 3
HSCI.3400IPE Research Methods3
HSCI.3500Human Biochemistry 3
HSCI.5500Human Development and Pathophysiology 3
HSCI.5510Clinical Pathophysiology3
MLSC.3200Clinical Hematology Practicum 2
MLSC.3410Organic Structures and Reactions3
MLSC.3430Organic Structures and Reactions Laboratory1
MLSC.3610Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation 3
MLSC.3630Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation Laboratory2
MLSC.4100Clinical Microbiology Practicum 2
MLSC.4300Clinical Immunohematology Practicum 2
MLSC.4310Clinical Immunohematology 3
MLSC.4500Clinical Chemistry Practicum 2
MLSC.5310Clinical Immunohematology3
MLSC.5410Introduction to Public Health and the Public Health Laboratory 3
MLSC.5500Foundations of Biomedical Research3
MLSC.5510Advanced Pathophysiology 3
MLSC.5530Advanced Clinical Chemistry3
MLSC.5750Topics in Clinical Laboratory Science I3
MLSC.5800Clinical Applications of Molecular Genetics 3
MLSC.6100Clinical Toxicology3
MLSC.6101Clinical Toxicology Lab1
MLSC.6130Infectious Disease 3
MLSC.6150Medical Mycology and Parasitology3
MLSC.6400Quality Assurance, Control and Improvement in the Clinical and Public Health Lab3
MLSC.7330Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences3
MLSC.7340Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences 4
MLSC.7430Master's Thesis - Clinical Lab Sciences3
MLSC.7440Master's Thesis - Clinical Laboratory Science4
MLSC.7530Doctoral Research3
MLSC.7560Doctoral Research6
MLSC.7590Doctoral Research9
NURS.1030Academic Strategies Portfolio Seminar 1
NURS.3010Research in Nursing and Health Care 3
NURS.3060Health Assessment 3
NURS.3070Concepts for Baccalaureate Nursing 3
NURS.3080Health Promotion in Nursing 2
NURS.3090Health Promotion in Nursing Practice Practicum 3
NURS.3200Community-Focused Health and Policy 3
NURS.3210Independent Study
NURS.3240Community-Focused Project Implementation 2
NURS.3250Community-Focused Project Dissemination 1
NURS.4100Health Promotion Risk Reduction of Families III 5
NURS.4110Health Promotion Risk Reduction of Families III Practicum 4
NURS.4120Community Health and Health Policy 4
NURS.4130Role Transition4
NURS.4140Role Transition Practicum6
NURS.4150Community Health Project3
NURS.4200Leadership in Nursing 3
NURS.4210Selected Topics in Nursing 3
NURS.5220Independent Study Health Promotion2
NURS.5520Social, Cultural and Policy Issues in Health Care 3
NURS.5530Scholarly Writing2
NURS.5540Palliative and End of Life Nursing Care 3
NURS.5580Geropsychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 3
NURS.5590Advanced Pharmacology 3
NURS.6000Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice 3
NURS.6010Research for Evidence-Based Practice 3
NURS.6020Clinical Psychopharmacology3
NURS.6100Adult Gerontological Nursing I4
NURS.6110Adult Gerontological Nursing II4
NURS.6120Adult/Gerontological Nursing III4
NURS.6130Adult Gerontological Nursing Practicum I3
NURS.6140Adult-Gerontological Nursing Practicum II3
NURS.6510Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning 3
NURS.6511APRN Practicum 13
NURS.6512APRN Practicum II3
NURS.6513APRN Practicum III3
NURS.6600Family Health Nursing I4
NURS.6610Family Health Nursing II4
NURS.6620Family Health Nursing III4
NURS.6630Family Health Nursing Practicum I3
NURS.6640Family Health Nursing Practicum II3
NURS.6890Scholarly Project/Capstone3
NURS.7010Philosophy of Science3
NURS.7020Theoretical Foundations of Health Promotion3
NURS.7060Measurement in Health & Behavioral Research3
NURS.7070Epidemiology of Health Promotion 3
NURS.7130Curriculum and Teaching In Nursing3
NURS.7150Independent Study3
NURS.7160Qualitative Methods3
NURS.7170Evaluation Research 3
NURS.7180Directed Study
NURS.7300Quantitative Research Methods and Grantsmenship 3
NURS.7330Graduate Project - Nursing3
NURS.7390Mentored Research Experience9
NURS.7430Master's Thesis - Nursing3
NURS.7530Doctoral Dissertation 6
NURS.7560Doctoral Dissertation6
NURS.7590Doctoral Dissertation9
NURS.7610Continued Grad Research 1
NURS.7630Continued Graduate  Research3
NURS.7690Continued Graduate  Research9
NURS.7700Evidence Appraisal 3
NURS.7710Advanced Nursing Leadership and Management 3
NURS.7720Scholarly Project Implementation3
NURS.7730Evidence Dissemination, Advocacy & Policy3
NURS.7740Scholarly Project Design 3
NURS.7770Independent Study: Practicum in Nursing Education3
NUTR.1100Nutrition and Wellness )3
NUTR.2010Food Science with Lab3
NUTR.2060Human Nutrition3
NUTR.2100Nutrition and Health3
NUTR.3360Life Cycle Nutrition 3
NUTR.3710Nutrition and Metabolism(Formerly 36.371)3
NUTR.3720Obesity & Weight Control(Formerly 36.372)3
NUTR.4060Biochemistry of Lipids3
NUTR.4630Vitamins and Minerals(Formerly 36.463)3
NUTR.4720Nutrition and Gene Expression(Formerly 36.472)3
NUTR.4810Medical Nutrition Therapy I3
NUTR.4820Medical Nutrition Therapy II3
NUTR.4940Directed Research in Nutrition(Formerly 36.494)3
NUTR.5060Biochemistry of Lipids3
NUTR.5630Vitamins and Minerals(Formerly 36.563)3
NUTR.5720Nutrition and Gene Expression(Formerly 36.572)3
NUTR.5820Seminar in Advanced Nutrition3
NUTR.6660Community Nutrition Supervised Practice1
NUTR.6670Food and Nutrition Management Supervised Practice1
PHRM.6410Drug Delivery 3
PHRM.6600Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism3
PHRM.7550Graduate Research9
PUBH.1021Introduction to Public Health 3
PUBH.2010Community Health and Environment (formerly 30.201)3
PUBH.2030Technology in Public Health3
PUBH.2040Intro to Health Promotion3
PUBH.2060Research Methods in Public Health 3
PUBH.3100Infectious Disease 3
PUBH.4100Public Health Capstone 6
PUBH.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
PUBH.5000Introduction: Work Environment3
PUBH.5010Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health 3
PUBH.5020Organizational Behavior in Health Care 3
PUBH.5021Public Health Policy 3
PUBH.5030Toxicology and Health3
PUBH.5040Health Data Analysis3
PUBH.5050Qualitative Research Methods3
PUBH.5060Quantitative Methods in Health Management 3
PUBH.5061Environmental Health 3
PUBH.5070Leadership and Management in Public Health3
PUBH.5080Principles and Practices of Biological Safety3
PUBH.5100Fundamentals of Occupational Health2
PUBH.5110Health Care Finance 3
PUBH.5120Operations Analysis for Quality Improvement 3
PUBH.5140Healthcare Management 3
PUBH.5141Aerosol Science3
PUBH.5150Applied Health Economics 3
PUBH.5160Laboratory Environmental Health and Safety3
PUBH.5210Introduction to  Industrial Hygiene2
PUBH.5230Introduction To Ergonomics2
PUBH.5250Introduction to Occupational & Environmental Hygiene & Ergonomics3
PUBH.5270Planning and Marketing in Healthcare 3
PUBH.5300Ergonomics and Work3
PUBH.5310Health Informatics 3
PUBH.5311Occupation Biomechanics3
PUBH.5320Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory3
PUBH.5400Occupational Safety Engineering3
PUBH.5420Human Factors3
PUBH.5490Sustainable Housing Development and Land Use: Policy and Practice3
PUBH.5500Environmental Law3
PUBH.5510Work Environment Policy and Practice3
PUBH.5550Comparative Enviormental3
PUBH.5560Analyzing Peace Violence and  War3
PUBH.5570Toxic Use Reduction3
PUBH.5590Conflict Resolution3
PUBH.5750Epidemiology and Biostatistics3
PUBH.5770Biostatistics for Health Data3
PUBH.5790Disability Outcomes and Interventions3
PUBH.6000Practicum/Capstone I3
PUBH.6010Practicum/Capstone II3
PUBH.6070Healthcare Information Systems 3
PUBH.6100Exposure Assessment3
PUBH.6110Physical Properties Of Aerosols3
PUBH.6120Exposure Data Analysis3
PUBH.6130Research Methods in PL and Environment3
PUBH.6131Design and Evaluation of Ventilation Systems3
PUBH.6140Evaluation of Work Environment Hazards3
PUBH.6150Solutions for Work Environment Hazards3
PUBH.6160Law and Ethics in Healthcare 3
PUBH.6180Risk Management and Training3
PUBH.6191Measurement of Chemical Exposure3
PUBH.6200Advanced Exposure Assesment3
PUBH.6220Biomarkers in Occupations and Environment3
PUBH.6250Health Policy 3
PUBH.6260Leadership in Healthcare 3
PUBH.6270Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health3
PUBH.6320Health Information System Planning 3
PUBH.6321Advanced Biomechanics3
PUBH.6330Healthcare Database Design 3
PUBH.6350Healthcare Project Management 3
PUBH.6380Strategic Planning in Healthcare and HIT (Health Information Technology) 3
PUBH.6381Methods of Work Analysis 3
PUBH.6390Electronic Health Record Systems 3
PUBH.6430Health Work Organization Design3
PUBH.6510Work Environment Policy3
PUBH.6540Work, Technology and Training3
PUBH.6550Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics3
PUBH.6580Clean Product Design3
PUBH.6590Cleaner Production3
PUBH.6660MPH Practicum 3
PUBH.6670Integrated Practical Learning 3
PUBH.6710Comparative Health Systems3
PUBH.6780Occupational Respiratory Disease Epidemiology3
PUBH.6800Introduction To SAS1
PUBH.6820Applied Epidemiology Methods3
PUBH.6830Risk Assessment3
PUBH.6840Musculoskeletal Epidemiology3
PUBH.6870Quantitative Models for Public Health3
PUBH.6880Research Synthesis Environmental Health Policy3
PUBH.6890Advanced Regression Modeling3
PUBH.6900Critical Review Health Regulations3
PUBH.6950Chemical Process/Sustainability3
PUBH.7020Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene1
PUBH.7040Independent Study: Ergonomics1
PUBH.7080Independent Study: Epidemiology1
PUBH.7090Independent Studies: Occupational Epidemiology1.5
PUBH.7110Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene3
PUBH.7120Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene2
PUBH.7130Independent Study: Ergonomics3
PUBH.7150Independent Study: Work Environment Policy3
PUBH.7170Independent Study: Epidemiology3
PUBH.7190Independent Study: Clean Production3
PUBH.7210Selected Topics : Industrial  Hygiene3
PUBH.7230Selected Topics: Ergonomics3
PUBH.7250Epidemiologic Theory1.5
PUBH.7270Selective Topics: Epidemiology3
PUBH.7280Sel Top: Work Env Policy3
PUBH.7290Selected Topics: Clean Production3
PUBH.7330Capstone Project 3
PUBH.7331Graduate Project3
PUBH.7350Independent Study:  Policy3
PUBH.7360Graduate Project - Work Environment6
PUBH.7370Independent Study: Epidemiology3
PUBH.7390Graduate Project - Work Environment9
PUBH.7430Master's Thesis Research3
PUBH.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Work Environment9
PUBH.76101 - Credit Continued Graduate Research 1
PUBH.7630Continued Graduate  Research3
PUBH.7700Directed Readings: Epidemiology Biostatistics3
PUBH.7760Curricular Practical Training (CPT) 1
PUBH.9990Intercampus Graduate Researdh0
035.308Food and Nutrition Engineering3
18.501Wetlands Ecology3
18.503Toxicology and Risk Assessment3
18.504Geographic Information S3
18.505Glacial and Pleistocene Geology3
18.506Regional Hydrogeology3
18.510Water Resource System Assessment3
18.512Geology & Evaluation Technology3
18.513Legal Aspects Environmental  Issues3
18.514Engineering Law3
18.516Topics in Geomorphology3
18.517Soil Physics3
18.519Introduction ot MIcrobiology3
18.520Environmental Impact Statements3
18.522Municipal,  Industrial Hazardous Waste3
18.523Air Pollution Control3
18.525Epidemiology for Enviromental Studies3
18.526Glacial + Pleist Geology3
18.527Environmental Law3
18.528Water Supply and Pollution Control3
18.529Marine Pollution3
18.530Environment and Natural Resource Economics3
18.531Sustainable Water Infrastructure3
18.553Special  Topics3
18.568Environmental Chemistry1
18.571Air Pollution Phenomenon3
18.572Energy and Environment3
18.573Air Pollution Laboratory3
18.574Air Quality  Modeling Application3
18.575Advanced Physical Chemistry for Environmental System3
18.576Boundry Layer Meteorology3
18.577Remote Sensing Of Atmosphere3
18.578Advanced Synoptic Meteorology3
18.579Atmospheric  Structure and  Dynamics3
18.580Implementation Environmental Policy3
18.582Water Planning: Future3
18.591Biological Oceanography3
18.651Special Topics3
18.693Master's Project in Environment3
18.705Supervised Teaching-Environment0
18.733Graduate Project - Environmental Studies3
18.736Graduate Project - Environmental Studies6
18.739Graduate Project - Environmental Studies9
18.743Master'sThesis - Environmental Studies3
18.746Master'sThesis - Environmental Studies6
18.749Master's Thesis - Environmental Studies9
18.763Continued Graduate Research3
18.766Continued Graduate Research6
18.769Continued Graduate Research9
19.500Introduction: Work Environment3
19.501Industrial Hygiene3
19.502Industrial Toxicology3
19.503Toxicology and Health3
19.504Review of Occupational Standards3
19.505Qualitative Research Methods3
19.506Introduction to Environmental Health3
19.508Principles and Practices of Biological Safety3
19.509Hazardous Waste Worker Health3
19.510Industrial Hygiene2
19.511Industrial Hygiene Sampling Laboratory1
19.512Exposure Assessment3
19.513Health Hazard Manufacturing Processes1
19.514Aerosol Science3
19.515Measure  Airborne Content  Laboratory1
19.516Laboratory Environmental Health and Safety3
19.517Physical Agents Evaluation3
19.518Engineering Controls and PPE3
19.519Indoor Air Quality3
19.521Introduction to  Industrial Hygiene2
19.523Introduction To Ergonomics2
19.525Introduction to Occupational & Environmental Hygiene & Ergonomics3
19.530Ergonomics And Work3
19.531Occupation Biomechanics3
19.532Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory3
19.534Safety Engineering3
19.540Occupational Engineering Safety3
19.541Construction Safety3
19.542Human Factors3
19.543Health Work Orginization Design3
19.544Safety and Health Standard3
19.549Sustainable Housing Development and Land Use: Policy and Practice3
19.550Environmental Law3
19.551Work Environment Policy3
19.552Work Environment Policy II3
19.553International Occupational  Safety & Hleath3
19.554Labor And Technology3
19.555Comparative Enviormental3
19.556Analyzing Peace Violence and  War3
19.557Toxic Use Reduction3
19.558Occupational Health Administration I3
19.559Conflict Resolution3
19.563Risk Communication3
19.566History Politics Occupational Health3
19.568Comparative Environmental Studies3
19.570Introduction To Occupational Epidemiology3
19.571Epidemiological  Methods II3
19.572Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology3
19.573Bioaerosols in Health and Biodefense3
19.575Introduction Biostatistics and Epidemiology3
19.576Intermediate Biostatistics and Epidemiology3
19.577Intermediate Biostatistics3
19.579Disability Outcomes and Interventions3
19.581Occupational Biostatistics3
19.599Work Environment Seminar0
19.600Work Environment Capstone3
19.601Work Environment Capstone3
19.610Exposure Assessment3
19.611Physical Properties Of Aerosols3
19.612Exposure Data Analysis3
19.613Design and Evaluation of Ventilation Systems3
19.614Advanced Air Chemistry3
19.615Work Environment Policy and Practice3
19.617Airborne Contaminants3
19.618Risk Management and Training3
19.619Exposure Assessment II3
19.620Advanced Exposure Assesment3
19.622Biomarkers in Occupations and Environment3
19.625Field Evaluations3
19.632Advanced Biomechanics3
19.634Cardiac Effects Of Work3
19.636Ergonomic Stress & Pregnancy3
19.638Methods In Work Analysis1
19.641Principles/Accident and Prevention3
19.643Health Work Organization Design3
19.645Advanced Psychological Factor3
19.648Advanced Regression Modeling3
19.650Work Environment Policy3
19.651Solutions to Work Environment Hazards3
19.653Globalization, Work, and Health3
19.654Work, Technology and Training3
19.655Economic Analysis3
19.656Workers Compensation3
19.657Gender Differences at Work3
19.658Clean Product Design3
19.659Cleaner Production3
19.665Social Movements and Empowerment3
19.670Occupational Cancer Epidemiology3
19.671Epidemiology Methods II3
19.674Regression Methods3
19.677Directed Readings Design3
19.678Occupational Respiratory Disease Epidemiology3
19.680Introduction to SAS1
19.681Exposure Modeling3
19.682Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology3
19.683Risk Assessment3
19.684Musculoskeletal Epidemiology3
19.685Injury Epidemiology3
19.686Introduction To Mathematical Statistics3
19.687Quantitative Models Environmental Health3
19.688Research Synthesis Environmental Health Policy3
19.689Advanced Regression Modeling3
19.690Critical Review Health Regulations3
19.692Critical Review-Health Regulations3
19.695Chemical Process/Sustainability3
19.702Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene1
19.704Independent Study: Ergonomics1
19.705Supervised Tchng - Work Environment0
19.706Independent Study: Work Environment Policy1
19.708Independent Study: Epidemiology1
19.709Independent Studies: Occupational Epidemiology1.5
19.710Independent Study: Industrial  Hygiene3
19.711Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene3
19.712Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene2
19.713Independent Study:  Ergonomics3
19.714Independent Study: Ergonomics2
19.715Independent Study: Work Environment Policy3
19.716Independent Study: Work Environment Policy2
19.717Independent Study: Epidemiology3
19.718Independent Study: Epidemiology2
19.719Independent Study: Clean Production3
19.720Independent Study:Cleaner Production2
19.721Selected Topics : Industrial  Hygiene3
19.723Selected Topics: Ergonomics3
19.725Epidemiologic Theory1.5
19.727Selective Topics: Epidemiology3
19.728Sel Top: Work Env Policy3
19.729Selected Topics: Clean Production3
19.730Independent Studies3
19.731Independent Study:  Industrial Hygiene3
19.733Graduate Project3
19.735Independent Study:  Policy3
19.736Graduate Project - Work Environment6
19.737Independent Study: Epidemiology3
19.739Graduate Project - Work Environment9
19.743Master's Thesis Research3
19.746Master's Thesis - Work Environment6
19.748Work Environment Master's Thesis3
19.753Doctoral Dissertation/Work Environment3
19.756Doctoral Dissertation/Work Environment6
19.759Doctoral Dissertation/Work Environment9
19.763Continued Graduate  Research3
19.766Continued Graduate Research6
19.769Continued Graduate Research9
19.770Directed Readings: Epidemiology Biostatistics3
19.772Advanced Topics: Occupational Epidemiology3
19.773Advanced Topics: Occupational Epidemiology3
19.774Research: Hazardous Surveillance3
19.799Doctoral Research Seminar3
19.932Advanced Biomechanical Modeling3
19.999Intercampus Graduate Research0
30.102Introduction to Public Health3
30.160Intro. to Emergency Medical Tech.6
30.201Community Health (See 31.201)3
30.206Introduction to Gerontology3
30.208Nutrition and Culture3
30.210Clinical Calculations1
30.305Exercise Physiology Lecture4
30.306Introduction to Gerontology3
30.307Exercise Physiology Laboratory1
30.308Global Health3
30.309-IExercise Physiology Laboratory (See 30.307)1
30.309Exercise Physiology Laboratory (See 30.307)1
30.317Kinesiology Lab1
30.320Legal Issues in Nursing3
30.522Independent Study Nursing Archives2
30.550Human Development and Pathophysiology3
30.552Independent Study1
30.555Computers in Health Information Management3
30.559Graduate Pharmacology3
30.622Independent  Study Health Promotion3
30.632Epidemiology  Basics  Of Health Promotion3
31.200Children's Health Issues3
31.201Community Health and Environment (formerly 30.201)3
31.203Computer Technology in Health Care3
31.204Intro to Health Promotion3
31.511Graduate Teaching Health Practicum3
31.514Program Management in Health3
31.521Introduction to Green Chemistry3
31.522Mechanistic Toxicology3
31.523Sustainable Materials3
31.524Interfacial Phenomena3
31.525Experimental Conceptualization3
31.528Education Foundation  For Health Promotion3
31.571Green Chemistry Seminar1
31.572Green Chemistry Colloquium2
31.599Directed Studies3
31.729Dissertation Research3
32.502Organizational Behavior in Healthcare3
32.504Health Data Analysis3
32.506Quantitative Methods in Healthcare Management3
32.511Healthcare Finance3
32.512Operations Analysis and Quality Improvement3
32.514Healthcare Management3
32.515Applied Health Economics3
32.527Planning and Marketing in Healthcare3
32.531Health Informatics3
32.555Computers:  Health Information Management3
32.593Independent Study1
32.606Quantitative Methods Health Services3
32.607Healthcare Information Systems3
32.613Research Methods in PL and Environment3
32.616Law and Ethics in Healthcare3
32.617Graduate Internship and Seminar3
32.619Project Thesis3
32.620Human Resource Management3
32.621Management Information Systems3
32.622Importance & Orginizational Impact Of Health Care Issues3
32.624Health Policy3
32.625Health Policy3
32.626Leadership in Healthcare3
32.627Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health3
32.628Ethics and Law in Health3
32.629Long-term Care Administration3
32.630Principles Of Health Promotion3
32.632Health Information Systems Planning3
32.633Healthcare Database Design3
32.634Healthcare Database Development3
32.635Healthcare Project Management3
32.636Principles of Health Promotion3
32.638Strategic Planning in Healthcare and Healthcare Information Technology3
32.639Electronic Health Record Systems3
32.661Health Care Accounting3
32.671Comparative Health Systems3
32.705Supervised Teaching Health Services Administration0
32.733Capstone Project3
32.736Graduate Project - Health Education6
32.739Graduate Project - Health Education9
32.743Master's Thesis - Health Education3
32.763Continued Graduate Research3
32.766Continued Graduate Research6
32.769Continued Graduate Research9
33.103Academic Strategies: Portfolio and Seminar1
33.301Research in Nursing and Health Care3
33.306Health Assessment3
33.307Concepts for Baccalaureate Nursing3
33.308Health Promotion in Nursing2
33.320Community-Focused Health and Policy3
33.324Community-Focused Project Implementation2
33.325Community-Focused Project Dissemination1
33.343Forensic Psychology3
33.410Acute Nursing3
33.412Community Health and Health Policy4
33.413Role Transition4
33.414Role Practicum6
33.415Community Health Project3
33.420Leadership in Nursing3
33.421Selected Topics in Nursing3
33.522Independent  Study Health Promotion2
33.552Social, Cultural and Policy Issues in Health Care3
33.554-IPalliative and End of Life Nursing Care3
33.554Palliative and End of Life Nursing Care3
33.558Geropsychiatric and Mental Health Nursing3
33.559Advanced Pharmacology3
33.600Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice3
33.601Research Utilization3
33.602Clinical Psychopharmacology3
33.603Psychopharmacology and Related Psychobiology3
33.610Gerontological Nursing  I4
33.611Gerontological Nursing  II4
33.612Gerontological Nursing III4
33.613Gerontological Nursing Practicum I3
33.614Gerontological Nursing Practicum II3
33.615Independent Study-Research3
33.616Health Care Financial Management3
33.620Adult  Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing I4
33.621Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing II4
33.622Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing III4
33.623Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Practicum I3
33.624Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum  II3
33.632Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Practicum I3
33.651Advanced Health Assessment3
33.660Family Health Nursing I4
33.661Family Health Nursing II4
33.662Family Health Nursing III4
33.663Family Health Nursing Practicum I3
33.664Family Health Nursing Practicum II3
33.670Occupational Health Nursing I4
33.671Occupational Health Nursing II4
33.672Occupational Health Nursing III4
33.673Occupational Health Nursing Practicum3
33.674Occupational Health Nursing Practicum II3
33.680Concepts and Theories Nursing Administration3
33.681Nursing Administration I3
33.682Nursing Administration I Practicum2
33.683Nursing Administration II3
33.684Nursing Administration  II Practicum3
33.685Nursing Administration III1
33.686Clinical Dimensions of Sleep and Chronobiology3
33.687Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis Across Sleep Disorders3
33.688Clinical Assessment & Intervention in Sleep Dysregulation3
33.689Scholarly Project/Capstone3
33.700Survey of Research Methods II3
33.701Philosophy of Science3
33.702Theoretical Foundations Of Health Promotion3
33.703Research In Nursing and Health Promotion3
33.704Research Methods and Experimental  Design  I3
33.705Supervised Teaching - Nursing0
33.706Measusrement in Health & Behavioral Research3
33.707Epidemiology Of Health Promotion3
33.708Advanced Seminar: Health Promotion3
33.709Intervention Develepmont in Health Promotion3
33.710Statistics I3
33.711Statistics II3
33.712Research Apprenticeship3
33.713Curriculum and  Teaching In Nursing3
33.714Advanced Statistics3
33.715Independent Study3
33.716Qualitative Methods3
33.717Evaluation Research3
33.720Psychology Of Aging3
33.721Physiology Psychology3
33.722Advanced Cognitive Psychology3
33.723Secondary Data Analysis3
33.724Culture and Mental Health3
33.725Independent St:udy Violent Youth3
33.726Measurement In Nursing3
33.727Health Policy I3
33.728Health Policy II3
33.729Substance Abuse Modern Society3
33.730Quantitative Research Methods and Grantsmenship3
33.732Pregnancy Research3
33.733Graduate Project - Nursing3
33.734Maternal Child Health3
33.735Mental Health and Culture3
33.736Graduate Project - Nursing6
33.739Graduate Project - Nursing9
33.743Master's Thesis - Nursing3
33.746Master's Thesis - Nursing6
33.749Master's Thesis - Nursing9
33.753Doctoral Dissertation3
33.756Doctoral Dissertation6
33.759Doctoral Dissertation9
33.763Continued Graduate  Research3
33.766Continued Graduate Research6
33.768Independent Study/Seminar3
33.769Continued Graduate  Research9
33.771Advanced Nursing Leadership and Management3
33.777Independent Study: Practicum in Nursing Education3
34.D31PT Prin + Prac IV Lab0.1
34.510Models and Measurement in Disability3
34.601Clinical Anatomy3
34.602Neuroscience  Anatomy3
34.603Anatomy Laboratory1
34.605Physical Therapy Interventions I Lecture3
34.606Neuroscience Laboratory1
34.607Physical Therapy Interventions I Laboratory1
34.608Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I3
34.609Medical/Surgical Pathology3
34.610Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I Laboratory1
34.611Professional Issues/Clinical Practice3
34.612Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I3
34.613Principles of Clinical Teaching3
34.614Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I Laboratory1
34.615Clinical Education I Seminar1
34.616Research Methods3
34.617Neurological Physical Therapy Lecture I3
34.618Management And Ethics3
34.619Neurological Physical Therapy Laboratory I1
34.620Neurological Physical Therapy II3
34.621Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II Lecture3
34.622Neurological Physical Therapy  II Laboratory1
34.623Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II Laboratory1
34.624Directed Research II1
34.625Physical Therapy Interventions II3
34.626Geriatric Physical Therapy3
34.627Physical Therapy Interventions II Laboratory1
34.628Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy III3
34.629Directed Research1
34.630Musculoskeletal III Laboratory1
34.631Pediatric Physical Therapy Lecture3
34.632Special Topics in Physical Therapy3
34.633Pediatric Physical Therapy Laboratory1
34.634Clinical Education Experience II2
34.635Clinical Education II Seminar1
34.636Clinical Education II2
34.637Clinical Reasoning I3
34.638Medical/Surgical  Pathology3
34.639Medical/Surgical -Orthopedics3
34.640Clinical Reasoning In Physical Therapy II3
34.641Business Skills In Physical Therapy2
34.642Health Care Issues2
34.643Directed Research III1
34.644Clinical Education Fieldwork II3
34.645Physical Interventions III3
34.646Musculoskeletal Spine I3
34.647PT Interventions III Lab1
34.648Service Learning in Physical Therapy1
34.649Adv Neurological PT3
34.650Clinical Education Experience I3
34.651Sectional Human Anatomy3
34.652Clinical Education Experience II3
34.653Clinical Education III3
34.654Clinical Education Experience IV3
34.655Research Seminar3
34.656Directed Research1
34.657Advanced Anatomy3
34.658Independent Studies3
34.659Sectional Human Anatomy Laboratory1
34.701Portfolio Assessment PT0
34.702Clinical Reasoning in Physical Therapy3
34.704Healthcare Issues: Clinical Practice3
34.705Supervised Tchng PT1
34.706Social Isolation, Health and Disability in Older Hombeound Adults3
35.101Human Anatomy and Physiology I3
35.102Human Anatomy and Physiology II3
35.103Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I1
35.104Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory II1
35.203Basic Clinical Microbiology and Pathology Lab1
35.206Human Nutrition3
35.207Fitness and Nutrition3
35.208Nutrition and Culture3
35.209Food Sanitation, Safety, and Food-Borne Diseases3
35.210Complementary Health on the World Wide Web3
35.211Basic Clinical Microbiology and Pathology3
35.213Basic Clinical Microbiology & Pathology Laboratory1
35.251Physiological Chemistry I3
35.252Physiological Chemistry II3
35.253Physiological Chemistry Laboratory I1
35.254Physiological Chemistry Laboratory II1
35.307Current Perspectives in Nutrition3
36.341Organic Reactions & Structure3
36.343Organic Reactions & Structure Laboratory1
36.350Human Biochemistry3
36.371Advanced Human Nutrition3
36.372Obesity and Weight Control3
36.406Biochemistry of Lipids3
36.414Infectious Disease3
36.463Vitamins and Minerals3
36.472Nutrition and Gene Expression3
36.481Medical Nutrition Therapy I (prev. Clinical Nutrition)3
36.494Directed Research in Nutrition3
36.506Biochemistry Of Lipids3
36.531Clinical Immunohematology3
36.541Introduction to Public Health and the Public Health Laboratory3
36.551Advanced Pathophysiology3
36.553Advanced Clinical Chemistry3
36.555Clinical Laboratory Management3
36.559Graduate Pharmacology3
36.563Vitamins and Minerals3
36.565Lab Methods in Nutrition Assessment3
36.572Nutrition and Gene Expression3
36.573Topics In Clinical Laboratory Sciences1
36.575Topics in Clinical Laboratory Science I3
36.576Topics in Clinical Laboratory Science  II3
36.580Clinical Applications of Molecular Genetics3
36.582Seminar in Advanced Nutrition3
36.613Infectious Disease3
36.615Medical Mycology and Parasitology3
36.617Medical Mycology3
36.624Directed Research3
36.629Experimental Hematology Clinical Laboratory3
36.640Quality Assurance, Control and Improvement in the Clinical and Public Health Laboratory3
36.702Graduate Project In Clinical Laboratory Sciences3
36.706Advanced  Project in Clinical Laboratory Sciences4
36.733Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences3
36.734Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences4
36.736Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences6
36.739Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences9
36.743Master's Thesis - Clinical Lab Sciences3
36.744Master's Thesis - Clinical Laboratory Science4
36.753Doctoral Research3
36.756Doctoral Research6
36.759Doctoral Research9
36.763Continued Graduate  Research3
36.766Continued Graduate Research6
36.769Continued Graduate  Research9
38.305Exercise Physiology I4
38.317Kinesiology Laboratory1
38.420Advanced Study in Exercise Physiology3
65.651Labor And Technology3
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