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Course Catalog: Humanities & social sciences, undergraduate-level courses

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CRS#Course NameCredits
AEST.3600Aesthetics and Critical Studies of Graphic Design 3
AMST.2480Perspectives American Culture 3
AMST.4910Directed Studies in American Studies
AMST.4960Practicum Experience in American Studies 3
AMST.4970Practicum in American Studies
ARHI.1010Art Appreciation 3
ARHI.1050Comparative Arts 3
ARHI.2030History of Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval Art 3
ARHI.2040History of Art II: Renaissance to Modern Art 3
ARHI.2110Nineteenth Century Art3
ARHI.2210Twentieth Century Art 3
ARHI.2310Greek and Roman Art3
ARHI.3000Art History, Music and Culture 3
ARHI.3020Studies In World Art 3
ARHI.3130American Art 3
ARHI.3210Italian Renaissance Art 3
ARHI.3230Northern Renaissance Art3
ARHI.3300Italian Mannerism3
ARHI.3310Asian Art3
ARHI.3320Baroque Art in Italy3
ARHI.3400Women and Art3
ARHI.3500Post Modernism (Contemporary Art)3
ARHI.3520Contemporary Art and Culture 3
ARHI.3600Museum Issues3
ARHI.3700Art History and Film3
ARHI.4900Art History Seminar 3
ARHI.4940Directed Study in Art History3
ARHI.4950Advanced Tutorial in Art History3
ARHI.4960Practicum Experience in Art History 3
CRIM.1010The Criminal Justice System 3
CRIM.1110Introduction to Industrial Security3
CRIM.1150Introduction to Homeland Security 3
CRIM.1410Introduction to Policing 3
CRIM.1510Introduction to Corrections 3
CRIM.2030Technology and the Criminal Justice System 3
CRIM.2120Weapons of Mass Destruction3
CRIM.2130Emergency Management 3
CRIM.2210Criminology 3
CRIM.2230Crime and the Media 3
CRIM.2330Criminal Procedure3
CRIM.2340Criminal Law 3
CRIM.2350Introduction to the Law and Politics of Constitutional Development3
CRIM.2410Physical Security3
CRIM.2430Criminalistics I3
CRIM.2440Criminalistics II3
CRIM.2480Terrorism (international and domestic) 3
CRIM.2510Institutional Corrections3
CRIM.2610Juvenile Delinquency 3
CRIM.2800Criminal Justice Ethics3
CRIM.3120Security Management 3
CRIM.3260Hate Crime 3
CRIM.3270Violence in America 3
CRIM.3410International Perspectives on Crime and Crime Control3
CRIM.3420Criminal Profiling 3
CRIM.3430Forensic Psychology 3
CRIM.3450The Role of Women in Terrorism and War3
CRIM.3460Critical Infrastructure Protection 3
CRIM.3470Police Innovations 3
CRIM.3480Advanced Seminar on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism 3
CRIM.3490Intelligence & National Security3
CRIM.3510Community -Based Corrections 3
CRIM.3520Decision Making Under Uncertainty3
CRIM.3600Gender, Race, and Crime 3
CRIM.3650Hate Crimes3
CRIM.3700Criminal Justice Management3
CRIM.3730Issues in Police Administration3
CRIM.3800Selected Topics in Criminal Justice 3
CRIM.3850Crime and Mental Illness 3
CRIM.3870Criminal Mind and Behavior 3
CRIM.3880Forensic Psychopathology 3
CRIM.3900Criminal Justice Research Methods 3
CRIM.3950Statistics in Criminal Justice 3
CRIM.3970Crime Mapping 3
CRIM.3980Criminal Justice Data Analysis 3
CRIM.4010Substance Abuse and Crime 3
CRIM.4220Victimology 3
CRIM.4770Intimate Partner Violence 3
CRIM.4780Child Maltreatment 3
CRIM.4890Capstone Seminar in Criminology & Criminal Justice 3
CRIM.4900Criminal Justice Honors Seminar3
CRIM.4910Directed Study - Criminal Justice
CRIM.4930Issues in Technology and Security 3
CRIM.4950Criminal Justice Field Studies 6
CRIM.4960Criminal Justice Internship 3
CRIM.4970Paralegal Prcacticum/Internship3
DGMD.2510Video Production for Digital Media3
DGMD.340Lighting Principles3
DGMD.410TV Studio Production3
ECON.1010Economics of Social Issues3
ECON.2010Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECON.2020Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECON.2110Statistics for Business and Economics I 3
ECON.2120Statistics for Business and Economics II3
ECON.3020Labor Economics3
ECON.3030Microeconomic Theory 3
ECON.3040Macroeconomic Theory 3
ECON.3120Managerial Economics 3
ECON.3160Investments: Instruments and Strategies 3
ECON.3180Financial Markets and Monetary Policy 3
ECON.3250United States Economic History 3
ECON.4010Special Topics in Economics3
ECON.4030International Economics 3
ECON.4150Introduction to Environmental Economics3
ENGL.1010College Writing I 3
ENGL.1010SIIntensive Writing Lab - Supplemental Instruction
ENGL.1020College Writing II 3
ENGL.1020SIIntensive Writing Lab 22
ENGL.1100College Writing Workshop
ENGL.2010Classical Mythology 3
ENGL.2020Great Books of the Modern Period3
ENGL.2070English Studies in a Digital Environment 3
ENGL.2110Poetry 3
ENGL.2120The Short Story 3
ENGL.2150The Modern Essay3
ENGL.2160Monsters, Apes & Nightmares 3
ENGL.2170The Horror Story 3
ENGL.2180Comedy 3
ENGL.2200Oral & Written Communication for Computer Science 3
ENGL.2220Oral Communication3
ENGL.2240Business Writing 3
ENGL.2260Scientific and Technical Communication 3
ENGL.2270Essay Writing for English Majors3
ENGL.2290Essay Writing for Non-English Majors3
ENGL.2320Turning Fiction into Film 3
ENGL.2360Science Fiction and Fantasy 3
ENGL.2380Introduction to Creative Writing 3
ENGL.2390Introduction to Professional Writing 3
ENGL.2400Literature and Women 3
ENGL.2420The Heroine in Modern Fiction3
ENGL.2430Contemporary Women Writers 3
ENGL.2460Gay & Lesbian Literature 3
ENGL.2500The Bible as Literature3
ENGL.2510War in Literature3
ENGL.2530The Culture of American Sport3
ENGL.2570The Family in American Literature3
ENGL.2670Introduction to Shakespeare3
ENGL.2720Modern European Fiction3
ENGL.2740The Literature of the Beat Movement3
ENGL.2810British Literary Traditions 3
ENGL.2820American Literary Traditions 3
ENGL.2850Crime in Literature 3
ENGL.2910History of English Literature I3
ENGL.2920History of English Literature II3
ENGL.2940History of American Literature I3
ENGL.2950History of American Literature II3
ENGL.2980Children's Literature 3
ENGL.3000Intro to Journalism3
ENGL.3020Creative Writing: Fiction 3
ENGL.3030Creative Writing: Poetry 3
ENGL.3040Creative Writing: Screenwriting3
ENGL.3050Reviewing the Arts 3
ENGL.3060Intermediate Professional Writing3
ENGL.3070History of the English Language 3
ENGL.3080Analysis of Modern English3
ENGL.3100Writing Popular Fiction 3
ENGL.3110The South in American Literature 3
ENGL.3140Mystery Writing3
ENGL.3150Old English Language and Literature 3
ENGL.3170British Literature of the Twentieth Century3
ENGL.3200Personal and Reflective Writing 3
ENGL.3220Creative Writing: Creative Non-fiction I 3
ENGL.3230Writing About People3
ENGL.3240Writing About Place 3
ENGL.3250The Rise of the Novel 3
ENGL.3300Twentieth Century British Novel 3
ENGL.3330American Autobiography 3
ENGL.3332Autobiographies of Paris Modernism3
ENGL.3350American Women Novelists 3
ENGL.3370The Gothic Tradition in Literature3
ENGL.3410Studies in Film 3
ENGL.3440Women in Theatre 3
ENGL.3450British Women Novelists 3
ENGL.3480Modern American Drama3
ENGL.3490Arthurian Literature 3
ENGL.3510Literature of the Middle Ages3
ENGL.3520Renaissance Literature 3
ENGL.3530Literature of the Seventeenth Century3
ENGL.3560Literature of the Victorian Period3
ENGL.3620Modern Drama3
ENGL.3660Creative Writing: Poetry II3
ENGL.3680Feature Writing 3
ENGL.3690Reading and Writing New Media3
ENGL.3700Contemporary American Fiction 3
ENGL.3710The Literature of the Beat Movement 3
ENGL.3730Modern Poetry3
ENGL.3760African-American Literature3
ENGL.3770Theories of Rhetoric and Composition 3
ENGL.3780Asian American Literature3
ENGL.3790Post Colonial Literature3
ENGL.3800Travel Literature3
ENGL.3820Theatre History I: Ancient Greece through the 18th Century3
ENGL.3830Theatre History II: Nineteenth Century to the Present 3
ENGL.3880Undergraduate Seminar on the Teaching of Writing 3
ENGL.3920Visual Rhetoric 3
ENGL.3950Special Topics in English 3
ENGL.4010Selected Authors 3
ENGL.4020Topics in Writing 3
ENGL.4080Principles of Technical Writing3
ENGL.4120Software Writing 3
ENGL.4130Advanced Software Writing (Formerly 42.403)3
ENGL.4180Creative Writing: Creative Non-fiction II 3
ENGL.4230Shakespeare I 3
ENGL.4240Shakespeare II 3
ENGL.4290Introduction to Literary Theory 3
ENGL.4375Writing a Book3
ENGL.4790Literature Seminar 3
ENGL.4900Directed Studies in Writing 3
ENGL.4910Directed Study in Literature 3
ENGL.4930Directed Study in Creative Writing 3
ENGL.4970Practicum 3
ENGL.4980Practicum-English Study
FAHS.1050Comparative Arts3
FAHS.2130Foundations in Liberal Studies 3
FAHS.3630Introduction to Disability Studies3
FAHS.3700Washington Center Term
FAHS.4130BLA Capstone 3
FAHS.4800Integrative Fieldwork in Developmental Disabilities I3
FAHS.4810Integrative Fieldwork in Developmental Disabilities II3
FAHS.4910Directed Studies - Intercollegiate FAHSS 3
HIST.1010Classical Civilization3
HIST.1050Western Civilization I 3
HIST.1060The Modern World3
HIST.1070World Civilizations to 1500 3
HIST.1080World Civilizations Since 1500 3
HIST.1110United States History to1877 3
HIST.1120United States History since 18773
HIST.2000Early Christianity3
HIST.2110Historical Dimensions of Globalization3
HIST.2120Modern Latin America
HIST.2250Ancient Greek History3
HIST.2270Europe in the Middle Ages 3
HIST.2310Renaissance and Reformation 3
HIST.2370Europe in the Twentieth Century3
HIST.2400World War I 3
HIST.2420World War II 3
HIST.2485United States Military History3
HIST.2490The Vietnam War 3
HIST.2580Russia to 17963
HIST.2700Women in American History3
HIST.2740Native American History 3
HIST.2750African-American History 3
HIST.2810Sub--Saharan Africa3
HIST.2950Japan Since 16003
HIST.2960United States Diplomatic History 3
HIST.2980Introduction to Historical Methods3
HIST.3040European Economic & Social History3
HIST.3080History of Crime and Social Control3
HIST.3100History of New England3
HIST.3140U.S. Social History Since 18803
HIST.3210The Holocaust 3
HIST.3270England: The Middle Ages3
HIST.3300Tudor and Stuart England, 1485-17143
HIST.3320Warfare in the Ancient World3
HIST.3340The French Revolution and Napoleon 3
HIST.3360Modern Ireland3
HIST.3370Germany Since 18713
HIST.3440Revolutions in the Modern World3
HIST.3450History of Documentary and Film3
HIST.3490The Cuban Revolution3
HIST.3500Colonial North America, 1550-1750 3
HIST.3510Captivity Narratives and Colonial Societies3
HIST.3520The Coming of the American Revolution3
HIST.3530The French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars 3
HIST.3550Jacksonian America 3
HIST.3560Civil War and Reconstruction 3
HIST.3570The New South: Reconstruction to the Present3
HIST.3620The Twenties and the Thirties3
HIST.3650United States History since 1960 3
HIST.3690Russia 1796 to the Present3
HIST.3710Medieval Institutions (correct course number is 43.370)3
HIST.3720Women in the Middle Ages3
HIST.3730Nazi Germany 3
HIST.3740Stalin's Russia 3
HIST.376020th Century Irish History in Film3
HIST.3800Work and Society3
HIST.3820The American West3
HIST.3840Radicalism in American History3
HIST.3890Ancient History in Film3
HIST.3910America and the World3
HIST.3930History of the Middle East and Islamic World3
HIST.4910Directed Study
HON.110First Year Seminar in Honors: Text in the City3
HON.320Seminar: Special Topics in Honors3
HONR.1100First Year Seminar in Honors: Text in the City 3
HONR.3200Seminar: Special Topics in Honors 3
HONR.3300Seminar: Special Topic in Honors (Arts & Humanities Perspective)3
HONR.3400Seminar: Special Topic in Honors (Social Science Perspective)3
JMS.100Introduction to Digital Media3
JMS.340Lighting Principles3
JMS.410TV Studio Production3
LABR.4100Internship in Work, Labor and Society 3
LGST.1030Introduction to Paralegal Studies 3
LGST.2340Criminal Law3
LGST.2500Disability and the Law: Legal Rights of People with Disabilities 3
LGST.2610Introduction to Legal Concepts 3
LGST.2620Introduction to Business Law 3
LGST.2870Legal Writing 3
LGST.3600Legal Issues in Racism 3
LGST.3630Corporate and Property Law 3
LGST.3650The Legal Environment of Business 3
LGST.3660International Law 3
LGST.3670Environmental Law3
LGST.3700Real Estate Law 3
LGST.3720Sports, Entertainment and Art Law 3
LGST.3760Family Law 3
LGST.3770Elder Law3
LGST.3790The Relationship of Law, Logic, and Ethics 3
LGST.3810Women and the Law 3
LGST.3830Alternative Dispute Resolution 3
LGST.3850Immigration Law3
LGST.3860Intellectual Property 3
LGST.3870Legal Research Methods 3
LGST.3900Litigation 3
LGST.3920Wills,Trusts and Estates 3
LGST.4890Seminar in Law 3
LGST.4900Legal Aspects of Cyberspace 3
LGST.4970Legal Studies Practicum 3
MGMT.440International Business3
MGMT.4400International Business 3
MUSR.1100Introduction to Music Technology2
MUSR.4940Senior Project In Sound Recording Technology 6
NONC.CW1River Hawk Review - College Writing 10
PCS.455Mediation: Theory and Practice
PCST.4550Mediation: Theory and Practice 3
PCST.4580Peace and Conflict Field Experience 3
PCST.4750Community Conflict Resolution 3
PHIL.2010Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHIL.2020Introduction to Logic and Critical Reasoning 3
PHIL.2030Introduction to Ethics 3
PHIL.2060Introduction to Political Philosophy 3
PHIL.2960Introduction to World Religions 3
PHIL.3060Feminist Theory Politics3
PHIL.3080Philosophy of Race and Gender 3
PHIL.3105Philosophy of Disability3
PHIL.3110American Cinema3
PHIL.3130American Philosophy3
PHIL.3140Philosophy and Science Fiction3
PHIL.3160Philosophy and Film3
PHIL.3230PhilosophyClassics: Nietzsche 3
PHIL.3340Engineering and Ethics 3
PHIL.3450Rhetoric: History and Theory3
PHIL.3480Eastern Philosophy and Religion3
PHIL.3520Existence & Anxiety 3
PHIL.3650Capitalism and Its Critics 3
PHIL.3750Philosophy of Sex and Love 3
PHIL.3840Philosophies of Art and Beauty
PHIL.3850Philosophy of Popular Culture 3
PHIL.3880Latin American Philosophy3
PHIL.4010Bioethics and Genetics Research 3
PHIL.4910Directed Studies
POLI.1010Introduction to American Politics 3
POLI.1010SISupplemental Instruction for Political Science - Navitas Only
POLI.1050Introduction to Public Policy 3
POLI.1100Introduction to Politics 3
POLI.1120Introduction to Comparative Politics 3
POLI.1210Introduction to International Relations 3
POLI.1750Introduction to Environmental Politics 3
POLI.2010Research Methods in Political Science 3
POLI.2110Media and Politics Around the World3
POLI.2120American Media and Politics 3
POLI.2150African Politics 3
POLI.2180Introduction to Politics and Sports 3
POLI.2220Politics of the Internet 3
POLI.2300Law and the Legal System3
POLI.2310Introduction Political Thought 3
POLI.2350Introduction to the Law and Politics of Constitutional Government3
POLI.2530Introduction to Public Administration and Policy3
POLI.2650State and Local Politics 3
POLI.3010Research Methods in Political Science 3
POLI.3130Electoral Politics 3
POLI.3160Politics and Film 3
POLI.3210Soccer and Politics3
POLI.3230Politics and Baseball 3
POLI.3240Politics of Football 3
POLI.3270The Dynamics of Sexual Politics3
POLI.3290Politics of College Sports3
POLI.3310Animal Rights and Animal Welfare3
POLI.3320The Politics of Food 3
POLI.3350Constitutional Law: Powers & Principles 3
POLI.3370Constitutional Law: Rights & Liberties 3
POLI.3380Political Participation3
POLI.3430Congress 3
POLI.3440American Presidency 3
POLI.3490Politics of Race and Ethnicity3
POLI.3500Urban Politics3
POLI.3510Irish Politics 3
POLI.3530Public Policy and Administration 3
POLI.3550Government Fiscal Policy3
POLI.3560Public Policy Analysis3
POLI.3570Environmental Policy3
POLI.3600European Politics 3
POLI.3630Politics of China3
POLI.3680Middle Eastern Politics 3
POLI.3700Latin American Politics 3
POLI.3800American Foreign Policy3
POLI.4100Reading Seminar in Judicial Review3
POLI.4220SMR: Political communication and Media Studies3
POLI.4910Directed Study 3
POLI.4960Experiential Learning in Political Science 9
POLI.4970Practicum in the Law Requirement.
PSYC.1010Introduction to Psychological Science 3
PSYC.2090Social Psychology 3
PSYC.2320Psychology of Personality 3
PSYC.2550Community Psychology 3
PSYC.2600Child and Adolescent Development 3
PSYC.2690Research I: Methods 3
PSYC.2720Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYC.2730Biological Psych 3
PSYC.2760Theories of Learning3
PSYC.2770Sensation and Perception3
PSYC.2780Cognitive Psychology 3
PSYC.3050Psychology and Law 3
PSYC.3080Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3
PSYC.3120Learning and Behavior 3
PSYC.3280Dynamics of Interpersonal Relations 3
PSYC.3320History of Psychology 3
PSYC.3350Psychology and Women 3
PSYC.3360Culture and Psychology 3
PSYC.3450Health Psychology 3
PSYC.3510Human Sexuality 3
PSYC.3520Psychological Testing 3
PSYC.3550Sport and Exercise Psychology 3
PSYC.3600Adult Development and Aging 3
PSYC.3610Developmental Psychopathology 3
PSYC.3620Psychology of Developmental Disabilities 3
PSYC.3630Introduction to Disability Studies 3
PSYC.3640Family Systems3
PSYC.3680Psychology of Decision-Making3
PSYC.3690Research II: Statistics 3
PSYC.3720Comparative Psychology: Animal Behavior 3
PSYC.3750Research III: Laboratory 3
PSYC.4690Research III: Laboratory 3
PSYC.4720Seminar: Personality3
PSYC.4730Seminar in Social Psychology 3
PSYC.4731Seminar in Social Psychology: Social (In)justice3
PSYC.4740Seminar in Developmental Psychology 3
PSYC.4743Seminar in Developmental Psychology: The Role of Trauma in Child Development3
PSYC.4750Seminar in Clinical Psychology 3
PSYC.4752Seminar in Clinical Psychology: Autism3
PSYC.4760Seminar: Experimental Psychology
PSYC.4770Seminar in Contemporary Trends 3
PSYC.4771Seminar in Contemporary Trends: Addictions3
PSYC.4780Seminar in Cognitive Psychology 3
PSYC.4781Seminar in Cognitive Psychology: Educational Applications3
PSYC.4800Integrative Fieldwork in Developmental Disabilities I3
PSYC.4810Integrative Fieldwork in Developmental Disabilities II3
PSYC.4860Community Service Learning (1, 2, or 3 credits) 3
PSYC.4880Research Service Learning 3
PSYC.4910Directed Study: Psychology 3
PSYC.4920Undergraduate Thesis in Psychology I3
PSYC.4960Practicum in Psychology3
SOCI.1010Introduction to Sociology 3
SOCI.1020Social Anthropology3
SOCI.1110A Novel Approach to Sociology3
SOCI.1120Sociology Goes to the Movies 3
SOCI.1150Social Problems 3
SOCI.2010Foundations of Social Analysis3
SOCI.2110Sociology of American Education 3
SOCI.2120Cultures of the World 3
SOCI.2150Peacemaking Alternatives3
SOCI.2160Sociology of War and Peace 3
SOCI.2170Social Movements 3
SOCI.2200Self-Assessment and Career Development 3
SOCI.2310Sociology of Families 3
SOCI.2340Race and Ethnicity 3
SOCI.2360Sociological Approaches to the Environment3
SOCI.2400Sociology of Gender 3
SOCI.2550Sociology of Deviance 3
SOCI.2560Political Sociology3
SOCI.2700Self and Society
SOCI.2710Sociology of Work 3
SOCI.2760Sociology of the Gun3
SOCI.2800Drugs and Society3
SOCI.3010Sociology of Human Rights3
SOCI.3030Sociology of American Education3
SOCI.3050Sociology of Family Law3
SOCI.3070Sociology of Immigration3
SOCI.3170Sociology of Genocide3
SOCI.3210Social Theory I3
SOCI.3350Sociology of Intimacies and Sexualities3
SOCI.3400Sociology of Sports3
SOCI.3410Wealth, Status and Power 3
SOCI.3450Urban Sociology 3
SOCI.3510The Sociology of Health and Health Care 3
SOCI.3550Black Experience in American Life3
SOCI.3570The Sociology of Religion3
SOCI.3610Sociology of Law3
SOCI.3710Sociology of Work3
SOCI.3820Social Movements3
SOCI.4020Research I Quan. Methods3
SOCI.4910Directed Studies in Sociology 3
SOCI.4920Directed Studies: Sociology
WLAN.2991Directed Studies World Languages Level 33
WLAR.1150Arabic 1 and Culture3
WLAR.1160Arabic 2 and Culture3
WLAR.2150Arabic 3 and Culture3
WLAR.2160Arabic 4 and Culture3
WLCH.1050Chinese 1 and Culture3
WLCH.1060Chinese 2 and Culture3
WLFR.1010French 1 and Culture 3
WLFR.1020French 2 and Culture 3
WLFR.2110French 3 and Culture 3
WLFR.2120French 4 and Culture 3
WLFR.3050World Ready Topic for French Track3
WLFR.3150Franco-American Culture3
WLFR.3200Contemporary French Civilization and Culture3
WLFR.3400Contemporary French Cinema3
WLFR.3760French Cinema & Society3
WLFR.3800Young and Restless in French Cinema3
WLGE.1010German 1 and Culture3
WLGE.1020German 2 and Culture3
WLGE.2110German 3 and Culture3
WLGE.2120German 4 and Culture3
WLGE.4920Directed Study in German Composition3
WLIT.1020Italian 2 and Culture3
WLIT.2110Italian 3 and Culture3
WLIT.2120Italian 4 and Culture3
WLIT.3250Italian American Literature and Culture3
WLIT.3780Italian Cinema and Culture3
WLIT.4960Italian Practicum Experience 3
WLKH.3490Literature, Politics and Genocide in Cambodia3
WLPO.1130Portuguese 1 and Culture3
WLPO.3020Special Topics: in Portuguese Studies 3
WLSP.1010Spanish 1 and Culture 3
WLSP.1020Spanish 2 and Culture 3
WLSP.1030Medical Spanish Studies3
WLSP.2110Spanish 3 and Culture 3
WLSP.2120Spanish 4 and Culture 3
WLSP.3010Introduction to Spanish Literature3
WLSP.3020Survey of Latin American Literature3
WLSP.3050World Ready Topic Spanish Track3
WLSP.3100Spanish Civilization and Culture3
WLSP.3110Contemporary Spanish Culture and Society3
WLSP.3130Fieldwork in the Spanish Community3
WLSP.3150Latin American Civilization and Culture3
WLSP.3200Special Topics in Spanish Studies 3
WLSP.3300Spanish and Latin-American Women Writers 3
WLSP.3330Advanced Spanish Grammar3
WLSP.3340Advanced Spanish composition3
WLSP.3470Advanced Spanish Conversation3
WLSP.3710Hispanic Literature & Film 3
WLSP.4010Spanish Selected Authors 3
WLSP.4045Cervantes' Don Quijote in translation3
WLSP.4090Twentieth Century Spanish Literature3
WLSP.4100Realism and the Nineteenth Century Spanish Novel3
WLSP.4110Hispanic Short Fiction3
WLSP.4920Directed Study in Latin America
WLSP.4940Independent Study in Spanish
WLSP.4960Spanish Practicum Experience 9
41.103Introduction to Paralegal Studies3
41.234Criminal Law3
41.250Disability and the Law3
41.261Introduction to Legal Concepts3
41.262Introduction to Business Law3
41.287Legal Writing3
41.330Children and the Law3
41.348Wills, Trusts and Estates3
41.360Legal Issues in Racism3
41.363Corporate and Property Law3
41.365The Legal Environment of Business3
41.366International Law3
41.367Environmental Law3
41.368Employment Law3
41.369The Courts and the Constitution3
41.370Real Estate Law3
41.371Legal Issues in Health Care3
41.372Sports and Entertainment Law3
41.374Computers and the Law3
41.376Family Law3
41.377Elder Law3
41.379The Relationship of Law, Logic, and Ethics3
41.381Women and the Law3
41.383Alternative Dispute Resolution3
41.384State and Local Taxation3
41.385Immigration Law3
41.386Intellectual Property3
41.387Legal Research Methods3
41.391Federal Taxation Law3
41.392Wills, Trusts, and Estates3
41.393Nursing Malpractice3
41.394Ancient Legal Systems
41.395Bankruptcy Law3
41.490Legal Aspects of Cyberspace3
41.497The Paralegal Practicum3
42.100College Writing A3
42.101College Writing I3
42.102College Writing II 3
42.103College Writing I for International Students3
42.104College Writing II for International Students3
42.201Great Books of Antiquity3
42.202Great Books of the Modern Period3
42.205Human Values - Western Culture3
42.207English Studies in a Digital Environment3
42.212The Short Story3
42.215The Modern Essay3
42.216Monsters, Apes & Nightmares3
42.217The Horror Story3
42.220Personal and Reflective Writing (Course No. changed to 42.320)3
42.221Writing for Interactive Media3
42.222Oral Communication3
42.224Business Writing3
42.225Basic Technical Writing3
42.226Technical and Scientific Communication3
42.227Essay Writing for English Majors3
42.229Essay Writing for Non-English Majors3
42.230Film Classics3
42.232Turning Fiction into Film3
42.236Science Fiction and Fantasy3
42.238Introduction to Creative Writing3
42.241Women in Film3
42.242The Heroine in Modern Fiction3
42.243Contemporary Women Writers3
42.246Gay & Lesbian Literature3
42.250The Bible as Literature3
42.251War in Literature3
42.253The Culture of American Sport3
42.257The Family in American Literature3
42.260Stage Design3
42.262Advanced Acting3
42.267Introduction to Shakespeare3
42.272Modern European Fiction3
42.274The Literature of the Beat Movement3
42.278Literature of the Vietnam War3
42.281British Literary Traditions
42.282American Literary Traditions3
42.291History of English Literature I3
42.292History of English Literature II3
42.294History of American Literature I3
42.295History of American Literature II3
42.298Children's Literature3
42.302Creative Writing: Fiction3
42.303Creative Writing: Poetry3
42.304Creative Writing: Screenwriting3
42.305Reviewing the Arts3
42.306Professional Writing3
42.307History and Development of the English Language3
42.308Analysis of Modern English3
42.310Writing Popular Fiction3
42.311The South in American Literature3
42.315Old English Language and Literature3
42.317British Literature of the Twentieth Century3
42.320Personal and Reflective Writing (Course No. previously 42.220)3
42.322Creative Writing: Creative Non-Fiction3
42.323Writing About People3
42.324Writing About Place3
42.325The Rise of the Novel3
42.330Twentieth Century British Novel3
42.333American Autobiography3
42.335American Women Novelists3
42.337The Gothic Tradition in Literature3
42.341Studies in Film3
42.345British Women Novelists3
42.348Modern American Drama3
42.349Arthurian Literature3
42.351Literature of the Middle Ages3
42.352Renaissance Literature3
42.353Literature of the Seventeenth Century3
42.356Literature of the Victorian Period3
42.362Modern Drama3
42.365Fiction II3
42.366Poetry II3
42.367Playwriting II3
42.369Reading and Writing New Media3
42.370Contemporary American Fiction3
42.373Modern Poetry3
42.376African-American Literature3
42.377Theories of Rhetoric and Composition3
42.378Asian American Literature3
42.379Post Colonial Literature3
42.380War in Literature3
42.381The Existential Hero3
42.382-ITheatre History I: Ancient Greece through the 18th Century3
42.382Theatre History I: Ancient Greece through the 18th Century3
42.388Seminar on Teaching Writing3
42.395Special Topics in English3
42.401-ISelected Authors3
42.401Selected Authors3
42.402Topics in Writing3
42.403Advanced Software Writing (See 42.413)3
42.404Special Topics: Freelance Writing3
42.408Principles of Technical Writing (Formerly 42.401)3
42.410Editing and Publishing Techniques3
42.411Desktop Publishing Laboratory1
42.412Software Writing 3
42.413Advanced Software Writing (Formerly 42.403)3
42.423Shakespeare I3
42.424Shakespeare II3
42.429Introduction to Literary Theory3
43.101Classical Civilization3
43.105Western Civilization I3
43.106The Modern World3
43.107World Civilization I3
43.108World Civilization II3
43.111United States History to 18773
43.112United States History Since 18773
43.200Early Christianity: The First Centuries3
43.202Science and the Modern World3
43.206American Economic History3
43.210History of Sports in the U.S.3
43.211Historical Dimensions of Globalization3
43.212Modern Latin America
43.216American Environmental History3
43.217American Urban History II3
43.225Ancient Greek History3
43.227The Middle Ages3
43.231Renaissance and Reformation3
43.237Europe in the Twentieth Century3
43.238Modern World Biography: Twentieth Century3
43.240World War I3
43.242World War II3
43.258Russia to 17963
43.261Greek and Roman Historians3
43.268History of the Family and Childhood in the U.S.3
43.272The American Indian3
43.274Native American History3
43.275African American History3
43.280Sub-Saharan Africa: Colonies and Independent States (correct number is 43.281)3
43.281Sub-Saharan Africa: Colonies and Independent States3
43.295Japan Since 16003
43.296United States Diplomatic History3
43.298Introduction to Historical Methods3
43.304European Economic & Social History3
43.308History of Crime and Social Control3
43.310History of New England3
43.311History of Science I3
43.314U.S. Social History Since 18803
43.317The Dynamics of Sexual Politics3
43.321The Holocaust3
43.327-IEngland: The Middle Ages3
43.327England: The Middle Ages3
43.330Tudor and Stuart England, 1485-17143
43.332Warfare in the Ancient World3
43.334The French Revolution and Napoleon3
43.335Quantitative Methods3
43.336Problems of Modern Ireland3
43.337Germany Since 18713
43.339Nationalism: The State and Human Rights in Modern Europe Since 18003
43.341Cosmopolitan Boston: 1865-1915
43.344Revolutions in the Modern World3
43.345History of Documentary and Film3
43.349The Cuban Revolution3
43.350Colonial America: History and Culture3
43.351Colonial society and the Captivity Narrative3
43.352The Coming Of The American Revolution3
43.353The French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars3
43.355Jacksonian America3
43.356Civil War and Reconstruction3
43.357The New South: Reconstruction to the Present3
43.362The Twenties and the Thirties3
43.364War and Cold War: United States History in the 1940's and 1950's3
43.365United States History Since 19603
43.369Russia in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries3
43.370Medieval Institutions3
43.371Medieval Institutions (correct course number is 43.370)3
43.373Nazi Germany3
43.374Stalin's Russia3
43.37620th Century Irish History in Film3
43.380Work and Society3
43.382The American West3
43.384Radicalism in American History3
43.389Ancient History in Film3
43.391America and the World3
43.393History of the Middle East and Islamic World3
44.101The Criminal Justice System3
44.111Introduction to Industrial Security3
44.115Introduction to Homeland Security3
44.141Introduction to Policing3
44.151Introduction to Corrections3
44.201Computer Applications in Criminal Justice3
44.203Technology and the Criminal Justice System3
44.211Physical Security3
44.212-IWeapons of Mass Destruction3
44.212Weapons of Mass Destruction3
44.213Emergency Management3
44.223Crime and the Media3
44.233Criminal Procedure3
44.234Criminal Law3
44.235Introduction to the Law and Politics of Constitutional Development3
44.241Physical Security3
44.243Criminalistics I3
44.244Criminalistics II3
44.247Federal Law Enforcement3
44.249Organized Crime3
44.251Institutional Corrections3
44.261Juvenile Delinquency3
44.280Criminal Justice Ethics3
44.281Criminal Justice Ethics3
44.287Legal Writing for Paralegals3
44.301Computer Applications for the Legal Profession3
44.312Security Management3
44.321Advanced Criminology3
44.322Crime Prevention3
44.326Hate Crime3
44.327Violence in America3
44.331Penal Law3
44.335Juvenile Justice3
44.341International Perspectives on Crime and Crime Control3
44.342Criminal Profiling3
44.343Forensic Psychology3
44.347Police Innovations3
44.348Advanced Seminar on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism3
44.349Intelligence and National Security3
44.351Community-Based Corrections3
44.352Community-Based Corrections3
44.354Probation and Parole3
44.360Gender, Race and Crime3
44.365Hate Crimes3
44.370Criminal Justice Management3
44.371Criminal Justice Planning3
44.372Issues in Correctional Administration3
44.373Issues in Police Administration3
44.380Selected Topics in Criminal Justice3
44.381Ethics in Criminal Justice
44.382Privatization of Criminal Justice3
44.383Law and Social Control3
44.385Crime and Mental Illness3
44.387Criminal Mind and Behavior3
44.388Forensic Psychopathology3
44.390Criminal Justice Research Methods3
44.393Forensic Computer Crime3
44.395Statistics in Criminal Justice3
44.397Crime Mapping3
44.398Criminal Justice Data Analysis3
44.401Substance Abuse and Crime3
44.410Women and Criminal Justice3
44.411Technology and Crime Prevention3
44.412Issues in Security Administration3
44.423Elite Deviance and Crime3
44.425Crime and Public Policy3
44.435Alternative Dispute Resolution3
44.477Intimate Partner Violence3
44.478Child Maltreatment3
44.490Criminal Justice Honors Seminar3
44.493Computer Crime and Security3
44.495Criminal Justice Field Studies6
44.497Paralegal Prcacticum/Internship3
45.201Introduction to Philosophy3
45.202Introduction to Logic3
45.203Introduction to Ethics3
45.205Argumentation and Rhetoric3
45.206Introduction to Political Philosophy3
45.207Corporate Communications3
45.296Introduction to world Religions3
45.306Feminist Theory Politics3
45.311American Cinema3
45.313American Philosophy3
45.314Philosophy and Science Fiction3
45.316Philosophy and Film3
45.334Engineering and Ethics3
45.348Eastern Philosophy and Religion3
45.375Philosophy of Sex and Love3
46.101Introduction to American Politics3
46.105Introduction to Public Policy3
46.110Introduction to Politics3
46.112Introduction to Comparative Political Systems3
46.121Introduction to International Relations3
46.175Introduction to Environmental Politics3
46.215African Politics3
46.217Analyzing Peace, Violence and War3
46.218Introduction to Politics and Sports3
46.220Introduction to Gender Studies3
46.222Politics of the Internet3
46.226Media and Politics3
46.230Law and the Legal System3
46.231Introduction to Political Thought3
46.235Introduction to the Law and Politics of Constitutional Government3
46.240Contemporary Political Theory3
46.253Introduction to Public Administration and Policy3
46.265State and Local Politics3
46.270Legislative Politics3
46.313Electoral Politics3
46.316Politics and Film3
46.317Politics and Music3
46.318Politics and Advertising3
46.321Soccer and Politics3
46.323Baseball and Politics3
46.324The Politics of Football3
46.327The Dynamics of Sexual Politics3
46.329Gender in Sport3
46.331Animal Rights and Animal Welfare3
46.332The Politics of Food3
46.338Political Participation3
46.343The Congress3
46.344The American Presidency3
46.345Constitutional Law and Politics3
46.347Civil Liberties3
46.348Literature, Politics and Genocide in Cambodia3
46.349Politics of Race and Ethnicity3
46.350Urban Politics3
46.353Introduction to Administration and Public Policy3
46.355Government Fiscal Policy3
46.356Public Policy Analysis3
46.357Environmental Policy3
46.360European Politics3
46.363Politics of China3
46.368Middle Eastern Politics3
46.370Latin American Politics3
46.380American Foreign Policy3
46.410Reading Seminar in Judicial Review3
46.412Kennedy Politics3
46.417Analyzing Peace, Violence and War3
46.422Seminar: Media Studies3
47.101General Psychology3
47.209Social Psychology3
47.232Psychology of Personality3
47.255Community Psychology3
47.260Child and Adolescent Development3
47.269Research I: Basics3
47.272Abnormal Psychology3
47.273Brain, Mind and Behavior3
47.276Theories of Learning3
47.277Sensation and Perception3
47.278Cognitive Psychology3
47.305Psychology and Law3
47.308Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
47.312Learning and Behavior3
47.328Dynamics of Interpersonal Relations3
47.335Psychology and Women3
47.336Culture and Psychology3
47.345Health Psychology3
47.351Human Sexuality3
47.352Psychological Testing3
47.355Sport and Exercise Physiology3
47.360Adult Development and Aging3
47.361Developmental Psychopathology (Formerly Problems and Issues in Childhood and Adolescence)3
47.362Psychology of Developmental Disabilities3
47.363Introduction to Disability Studies3
47.364Psychology of Crime and Corrections3
47.369Research II: Statistics3
47.373Brain, Mind and Behavior (Course number changed to 47.273)3
47.375Research III: Laboratory3
47.472Seminar: Personality3
47.473Seminar in Social Psychology3
47.474Seminar: Developmental Psychology3
47.475Seminar in Clinical Psychology3
47.477Seminar: Contemporary Trends in Psychology3
47.478Seminar in Cognitive Psychology3
47.480Integrative Fieldwork in Developmental Disabilities I3
47.481Integrative Fieldwork in Developmental Disabilities II3
47.486Community Service Learning3
47.488Research Service Learning3
47.491Directed Study: Psychology3
47.496Practicum in Psychology3
48.101Introduction to Sociology3
48.102Social Anthropology3
48.110Introduction to Social Values3
48.111A Novel Approach to Sociology3
48.112Sociology Goes to the Movies3
48.201Social Anthropology3
48.203Technology and Human Values3
48.212Cultures of the World3
48.215Peacemaking Alternatives3
48.216Sociology of War and Peace3
48.220Self-Assessment and Career Development3
48.231Sociology of the Family3
48.234The Study of Minorities3
48.235Black Experience in American Life3
48.23648.236 Sociological Approaches to the Environment3
48.240Sociology of Gender3
48.250Sociology of Non-Violence3
48.255Sociology of Deviance3
48.256Political Sociology3
48.260Sociology of Mass Media3
48.270Self and Society
48.276Sociology of the Gun3
48.280Drugs and Society3
48.285Film: From Gangsters to Noir3
48.301Sociology of Human Rights3
48.303Sociology of American Education3
48.305Sociology of Family Law3
48.307Sociology of Immigration3
48.308Emerging Immigrant Groups in the Merrimack Valley3
48.309Military and Society3
48.317Sociology of Genocide3
48.319The Sociology of the Sixties3
48.321Social Theory I3
48.323Sociology of Ideas and Values3
48.335The Black Experience in American Life3
48.340Sociology of Sports3
48.341Wealth, Status and Power3
48.345Urban Sociology3
48.348Understanding the Latino Community3
48.350Social Services3
48.351The Sociology of Health and Health Care3
48.355Black Experience in American Life3
48.357The Sociology of Religion3
48.361Sociology of Law3
48.370Women in Society3
48.371Sociology of Work3
48.382Social Movements3
48.402Sociological Research I3
49.101Economics of Social Issues3
49.201Economics I (Microeconomics)3
49.202Economics II (Macroeconomics)3
49.211Statistics for Business and Economics I3
49.212Statistics II3
49.302Labor Economics3
49.303Microeconomic Theory3
49.304Macroeconomic Theory3
49.307Government & Business3
49.312Managerial Economics3
49.315Introduction to Environmental Economics3
49.316Investments: Instruments and Strategies3
49.318Financial Markets and Monetary Policy3
49.325U.S. Economic History3
49.401Special Topics in Economics3
49.403International Trade Theory3
50.101French I and Culture3
50.102French 2 and Culture3
50.211French 3 and Culture3
50.212French 4 and Culture3
50.221Reading and Conversing in French I3
50.222Reading and Conversing in French II3
50.315Franco-American Culture3
50.320Contemporary French Culture and Civilization3
50.340Contemporary French Cinema3
50.374Classics of French Cinema3
50.375Gender and Sexuality in French Cinema3
50.376French Cinema and Society3
50.378Women in French Cinema3
50.380Young and Restless in French Cinema3
50.394Enhancing and Advancing your Knowledge of French3
51.101Beginning German I and Culture3
51.102German II and Culture3
51.211Intermediate German I3
51.212Intermediate German II3
51.491Directed Study in German Literature3
51.492Directed Study in German Composition3
52.102Italian II and Culture3
52.211Intermediate Italian I and Culture3
52.212Intermediate Italian II and Culture3
52.325Italian American Literature and Culture3
52.335Cinema and Italian Americans3
52.374Classics of Italian Cinema3
52.378Italian Cinema and Culture3
52.380Italian Cinema: Directors and Themes3
53.101Beginning Japanese I3
53.102Beginning Japanese II3
53.103Beginning Russian I3
53.104Beginning Russian II3
53.105Chinese I and Culture3
53.106Chinese II and Culture3
53.115Arabic I and Culture3
53.116Arabic II and culture3
53.215Intermediate Arabic I and Culture3
53.216Int Arabic II and Culture3
54.101Spanish I and Culture3
54.102Spanish II and Culture3
54.103Medical Spanish Studies3
54.211Spanish 3 and Culture3
54.212Spanish 4 and Culture3
54.221Reading and Conversing in Spanish I3
54.222Reading and Conversing in Spanish II3
54.234Advanced Spanish Grammar and Syntax3
54.245Advanced Spanish Conversation3
54.254Topics in Conversational Spanish3
54.301Introduction to Spanish Literature3
54.302Introduction to Latin American Literature3
54.310Spanish Civilization and Culture3
54.313Fieldwork in the Spanish Community3
54.315Latin American Civilization and Culture3
54.320Special Topics in Spanish Studies3
54.330Spanish and Latin-American Women Writers3
54.333Advanced Spanish Grammar & Syntax I3
54.334Advanced Spanish Grammar & Syntax II3
54.335Spanish Women Writers in Translation3
54.347Advanced Spanish Conversation & Composition3
54.401Selected Authors3
54.403The Golden Age3
54.409Twentieth Century Spanish Literature3
54.410Realism and the Nineteenth Century Spanish Novel3
54.411Hispanic Short Fiction3
54.412Short Story in Latin America3
57.225African Politics3
57.408The Budget as a Policy, Planning and Information Tool3
57.427Sustainable Housing Development & Land Use: Policy and Practice3
57.475Community Conflict Resolution3
58.101Art Appreciation3
58.105Comparative Arts3
58.203History of Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval Art3
58.204History of Art II: Renaissance to Modern3
58.205Studies in World Art3
58.211Nineteenth Century Art3
58.221Twentieth Century Art3
58.231Greek and Roman Art3
58.241Medieval Art3
58.300Art History, Music and Culture3
58.305Theater in the Arts3
58.313American Art3
58.321Italian Renaissance Art3
58.323Northern Renaissance Art3
58.330Italian Mannerism3
58.331Asian Art3
58.332Baroque Art in Italy3
58.334Northern Baroque Art3
58.340Women and Art3
58.350Post Modernism (Contemporary Art)3
58.352Critical Issues: History of Art, Theory and Criticism3
58.360Museum Issues3
58.370Art History and Film3
58.490Art History Seminar3
58.494Directed Study in Art History3
58.495Advanced Tutorial in Art History3
58.496Practicum Experience in Art History3
59.105Comparative Arts3
59.111Foundation in Cultural Studies
59.203-IHistory of Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval Art3
59.203History of Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval Art3
59.204-IHistory of Art II: Renaissance to Modern3
59.204History of Art II: Renaissance to Modern3
59.205Human Values - Western Culture3
59.206Human Values in Western Culture II3
59.208Western Cultural Heritage I3
59.209Western Cultural Heritage II3
59.217Media and Culture in the 20th Century America3
59.221Twentieth Century Art3
59.240Introduction to Women's Studies3
59.300Art History, Music and Culture3
59.315Islamic Culture and Medieval Europe3
59.324Northern Renaissance Art3
59.326Multimedia for Cultural Studies3
59.329Women in 20th Century Music3
59.330Italian Mannerism (Correct number is 59.372)3
59.331Women in Twentieth Century Music3
59.340Women and Art3
59.348Understanding the Latino Community3
59.349Literature, Politics and Genocide in Cambodia3
59.363Introduction to Disability Studies3
59.368Women in French Cinema3
59.369Art History and Film3
59.372Italian Mannerism3
59.374Cinema Across Cultures3
59.376European Cinema: Across Cultures3
59.421Italian Renaissance Art
59.480Integrative Fieldwork in Developmental Disabilities I3
59.481Integrative Fieldwork in Developmental Disabilities II3
66.440International Business3
79.360Aesthetics and Critical Studies of Graphic Design3
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